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About Cover-More New Zealand: Customer testimonials

Cover-More customer testimonials

Customers share first-hand proof of the value of Cover-More travel insurance

If you’ve wondered why you should buy travel insurance, ask these Cover-More customers.

Each of them encountered an unfortunate unexpected event that threatened their travel plans, their health, or in a few cases, even their lives. And in each case, Cover-More Travel Insurance came to the rescue.

We not only provided money to cover their claims, but just as important, provided superior assistance and support. Although we are never happy when one of our customers experiences a problem on their trip, we are proud to be able to come to their aid. Anytime. Anywhere.

Jean: “I will always use Cover-More”

Jean was fulfilling a long-held dream of trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal when she injured her ankle. Cover-More came to the rescue by arranging the airlift from Mount Everest to Kathmandu and then after treatment, bringing her back home.

Jules: “All you want is for someone to have your back”

Jules had jetted off to Indonesia for a surfing holiday when she got injured in the waves. Jules had broken her neck in two places so Cover-More stepped in to evacuate her out of a remote area via helicopter. We arranged for Jules to get the care she needed before we could safely bring her back home.

Mark: “From the moment I contacted Cover-More, I didn't have anything else to worry about.”

Mark and Julie decided to go to India to see the Taj Mahal. Julie suffered two spinal compression fractures when the bus she was travelling on drove over a pothole on the way to visit a tiger reserve in India.

More testimonials from Cover-More customers

Skydiving accident in the United States of America

"You guys have been great. This is the third year in a row I've taken out a policy with you and I will again. I'm so thankful Cover-More took care of me." - Pieter van den Berg

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Fractured fibula in Cambodia

"When the x-ray showed I had a fractured fibula I thought, ‘I need to call Cover-More’. They were really helpful. I spoke to them every day and they were always wonderful, especially the nurse who helped me home." - Loeng Liev

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Severe gastroenteritis in Delhi airport, India

"I was incredibly stressed and frightened because I was alone, but Cover-More made it so much better. I don’t know how I would have coped without them. They deserve their dues because the team was awesome." - Heather Leigh

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Unexplained bleeding in the Cook Islands

"We’ve always travelled with Cover-More travel insurance, but we’ve never had to use it. The service we received in the Cook Islands was an eye opener. It took the stress of the whole ordeal away from my partner Terry, especially as we were told we would be covered if we had to stay longer in Rarotonga. We want to tell as many people as we can about the help we received. Our claim was approved so quickly, I can’t get over how quickly it came through." - Bert Wall

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Stroke in the Cook Islands

"With all the help and care that I got, I’ve really dodged a bullet, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. The care from everyone... especially the boys on the plane, they were just marvellous. The medical assistance team rang once a day to check in and make sure we were all right. All they were doing was keeping us informed and it helped so much. With Cover- More and the air ambulance, the keeping in touch was just amazing." - Tom Nesbitt

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Dengue Fever in Bali, Indonesia

"When I was in hospital I spoke to Cover-More every day, and because I was in Bali on my own that was so reassuring. Dengue fever is debilitating, so it was awesome that my policy paid for me to stay in Bali for another week after I left hospital and I could recover before going home." - Senka Radonich

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Hip fracture in Australia

“Cover-More has been absolutely fantastic, I cannot fault them. They were in touch with me every day and they checked up on us to make sure dad was OK. They also reassured us our accommodation and extras were paid for. It was nice to know they cared. I’m raving about Cover-More to everyone.” Diane Chettleburgh

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