There is endless fun to be had during Oktoberfest in Germany

Every year Munich, Germany hosts the largest funfair in the world. Here you will experience much more than the beer drinking that makes Oktoberfest famous. There is a plethora of traditional Bavarian foods to try, many amusement rides to enjoy and special games to try and win a fun prize.

Grab a Drink

Oktoberfest is almost always synonymous with different types of beers and spirits. At this fair, the visitor will have plenty of options for different types of beer, as there are 14 different tents with different drinks to try. This is a very important staple for emphasising local craftsmanship, as all beers must be brewed within the city limits of Munich to be considered Oktoberfest beer.

Take a Ride

Even though Oktoberfest typically conjures up visions of breweries and mugs full of hoppy drinks, there is plenty of activities at Oktoberfest for those who don’t drink and also for the children.

Power Tower II

Is there anything more adrenaline-inducing than to rise to the tallest portable freefall tower in the world only to be dropped at record speeds towards the earth? One of the most exciting rides at Oktoberfest, the tower will be among the favourites for adventure seekers.


Take a trip back to the groovy 70’s with Psychodelic. This nod to the era of the flower-child will host an exciting labyrinth of several showrooms with colour-filled corridors and trippy light effects.

Ferris Wheel

Everyone’s favourite classic can be found at Oktoberfest. The astounding Ferris wheel will give you a chance to sit back and relax while taking in the vast sights and sounds of the world’s largest funfair.


One of the oldest rides at Oktoberfest, the Krinoline carousel was hand-powered until 1924 when the Krinoline owner modernised the ride with electric drive and hired a brass band to play mood music. This is a perfect ride for cosying up to your loved ones and being transported into a magical time.

Olympia Looping

Have you always been fascinated with the Olympic Games? Isn’t it magical when the five rings are presented? At Oktoberfest, you can experience a different kind of magic with the gold rings, a fast-paced, adrenaline-induced ride around the five rings. Olympia Looping rollercoaster blasts you around at speeds of up to 100 km per hour and takes you over 1200 metres on its route. You will want to ride this exciting ride again and again.


On a hot, sunny day nothing is better than taking a ride down the Flume to cool off. The coaster will plunge you down a racing water track only to be hit at the bottom by a giant wave that will be sure to leave you cool and content.


This obstacle course will be both challenging and exciting as you go through a laser tunnel, play in the water games and—after a steep climb—take a ride down the toboggan slide.


Along with the rides, you can also play many fun and challenging games such as the Hau den Lukas where you muster all your strength to hit the target with the sledgehammer. When the bell goes off, you’ll know you’ve accomplished a feat of strength. There are also the balloon darts and shooting games, with many exciting prizes to win.

Have a Bite to Eat

Along with the traditional drinks, traditional outfits and traditional rides, you can also find traditional Bavarian foods. You will want to try such delicacies as the Hendl, which is a roast chicken. Perhaps you would like some roast pork with the Schweinebraten. For the fish lovers, grab Steckerlfisch, or fish on a stick. There is always the wildly popular wurstl, or sausages, and the Brezen, or pretzels. Other favourites are the sauerkraut and potato or bread dumplings.

Travel Tips


Remember that this is one of the most popular events in the world and accommodations will book up fast. Plan your arrangements well in advance and understand that prices will likely be doubled during this event.


The public transportation will be very crowded during Oktoberfest. You may want to look into alternative transportation options or plan for longer commutes.


Since this is a very populated area, be more conscious of theft and scams. Also be aware of the rowdiness that may ensue on the weekends. If you have small children, you may want to opt for a weekday instead, especially on one of the designated family days.

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