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Claims: Supporting documents

Travel insurance claim supporting documents

When you file a claim, you’ll need to file supporting documents to substantiate your claim and ensure that you receive the correct amount of reimbursement.

Following is a list of supporting documents you'll need to provide depending upon the type of claim you make. Please note, in certain instances we may request additional documentation that is not listed below.

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To ensure a speedy resolution to your claim, please supply the following information for claims relating to:

Overseas medical and dental expenses

  • The original (not photocopy), itemised account/s, bills and receipts
  • The original medical report/dental report/ hospital records confirming the nature of the illness or injury

Additional expenses benefit (after departure)

  • The original (not photocopy) receipts for what is being claimed including hotel accommodation and transport tickets.
  • A copy of your itinerary
  • If due to a policy holders health you had to change your travel plans, you are required to produce a medical certificate from the medical practitioner seen (whilst on the journey) that supports the requirement to change your travel plans.

Travel delay

  • Confirmation in writing from the relevant Transport Provider outlining the cause and period of the delay and any compensation offered by them.
  • Original, itemised receipts for the additional accommodation expenses that you are claiming.
  • Documentary evidence from your travel agent which confirms the refund amount for the unused accommodation

Special events, hospital incidentals, hijacking, loss of income, disability benefit, accidental death benefit, personal liability

  • Attach a letter to your claim form summarising your claim.
  • Contact us for advice on the documents required to support your claim/s if you are uncertain of what to provide.

Amendment or cancellation costs

  • If you booked your travel through a travel agent, please have the agent provide the following:
    • International flights: A copy of the airline fare sheet/rules (showing the fare conditions)
    • For tours, cruises, accommodation etc: a document from the supplier showing the exact amount refundable e.g a copy of the booking conditions, or a letter from the supplier
    • A copy of the original itemised invoice provided to the traveller
    • A copy of the itinerary
  • If you booked your travel plans without the assistance of a travel agent, please obtain the following from your travel provider:
    • International flights: A copy of the airline fare sheet/rules (which shows the fare terms and conditions).
    • If claiming for tours, cruises, accommodation, etc: A copy of the supplier's booking conditions. If the booking conditions prevent us from calculating an exact cancellation fee (e.g. if they say the cancellation fee will be - "up to 50%" rather than "50%") we will require a letter from the supplier advising the net amount paid and the amount refunded by the supplier.
    • A copy of the original itemised invoice and itinerary
  • If the claim is due to your health, or that of someone else’s (e.g. travelling companion, relative or business partner) please ensure you complete, or have the person whose health has caused the claim complete, the medical authority B of the claim form. Please also have the medical certificate completed by your usual medical practitioner or the person whose health resulted in the claims’ usual medical practitioner.

Delayed luggage allowance

  • The original loss report from the transport provider with confirmation that all of your luggage was delayed, the duration of the delay and details of compensation paid to you.
  • The original itemised receipts for essential, emergency purchases of clothing and toiletries that you purchased overseas (when your luggage was delayed)

Rental car excess

  • The Original Rental Agreement which shows the excess you were liable to pay
  • A copy of the itemised repair invoice which shows the cost of repairs to the vehicle
  • If another party was involved and at fault, we also require written confirmation from the third party of any compensation payable by them.  

Loss, theft or damage to luggage, travel documents or money

  • The original (not photocopy) loss/theft/damage report e.g. Police report, hotel report, transport provider letter etc
  • If your items were lost or stolen whilst in the custody of a transport provider we will require you to provide a letter from the transport provider that shows the amount of compensation they are paying. You need to claim compensation from the transport provider in the first instance before submitting your claim to us. If claiming for electrical items such as cameras, computers, mobile phones, iPods, etc., we require the original receipts (not photocopy). Please obtain a copy from the place of purchase if you no longer have the original receipt in your possession. If neither of these options are possible, alternative documents you may submit to us for consideration are warranty cards, instruction manuals, credit card/bank statements or the items packaging.
  • For items that have been damaged, please: Obtain from a repairer of your choice, a quote that states the repair cost or a letter that states the item is uneconomical to repair or unable to be repaired.
  • The copies of receipts for replacement items if you have since replaced the items which were stolen, lost or damaged whilst on your journey.