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Cover-More customer testimonials

Customers share first-hand proof of the value of Cover-More travel insurance

If you’ve wondered why you should buy travel insurance, we suggest you ask these Cover-More customers.

Each of them encountered an unfortunate unexpected event that threatened their travel plans, their health, or in a few cases, even their lives. And in each case, Cover-More Travel Insurance came to the rescue.

We not only provided money to cover their claims, but just as important, provided superior assistance and support. Although we are never happy when one of our customers experiences a problem on their trip, we are proud to be able to come to their aid. Anytime. Anywhere.

Testimonials from Cover-More customers

Natalie: “It was the best $135 I ever spent”

“My friends and I were involved in a speed boat crash in Thailand. I had a fractured pelvis and a brain hemorrhage. Luckily I had Cover-More insurance. They took care of everything and made sure we had the best medical treatment available. They even flew my dad over to be with me. The total cost came to over $150,000. Without Cover-More I have no idea how mum and dad would have paid the bill. It was the best $135 I ever spent."

Paul: “Cover-More were absolute lifesavers.”

“My daughter Katie was nearly killed in a speed boat crash in Thailand. We were shocked when we got the news but fortunately she had Cover-More insurance. The 24 hour emergency assistance team were absolutely brilliant; they took care of everything and made sure she had the very best treatment available. They even flew me over to be with her. Cover-More were absolute lifesavers."

More testimonials from Cover-More customers

Cover-More package is easy to apply and pay For

"When I booked my travel, I pondered the purchase of a Cover-More policy or taking my credit card based insurance. In the end I purchased the Cover-More package as it was easy to apply and pay for. In my profession, I have been involved with on several occasions evacuating patients out of countries, never thinking that one day it may be me who required it. I was wrong!

On becoming acutely unwell in Africa, the Doctor I was working with phoned Cover-More to organise my evacuation. It only took one phone call. Cover-More immediately gave us the choice of two top medical facilities in Johannesburg, or Paris. The confirmation from Cover-More was immediate and they stayed in touch with both the Doctor and myself several times a day.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere and genuine thanks to all the staff of Cover-More. This is something that no one wants to happen while overseas. I implore anyone who purchases a ticket to make the decision to purchase Cover-More travel insurance. The benefits and indeed the peace of mind will always outweigh the minimal cost involved. Many thanks to Cover-More and all the staff involved. You did an awesome job!" Bronwyn

Cover-More have is efficient and helpful

"I thank you so much for the wonderful support you gave me and my family. I have told my friends how efficient and helpful Cover-More have been and will continue to inform people what a good insurance company you have been" Sue Norfolk

Quick to respond and very reasonable to deal with

"Dear Cover-More, thank you for your quick response in regards to my claim. Cover-More has been very quick to respond and very reasonable to deal with. Consequently, I would definitely choose Cover-More again and would recommend them to others." Janet Ball

Makes customers feel safe to travel again

"Thank you very much for your diligence in all my claims submitted.  I am very satisfied with Cover-More and the cover you have provided, without your insurance I would not feel safe travelling again.  I am happy to recommend your company to my friends and family. Thank you so much for restoring me to somewhat the position I should have been in if it were not for my losses.  For what it is worth, I will visit my travel agent and tell her of my experiences and how you company has assisted me so well, when otherwise I would be extremely upset and worse off financially if I did not take out cover."

"We have always taken cheaper insurance out in the past but never had to 'put it to the test'. Who knows what we would have got back with another insurer for this trip." Patrick

Travel insurance that makes your trip an incredible experience

"Thank you so much for approving the claim.  It was an amazing opportunity for our son to travel to the States on a soccer trip of a lifetime. That we had to make use of the American medical system was something that we were not anticipating and it is very reassuring for us that the travel insurance we took out has supported us in making this trip an incredible experience." Jeannette