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Any excuse for a cosmo, right? I have to admit something that few people may understand; I’ve done the ‘Sex And The City’ tour in New York not once, but twice. While I’m not a SUPER fan of the show (I know, hard to believe, right?) I appreciate the movement behind the show that leads the way and broke down barriers for women – allowing them to explore topics and issues, about both love and sex, that women were ashamed, or unable to talk about before. So, when I heard about the tour, I couldn’t NOT do it. I mean, sayings, outfits, drinks and venues have become ICONIC because of that show, so for that sake alone, it’s well worth finding out more.

Times Square NYC

1) The show was a TRAILBLAZER of its time

Basically, Sex and the City did for women in the late 1990s, what Fifty Shades of Grey has done for housewives now; you know what I’m talking about. The show paved the way for and pioneered a kind of sexual freedom that women in that time could never dream of reveling in.

2) You visit REAL filming sites from the show – no sets!

The shuttle picks you up outside the Plaza hotel, which as SATC fans will know, is where Carrie famously stood when she held Mr. Big’s face and recited the famous line, ‘Your girl is lovely, Hubbell.’ Once in the shuttle, your guide, who is always bubbly and obviously a fan of a few Cosmopolitans herself, will give you helpful tidbits, like when she explained that of all the shows ‘set’ in New York, very few are ACTUALLY filmed in the city. But Sex and the City was. Like Seinfeld, filmed in California! I KNOW. Same with Will & Grace. It’s mind-blowing. Sex and the City was one of the first shows to actually use REAL New York locations, and as a result, there’s PLENTY of stops to be made during your tour.

Yellow cabs

3) You’ll stop at the best venue in the ‘Sex and the City’ movie, too!

Buddakan is the restaurant where Mr Big and Carrie have their big rehearsal dinner; you know when Miranda tells Big that he must be “crazy” to get married. Well the menu looked SO good, we ended up making a booking and going back for dinner – and I’m so glad we did a MUST!

4) There are cocktails and cupcakes in it for you

We also stopped at Steve’s Bar, ‘Scout’, which is called ‘O’Neils Bar. There they have Cosmopolitans lined up, ready to guzzle, which we did! This is a real chance for you to relax and ‘up’ your Carrie vibes. Cosmopolitans are much more delicious than you may realise, or else, why would Carrie order them? We also stopped at Magnolia Bakery, where Carrie confides in Miranda about cheating on Aidan. The cupcakes are to DIE FOR, get the red velvet! However, you MAY feel as guilty as Carrie did about deceiving Aidan after you guzzle three as I did.



  • Shop around for the best price for your tour. You can generally get cheaper tickets if you’re more flexible with the day and time you can do your tour.
  • Know your ‘Sex and the City’ knowledge and know it well. There’s free cupcakes from MAGNOLIA BAKERY in it for you.
  • If you wish to dine at Buddakan, like Carrie and Big did for their rehearsal dinner in the movie, it’s best to book ahead of time – and trust me, the food is WORTH it.
  • Get to The Plaza a little early if you can, it’s worth soaking in the atmosphere of the iconic hotel and picturesque Central Park across the road.


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