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Cover-More Policy Wording Documents

The information contained in our Policy Wording documents will help you understand if our plans provide the best travel insurance for you and your travel needs.

Please download the relevant Policy Wording documents in PDF format and read them carefully before purchasing from us.

If you find a suitable plan, you can get a quote online or call us on (0800) 500 225 to make a purchase.

For policies issued on or after 9 December 2020

Options Plan (Premium)

This is our most comprehensive international and domestic travel insurance plan, which includes premium benefits and coverage levels to help provide you with extra peace of mind. 

It is available on both Single and Annual Multi-Trip policies.

A number of COVID-19 benefits are included on the Single Trip policy if you're a New Zealand resident or citizen travelling within New Zealand, Australia or any other destination deemed safe by SafeTravel.

Please note:

  • some benefits only apply if you are travelling within Australia and New Zealand
  • some COVID-19 benefits do not apply to claims directly or indirectly arising from a multi-night cruise.

Download the Options Plan Policy Wording.

Essentials Plan - Web Policy (Budget)

This is our quality international travel insurance plan at an affordable price. It is available on both Single and Annual Multi-Trip policies. Available through the www.covermore.co.nz website.

This plan is popular with students, backpackers or travellers on a budget, as it provides quality cover at a lower price.

Download the Essentials Plan (Web) Policy Wording.

Your Cover (Comprehensive)

Your Cover travel insurance offers a range of comprehensive benefits and add-ons. To obtain a quote call our Customer Service team on (0800) 500 225.

Download the Your Cover Policy Wording.

Essentials Plan - Phone Policy (Budget)

This plan is available through our Customer Service team on (0800) 500 225. Popular with students, backpackers and travellers on a budget.

Download the Essentials Plan (Phone) Policy Wording.

Business Plan (Individual Travellers)

This is our quality travel insurance for business travellers who travel multiple times per year. It covers them for an unlimited number of trips more than 250km from home, throughout the year, and also includes up to six weeks of leisure travel coverage per year.

To obtain a quote for this plan, please complete page 22 of the policy wording document and email it to [email protected] or fax it to (09) 300 7370.

Download the Business Plan Policy Wording.

Corporate Plan (Companies)

This is our comprehensive travel insurance for organisations that want to protect their business travellers and their families.

To obtain a quote for this plan, please email [email protected] or call our Customer Service team on (0800) 500 225.

Download the Corporate Plan Policy Wording.

* Note that our Your Cover, Essentials (Phone), Business & Corporate plans are currently available only through our agents or by calling our Customer Service on 0800 500 225.

For policies issued between 27 October 2020 and 8 December 2020

Policies purchased between 10 September 2020 and 26 October 2020

For policies purchased between 1 June 2017 and 9 September 2020

Still not sure if one of your plans is right for you? Feel free to call our team on (0800) 500 225 with any further questions.