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Travel Insurance for New Zealanders

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Why do I need travel insurance?

If you can afford to travel, can you afford to leave the house without travel insurance? We know you don’t plan for things to go wrong while you’re away, but if they do, travel insurance can help protect you against unexpected incidents and expenses.

From lost passports and hotel cancellations to emergency medical treatment and repatriation, Cover-More’s policies help you travel with peace of mind and equip you with expert help when you need it most.


What travel insurance plans do you offer?

Travel insurance can be confusing, so Cover-More makes it simple for you to choose the travel insurance policy that's best for you and your trip. Choose from our two quality travel insurance plans, which can be customised to suit your travel needs and budget.

Options Plan

This is Cover-More's most comprehensive travel insurance cover, which includes the highest level of benefits.

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Essentials Plan

This is Cover-More’s more affordable travel insurance, which is ideal for budget travellers like students and backpackers.

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"Excellent cover at a very realistic price. I was pleasantly surprised that Cover-More was able to cover all my pre-existing conditions." - Desmond via feefo.com


What can travel insurance cover?

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Existing Medical Conditions

Over 35 pre-existing conditions covered as standard*

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Medical Expenses

Medical and dental expenses incurred overseas*

Emergency Assistance

Access to our global network of 24/7 emergency assistance

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Cancellation Cover

Cancel or amend your trip before you depart for any reason*

Luggage & Documents

Protect your valuables from loss, theft or damage*

Personal Liability

Defend yourself against injury or damage to others’ property*

Winter Sports

Medical help on the slopes should an incident occur*

hot air balloon
Sports & Activities

Cover for a number of popular sporting and holiday activities*

Rental Car Excess

Cover the excess amount of your hire car in case of an accident*


As a Cover-More customer, you can have peace of mind knowing our 24/7 emergency assistance team will be there for you no matter where in the world you’re travelling to. Plus, we have a range of additional benefits you can add on to your policy to give you peace of mind on your next adventure.


When should my cover start and finish?

If you only want to insure a single trip, simply use your departure and return date when requesting your travel insurance quote. Frequent traveller? Protect your trips for a whole year by selecting an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy, as it may save you time and money.  

Single Trip

Comprehensive travel insurance
for one-off journeys

Annual Multi-Trip

Convenient coverage for all your
journeys in the coming year


Which countries can I travel to?

Which countries can I travel to - Covermore

Cover-More offers cover for journeys to a vast array of countries - all you need to do is pick where you want to go! For inspiration on which location to discover next, check out our blog.


Travel insurance FAQs

General travel insurance questions

  1. What is travel insurance?

    Travel insurance is a specific type of insurance that helps cover a number of costs and disruptions associated with travelling both domestically and overseas. Levels of cover differ per policy, however, travel insurance typically protects against trip cancellation, delays, lost luggage and personal belongings, medical expenses and repatriation, and personal liability.

    Most travel insurance providers offer single or multi-trip policies, which can cover multiple countries within a specific timeframe. The destination, length of trip, specific activity add-ons and pre-existing medical conditions all help determine the cost of a travel insurance policy. Policies can be purchased at the time of booking a trip up until the time a traveller leaves their home.

  2. How much does travel insurance cost?

    Travel insurance varies for individual travellers based on the options selected by them, so prices vary from person-to-person. The cost of a travel insurance policy is determined by:

    • Age of traveller/s: the older the traveller, the higher the policy cost may be.
    • Number of travellers included in the policy: a higher number of travellers creates more variables, therefore increasing risk.
    • Length of trip/s: a single trip policy is generally around half the amount of a multi-trip policy, making the latter more cost effective for frequent travellers, while shorter trips often pose less risk of medical incidents and travel interruptions, resulting in lower costs.
    • Destination/s: costs vary greatly depending on the countries and regions covered by a policy. For example, regions such as Europe will often be cheaper than trips to the USA because of the high cost of medical treatment in America.
    • Level of coverage: travellers can opt for cheaper travel insurance as well as comprehensive, more expensive plans to cater to their different customer.
    • Existing medical conditions: a customer’s policy will increase if their medical history shows an increased risk of possible medical treatment requirements while travelling.

    While a cheaper policy cost upfront may seem appealing, always read the Policy Wording to ensure your needs are adequately covered should an incident occur.

  3. When is the best time to purchase travel insurance?

    Purchasing a policy soon after a trip is booked has a number of benefits and increases a traveller’s protection.

    When purchased ahead of time, a traveller can cancel their travel insurance policy for a full refund within the cooling off period. If the policy is purchased before the customer leaves their home to depart for their trip, claims for rearrangements and cancellations caused by unforeseen circumstances can also be made.

    By considering travel insurance as an essential part of booking a holiday - not an afterthought when at the airport - travellers are likely to be covered should an incident arise before take-off.

See all Travel Insurance FAQs.


Why choose Cover-More Travel Insurance?

With over 30 years’ experience protecting the international and domestic adventures of over 18 million travellers worldwide, we know how to protect New Zealanders at home and overseas.

Visit our About Us page for more reasons to consider protecting your travels with Cover-More.

Cover-More Travel Insurance’s global impact:

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Real-life travel insurance reviews

Cover-More Travel Insurance was reviewed on 1 May 2019 on Feefo and rated 4.6 stars

*For details on exactly what’s covered by our Options Plan and Essentials Plan, please read the individual Policy Wording documents.