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Winter sports

Ski and Snowboard Travel Insurance Cover

Get snow sports travel insurance cover before you hit the ski slopes

With any travel comes risk and, unfortunately, you can never guarantee an injury-free trip.

That’s why at Cover-More, you can include our Snow Sports Cover in your travel insurance policy for protection on the mountains.

Need more information? See our Snow Sports Cover FAQs page, our essential guide for ski holidays, and check out these top ski destinations.

What is snow sports travel insurance cover?

Whether you’re skiing in Japan, snowboarding in Queenstown, or want to give snowmobiling a try, it's important to protect yourself. As a Cover-More customer, you can include Snow Sports Cover in your travel insurance policy for an additional cost. (Cover for winter sports is not automatically included.)

Our goal is to ensure your safety. As a result, we need to discourage you from any dangerous or risky behaviour while on the slopes. That's why our Snow Sports Cover only protects you if:

  • You are skiing or snowboarding on-piste
  • You are not racing
  • You are not participating in a professional capacity.

Make sure you’re familiar with your ski resort’s guidelines and only take on ski runs that are within your ability.

Skier looking at mountain

Included activities

Professionals and daredevils note: your ski travel insurance will not cover you if you are racing, skiing off-piste, or skiing in a professional capacity.

Exclusions apply in some cases. Please review the full travel insurance Policy Wording for full details of the cover provided.

View all included activities

Dog Sledding: Included, if just participating for one or two hours with an organised guided tour.

Glacier Walking: Included, if you are just participating for one or two hours with an organised guided tour.

Ice Fishing: Included, if you are just participating for one or two hours with an organised guided tour.

Ice Hockey: Included, if not competing in a professional capacity.



Why do I need snow sports and ski insurance cover?

Even a minor accident can ruin a holiday and leave you with high medical costs and bad memories. In some places like Japan, proof of insurance may be required before you can receive treatment is given.

Cover-More policyholder Clara discovered this when her son was snowboarding on Mammoth Mountain in eastern California. He fell and broke his wrist, resulting in costly US medical expenses. The total claim was more than $2,594 – which Cover-More paid, so the family wasn’t out of pocket for his injury.

“Cover-More was efficient and prompt in paying the bills (which are notoriously high in the USA!). I will choose Cover-More again for travel insurance!” Clara, Cover-More customer.

Our cover for snow sports is important whether you’re skiing in Canada, taking advantage of a ski package at a resort in Japan, or just headed to Queenstown for a long weekend break. Get a quote online to find out how little it costs to protect your snow trip.

Cover for snow sports injuries

Let us ease the pain in your neck, rather than cause it. When you choose to include our snow sports cover in your policy, we will pay for snow sport-related injuries covered by our policies that you might sustain - no matter the cost.*

In some cases, we have had to cover emergency evacuation, ambulance, and hospital expenses. At times, we also able to include additional costs your travel companion may incur.**

Protect your ski and snowboarding equipment

Under our luggage and travel documents benefit, we provide up to $1,500 per item, set, or pair of items, not exceeding the original purchase price. That way, we're there for you if anything happens to your possessions during transit. For items over $1,500, it’s possible to increase your luggage item limit to $10,000 (at an additional premium) on our Options Plan

We do not cover loss, damage, or theft of equipment while it is being used. To avoid such events occurring, we have provided you with some tips to stay safe on the ski slopes:

  • Guard your belongings – your equipment and luggage are only covered while they’re in your possession. So, make sure you don’t leave your items unattended - keeping an eye on your stuff is the best way to avoid losing it.
  • Invest in the right equipment – make sure your equipment is right for you. Any discomfort or ill-fitting items can contribute to injuries and additional damage.
  • Prepare yourself physically – skiing and snowboarding can be a lot more exhausting than you might think. Make sure you take the time to warm up and stretch before heading out.
  • Learn and practice – take the time to learn from a qualified instructor so you don’t pick up any bad habits that might result in injury.

Our luggage benefit does not apply to hired items. Always make sure you know your rights and responsibilities when engaging in a contract with a ski rental company.

Ski equipment on wooden deck

Customising your snow sports travel insurance cover

To make sure you're only paying for the cover you need, we allow you to include a suitable level of cancellation cover for your trip.

Although, given the high potential for injury and unpredictable weather, we recommend you choose a coverage plan that covers the value of your trip. That way, you may have cover for unused, prepaid travel expenses, such as:

  • An injury sustained on the slopes which means you have to go home early
  • Unused lift pass, ski lessons, and ski equipment hire

Benefits of snow sports travel insurance cover

At Cover-More, we don’t only have the option to include snow sports, but we also provide additional benefits to ensure peace of mind on your travels.

  • 24/7 emergency medical and travel assistance
  • Luggage and personal effects benefits, including stolen, lost, and/or damaged personal equipment
  • Cover and assistance for if you lose travel documents, including credit card and replacement of traveller’s cheques
  • Travel delay expenses
  • TravelGP^ – access to an Australian-based doctor while you’re on a ski trip
  • Claim-on-the-go with our Online Claims Portal.

Ready to hit the ski slopes?

It’s time to protect your next winter holiday with snow sports travel insurance cover. Get a quote online and purchase a travel insurance policy today!

*reduced limits may apply for those over the age of 70, i.e. if they require an Age Approved policy

**additional expenses benefit link

^Travel GP services do not form part of your travel insurance policy. It is a service offered to customers at Cover-More’s costs and at our sole discretion. Your circumstances including age, location, medical condition or issue, proximity to appropriate medical care and medical history will also be considered.