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Winter Sports Travel Insurance FAQs

Cover-More knows that a Winter Sports holiday can bring new questions and concerns for travellers. To help, we have put together frequently asked questions about our winter sports cover. Visit our Winter Sports Travel Insurance page for more information on purchasing your policy.

How can I buy ski/snowboard travel insurance?

Simply add the “Winter Sports” add-on when you’re purchasing Cover-More Travel Insurance and pay the additional premium. Alternatively, call us on 0800 500 225, and we’ll happily guide you through our policy options.

Why do I have to pay extra for Winter Sports?

Put simply, participating in winter sports increases your likelihood for injury. More often than not, these injuries require urgent medical attention and are extremely costly. To make sure you have peace of mind for your next winter holiday, add our Winter Sports add-on to your travel insurance policy.

What does ski/snowboard travel insurance cover?

Cover-More’s ski and snowboard travel insurance (winter sports) can cover claims involving you skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling providing you meet the requirements outlined in the Policy Wording. Cover is provided when you are on-piste, not racing, and not participating in a professional capacity.

Am I still covered for medical if I don’t add the Winter Sports cover?

Our Overseas Medical and Dental Expenses benefit applies for the duration of your trip, up to the limit described in your policy. However, if you are injured on the slopes, we will only be able to consider your claim if you have purchased our Winter Sports add-on.

What does it not cover?

Our winter sports add-on does not cover skiing or snowboarding: off-piste, racing or in a professional capacity. We don’t provide cover for heli-skiing or snowcat skiing and boarding.

Is there a limit on personal equipment that can be covered?

We can provide coverage for insured personal items lost, damaged or stolen on your trip. When you choose our Options International plan, our Luggage Benefit provides the following coverage per item, set or pair of items, not exceeding the original purchase price, including attached and unattached accessories:

  • Cameras & Video Cameras - $3000
  • Laptop and Tablet Computers - $3000
  • Other Items - $1,500

When you choose our Options International plan, the limit for all luggage items combined is $25,000. If you require extra coverage, we allow you to increase this limit for single items for an additional premium. You can get a quote online or call us.

Please note – all personal ski equipment falls under our ‘other items’ category.

Am I covered if I use my own ski equipment?

Under our Luggage Benefit, we provide coverage if your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged in transit. Unfortunately, this benefit does not apply to sporting and ski equipment whilst in use.

Is my rented equipment covered?

Our Luggage and Travel Documents benefit only provides cover for insured personal items that are lost, damaged or stolen on your trip. We do not provide this cover for hired ski items. When you hire ski equipment, you engage in a contract with your chosen ski rental company. Always ensure you’re aware of your rights and responsibilities prior to hiring ski gear on your winter holiday.

Does equipment have to be ‘new’ to be covered?

No – we do not have any specification in terms of how old your item has to be in order to have cover as a luggage item. Our claims would apply reasonable depreciation to the item when assessing the claim.

Can I apply Winter sports cover for only part of my trip?

No. Once you add our ski cover benefit to your policy, you’ll have protection for the whole duration of your policy. This gives you flexibility if you have not booked the ski or snowboarding part of your holiday before you leave on your trip.


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