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    Inbound Travel Insurance

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    Travel insurance for visitors to New Zealand

    Planning a trip “Down Under”? We can protect your trip with our Inbound Plan, which provides travel insurance for those who live overseas who are travelling to New Zealand.

    When you’re a Cover-More inbound policyholder, you’re free to discover the wild beauty of New Zealand's natural landscapes and soak up the culture in one of our cities knowing you may have protection from unexpected accidents or mishaps.

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    What is inbound travel insurance?

    In New Zealand, an inbound plan provides cover for non-New Zealand residents who plan to travel to New Zealand. Inbound travel insurance plans generally include similar benefits to international travel insurance policies, such as cover for medical and dental expenses, lost luggage and travel documents, accidental death, personal liability, and more.

    Who can buy an inbound travel insurance plan?

    Inbound travel insurance policies are available for purchase by non-New Zealand residents travelling to and within New Zealand. They are not suitable for New Zealand residents wanting to travel domestically.

    As a Cover-More inbound policyholder, you can be protected from the moment you leave your home, during your trip within New Zealand, and up until you return home overseas.

    Our Cover-More Inbound Plan is also suitable for non-New Zealand residents who are travelling to New Zealand and visiting other destinations along the way if most of their trip is spent within New Zealand. So, if you’re visiting New Zealand, Indonesia, or any other destination on your way to or from New Zealand, we may be able to cover your entire trip.

    Our inbound travel insurance for tourists visiting New Zealand is available for travellers who are 69 years old or younger at the time of buying the policy.

    What does Cover-More’s inbound travel insurance include?

    Our travel insurance for non-New Zealand residents travelling to New Zealand is designed to help protect you – and your finances – should something go wrong.

    As a Cover-More inbound policyholder, you’ll not only receive cover for all our best travel insurance benefits, but you’ll also have access to our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team, who can help you when you need it most.

    The benefits and maximum benefit limits of our Inbound Plan are:

    BenefitBenefit Limit
    Limited cover applies. See Policy Wording for full details.
    Overseas Medical and Dental Expenses (outside of your home country)
    Overseas medical expenses$1,000,000
    Overseas emergency dental expenses$2,000
    Additional Expenses*$Unlimited
    Return of mortal remains$50,000
    Pet cat or dog boarding*$300
    Travel Services Provider Insolvency$5,000
    Amendment or Cancellation Costs*$Cover chosen^
    Cancellation Extensions
    Upgrade: If your non-travelling relative or business partner becomes ill, injured, or dies
    Upgrade: If there are complications of pregnancy from the start of the 24th week up until the start of the 32nd week (or up to the start of the 28th week for a multiple pregnancy)^^
    An act of terrorism
    If your pet cat or dog becomes ill or injured or dies
    Wedding-related cancellation
    Dissolution of your relationship with your spouse or de facto
    Luggage and Travel Documents*$15,000
    Phone or smart watch - limit per item•$1,500
    Camera or video camera - limit per item•$4,000
    Laptop computer - limit per item•$4,000
    Tablet computer - limit per item•$3,000
    Drone (with or without camera) - limit per item•$1,500
    Artificial limb, removable dental appliance, dentures or medical device e.g., hearing aids, CPAP machine - limit per item•$1,500
    Jewellery or watch or any other item - limit per item•$1,500
    Delayed Luggage Allowance*$1,100
    Driving Holidays
    Rental vehicle insurance excess$10,000
    Travel Delay*$2,000
    Resumption of Journey$3,000
    Missed Connections$3,000
    Special Events$5,000
    Hospital Incidentals*$8,000
    Loss of Income*$9,000†
    Accidental Death*$25,000†
    Legal Expenses$10,000
    Personal Liability$3,000,000
    Medical and Dental Expenses in New Zealand
    Medical expenses in New Zealand$1,000,000~
    Emergency dental expenses in New Zealand$3,000

    *Sub-limits apply. Please refer to the Policy Wording for full policy conditions.    
    ~Cover will not exceed 12 months from onset of the illness, condition, or injury.    
    ^ Cover chosen applies per policy.    
    ^^Conditions apply if you are aware of the pregnancy at the relevant time. For a single trip policy, relevant time means the time of issue of the policy and for an annual multi-trip policy for the first trip it means the time the policy was purchased. For any subsequent trips, the relevant time is the time the first payment was made towards that trip.  
    †Liability collectively for Loss of Income, Disability and Accidental Death is $45,000 on the Comprehensive+ Plan and $30,000 on the Comprehensive Plan.    
    •Item limit applies for any one item, set or pair of items including attached and unattached accessories. You may increase these item limits if you wish. See Policy Wording for full details

    For full details on the terms and conditions, sub-limits, and exclusions you should consider before you purchase an inbound policy, read the Policy Wording.

    If you’re ready to buy a policy, you can get a free quote online.

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    Can I add cover for extra activities to my inbound travel insurance policy?

    Yes, we have several options that allow you to vary your cover for your trip to New Zealand. This helps ensure you’re protected against covered scenarios related to the activities you’ll be participating in.

    For an extra premium, you can include one or more of the below additional cover options to your policy during the quote process:

    Please read the relevant sections in the Policy Wording for full details on what each of our options to vary your inbound cover do and don’t cover.

    At Cover-More, we also offer you the option to choose the level of cancellation cover that best suits your trip, and if you’re travelling with valuable items, you can opt to increase your luggage limits Keep in mind an additional premium may apply.

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    How do I buy a Cover-More inbound travel insurance policy?

    It only takes a few minutes to buy an inbound travel insurance policy from Cover-More if you’re a non-New Zealand resident. Before you buy, please ensure you’ve read the Policy Wording to check this product is suitable for you.

    To get an inbound travel insurance quote, visit our website’s homepage and locate the quote box.

    Under “Where are you going?”, enter your destination as “New Zealand Inbound”, followed by the dates of your entire trip, the current ages of all travellers to be covered by the policy, and then select “No” where you’re asked if all travellers live in New Zealand before clicking “Get Quote”.

    You will then be taken to the summary page, which allows you to adjust the levels of your cover for an additional premium, including the amount of excess you wish to pay should you make a claim, the level of cancellation coverage, and more.


    You’ll then be asked to agree to the policy terms and conditions before paying the premium. Your Certificate of Insurance will then be emailed to you, along with the Policy Wording for safekeeping.

    Do Cover-More inbound policies include cover for existing medical conditions?

    Our Inbound Plan automatically covers a range of existing medical conditions (EMCs).

    Visit our existing medical conditions page to find out what medical conditions we can automatically cover and the coverage criteria. Alternatively, you can refer to our Policy Wording for further information.

    If your condition is not featured on this list or if your condition does not meet the criteria, there is no cover for any existing medical conditions.

    Do Cover-More inbound policies include rental vehicle insurance excess cover?

    New Zealand is a diverse country, and one of the best ways to experience its beauty is by road.

    If you plan on hiring a rental vehicle during your trip to New Zealand, our Inbound Plan provides rental vehicle insurance excess cover of up to $10,000.

    To find out what we do and don’t cover as part of our Inbound Plan’s rental vehicle insurance excess cover, please refer to the Policy Wording.

    Prefer to explore New Zealand on a motorcycle or moped? Check out what oprions are available to you in the Policy Wording

    Can I buy Cover-More’s inbound travel insurance for my working holiday in New Zealand?

    Are you coming to New Zealand for a working holiday? Purchasing tourist insurance is an important part of preparing for a working holiday in New Zealand, as it can help protect your health and finances should something go wrong while you’re living and travelling abroad.

    Our Cover-More inbound travel insurance policy can help protect your working holiday for up to 365 days and includes cover for medical expenses, lost luggage or travel documents, and more. Limits, exclusions, and conditions apply so be sure to read the Policy Wording before purchasing.

    Still got questions about inbound travel insurance for visitors to New Zealand?

    Good news: we’ve answered our customers’ FAQs about inbound travel insurance here.

    If you’ve got a question you’d rather speak to our team about, you can call them during New Zealand business hours on +64 (0) 9 308 2120 (from overseas) or (0800) 500 225 (in New Zealand). Alternatively, please send us an email at


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