Lisa Owen

If you have a computer or smartphone, an internet connection and some spare time, then you have all you need to book flights, accommodation and tours for your next trip. Check out my handy guide to find out what you need to know to plan and book your next trip independently.

Mim Jenkinson

So when I travelled without the kids for the first time recently, it was a bit of a joy to go back to taking only that one carry-on bag. If you’re travelling without kids for the first time, bear some of these points in mind:

Sangeeta Kocharekar

Airplane food is a rarely discussed topic yet for frequent travellers, it’s an important one. After all, considering planes are now doing 17-hour flights, passengers are now sitting through a full day’s worth of meals. Find out what airlines provide some of the best meals!

Sangeeta Kocharekar

Growing up in Washington, DC, I never would’ve imagined I’d end up spending 10 years in Australia.Today, I use the word ‘home’ to refer to both.

Lisa Owen

Japan is recognised as being an expensive country. There are lot of tricks to travelling on a budget in Japan and by following my handy tips, you too can keep your costs low.

Jess Buchan

Sri Lanka manages to make it all happen and still leave you feeling surprised. You'll find everything you need to know for your visit to this gem of an island here.


Whether you choose a more traditional Tokyo or relish in the neon-lights and karaoke bars, you’ll leave with the knowledge there is nowhere else like it. Here are our top eight things to do in the city.

Nikolina Koevska

Travelling with your significant other presents unique opportunities, but also challenges along the way. So here are some suggestions to follow when travelling as a couple.

Lisa Owen

Grab your hiking boots and explore Bavaria's must-see hiking trails through the mountains.

Lisa Owen

If you’re visiting Italy, Florence is sure to be on your itinerary – so here are seven fun things to see and do.