Dr Stephen Rashford, Cover-More Chief Medical Officer

Confused by coronavirus? Our Chief Medical Officer shares exactly what you need to know including how to avoid respiratory infections like coronavirus or COVID-19 while travelling...

Stace Kerr

Known for its crystal-clear water and palm-fringed beaches, the Maldives is on everyone's dream destination list! Did you know you can travel there on a budget? Discover how...


Travel enthusiasts will be happy to know that one of the fastest growing adventure destinations is located in our very own backyard. New Zealand offers a host of adventure travel options. Read on for some of Cover-More’s must-experience activities.


Here is our list of the best travel apps for planning and recording your trip. Travel smarter, not harder.


Rabies is almost always fatal following the onset of clinical symptoms. Here's what you need to know about prevention, causes, symptoms and treatment for Rabies so it doesn't ruin your trip.

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In this tech savvy world, most of what you need to plan a trip and see the world is available at your fingertips. Here are the best mobile apps for travel.

Lisa Owen

Check out some of the best apps you can download for your smartphone that can enhance the image quality from your phone.

New Zealand’s photogenic Lake Tekapo in the South Island is home to scenic views, stargazing, cold or warm swims in the lake or spring.

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As a traveller to Brazil, there are so many unique experiences to have that you're bound to have a fantastic time! Find out some of the best things to do in Brazil.

Are you the type of traveller who stays in hostels, takes public transport, and doesn’t mind squishing themselves onto a budget airline to save some cash? 

Then I’ve got the list for you on essential items to pack to make your travels easier or more comfortable.

Consider our travel insurance if you're on a budget. Get a free quote today.