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What is Bali Belly and How do I Avoid It? 


Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 10:00

Find out the best ways to avoid Bali belly. Cover-More provides tips about how to stay healthy on your holiday.

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Top 5 Places to Celebrate Halloween in the USA

Halloween in the United States is a once in a (after) lifetime experience. A plethora of events are planned for October 31, so make sure to get your share of scare this year by visiting these spooky spots. Find out what destination takes out the #1 spot here!

Top Scams in Japan

Japan is an incredibly safe country in which to travel—theft levels are low and crime is rare. But, that doesn't mean you won't fall victim to a tourist scam in Japan. Become familiar with the most common scams to avoid here.

The Ultimate Guide to Oktoberfest

While places all around the world attempt to celebrate Oktoberfest, nothing beats the authentic German festival in Munich. Read on to learn about the best places to stay, drink and more. Prost!

12 Day Itinerary for Japan
Lisa Owen

Is Japan on your bucket list? Famous for Mt Fuji, springtime cherry blossoms, sprawling cities that never sleep, and mouth-watering sushi – Japan is sure to be high on everone's to do list. Find out how to spend 12 days there.

What You Need to Know About Methanol Poisoning

Here’s what you need to know about avoiding methanol poisoning and understanding what it is when travelling.

How to Take Great Photos on Holiday
Kate Craig Brown

There’s no right or wrong way for snapping some great holiday moments. However if you are looking to up your game, check out these clever tips for how to take great photos as told by a professional photographer.

How to Visit Chernobyl
Lisa Owen

Have you ever considered visiting Chernobyl? Full day tours can take you into the 30km Chernobyl exclusion zone, around the now defunct nuclear power plant. It's one of the best tours I've ever been on and here's why...

Explore the Best of Hanoi on a Budget
Lisa Owen

Vietnam’s capital is sure to take you on a sensory journey filled with tasty pho, creamy egg coffee, bright pagodas, and bustling street life. 

How To Avoid Measles When Travelling

Because of recent global outbreaks, it’s become more imperative to vaccinate yourself against measles if you’re travelling to affected areas. Here's what you need to know about how to avoid measles while travelling.

The Best of Prague: A Self-Guided Walking Tour

Prague is one of Europe's most magical cities with its postcard views, intriguing architecture and gothic-inspired cathedrals.

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