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Top 5 Apps for Planning and Recording Your Trip

Here is our list of the best travel apps for planning and recording your trip. Travel smarter, not harder.

Top Mobile Apps for Travellers
Lisa Owen

In this tech savvy world, most of what you need to plan a trip and see the world is available at your fingertips. Here are the best mobile apps for travel.

Smartphone Accessories: Amazing Mobile Photography Apps
Lisa Owen

Check out some of the best apps you can download for your smartphone that can enhance the image quality from your phone.

Top 10 Items for Budget Travellers

Are you the type of traveller who stays in hostels, takes public transport, and doesn’t mind squishing themselves onto a budget airline to save some cash? 

Then I’ve got the list for you on essential items to pack to make your travels easier or more comfortable.

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Top 5 Tips to Prevent Jet Lag

Getting off a long haul flight feeling nauseated, disorientated and generally just terrible is very common. Be reassured, this is a normal physiological response to travelling long distances over multiple time zones. Here are 5 tips to help prevent jet lag!

10 Tips for Vegan Travel

Travelling as a vegan can be easy if you're prepared. See our top 10 tips for vegan travel so you can experience another culture without sacrificing your beliefs.

7 Common Travel Scams to Avoid

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling knowing you got scammed on your travels. Learning about popular scams and being aware is the way to go. Here are some common scams to look out for!

Best Destinations for a White Christmas

There is no Christmas like a white Christmas! Here are our favourite places to experience a snowy Christmas that will be one you’ll never forget...

Know Your Rights: Cancelled or Delayed Flights

Flight disruptions are not uncommon, so it's important to know your passenger rights in New Zealand and other popular international destinations, too! You may be surprised to learn when you are and are not entitled to compensation.

How to Take Great Photos on Holiday
Kate Craig Brown

There’s no right or wrong way for snapping some great holiday moments. However if you are looking to up your game, check out these clever tips for how to take great photos as told by a professional photographer.