Kate Craig Brown

There’s no right or wrong way for snapping some great holiday moments. However if you are looking to up your game, check out these clever tips for how to take great photos as told by a professional photographer.

Dr Jane Read

Getting off a long haul flight feeling nauseated, disorientated and generally just terrible is very common. Be reassured, this is a normal physiological response to travelling long distances over multiple time zones. Here are 5 tips to help prevent jet lag!


International Yoga Day is held worldwide on 21 June. Celebrate mindfulness and good health this June by attending one of these incredible events across the globe!


Booked a trip overseas and realised part of your trip overlaps with Ramadan? Here is our ultimate guide to travel during Ramadan when visiting Muslim countries so you have a fun, safe and respectful trip.


Long-haul flights are never the highlight of a trip but with our tips we hope your flight will be more enjoyable. 

Lisa Owen

Before I embarked on a year long adventure globetrotting across six continents, I had a long to do list. Here’s my handy guide on life admin tasks to help you get ready for the trip of a lifetime.


There are thousands of places on the planet to ski, but not all ski towns are created equal. This is our list of the must-visit locations.

Sangeeta Kocharekar

Thinking about going solo or joining a group tour? Here I share my experience and insight to help you work out whether a group tour is worth it for you.

Lisa Owen

If you have a computer or smartphone, an internet connection and some spare time, then you have all you need to book flights, accommodation and tours for your next trip. Check out my handy guide to find out what you need to know to plan and book your next trip independently.

Mim Jenkinson

So when I travelled without the kids for the first time recently, it was a bit of a joy to go back to taking only that one carry-on bag. If you’re travelling without kids for the first time, bear some of these points in mind: