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What is Bali Belly and How do I Avoid It? 


Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 10:00

Find out the best ways to avoid Bali belly. Cover-More provides tips about how to stay healthy on your holiday.

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Nikolina Koevska

The best way to capture your holiday and show it off to the world is a great Instagram post. Byron Bay in Australia has the perfect mix of beach, township, culture and weather to make for some awesome Instagram shots!

First Timer’s Guide to Sri Lanka
Lisa Owen

You’re in for a sensory journey while visiting Sri Lanka. From bustling cities and lush green tea plantations, to misty mountain towns and beachside paradises. If you’re visiting Sri Lanka for the first time, here’s what you need to know.

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Lagos is located on Portugal’s Algarve Coast and has spectacular beaches framed by rock formations, cheap food, and a vibrant nightlife. Read more

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From the slightly scary to the downright bizarre, these are the travel insurance trends that stood out in 2018.

Discover unique frozen landscapes in Argentina
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Argentina is more than Buenos Aires. This unique country also offers a beautiful national park at its southern tip that’s filled with massive glaciers and breathtaking peaks.

Pros and cons of group tours
Sangeeta Kocharekar

Thinking about going solo or joining a group tour? Here I share my experience and insight to help you work out whether a group tour is worth it for you.

20 experiences you must have in Central Asia
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Central Asia is a mix of cultures, traditions, food, architecture and natural beauty – and it’s filled with incredible experiences. Check out 20 of the must do experiences on an Central Asian adventure.

How to plan your next holiday
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If you have a computer or smartphone, an internet connection and some spare time, then you have all you need to book flights, accommodation and tours for your next trip. Check out my handy guide to find out what you need to know to plan and book your next trip independently.

Travelling without kids
Mim Jenkinson

So when I travelled without the kids for the first time recently, it was a bit of a joy to go back to taking only that one carry-on bag. If you’re travelling without kids for the first time, bear some of these points in mind:

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