Jess Buchan

Situated in Nepal, Pokhara is everything that Kathmandu isn't. It's a place where you'll find serenity and calmness among picturesque mountain views. 

Lisa Owen

South East Queensland is an outdoor lover’s paradise. From waterfalls, to mountain summits, to rocky waterholes, there’s a lot of trails on offer only a couple of hours from Brisbane.

Samuel Turner

Welcome to the beautifully unique and eclectically charming country of Georgia, tucked arguably in the centre of the world.

Jo Fraser

A visit to the Sahara desert in Morocco is on every traveller’s must-do list. What people don’t account for is the sweeping red sand dunes are only found in two small regions in the far South.

Lisa Owen

Here are my tips for first time budget travellers on what to pack, what to expect, how to navigate a foreign country, and staying safe – all based on my own experiences.


The best thing about travelling for a sporting event is that you get to watch something you enjoy while experiencing a new culture and exploring somewhere new.


Here are five of the most British things you can do on your trip. Do them all and you might come back with a twang in your accent and a new penchant for a perfectly cooked scone.

Lisa Owen

Just because you're leaving the country solo doesn't mean you're going to be alone on your travels. Here's how you can meet people!

Dr Jane Read

Nothing will ruin a trip faster than feeling unwell, so here are 5 top tips to help you maintain your wellbeing when travelling.

Lisa Owen

There are countless spots to check out when travelling around Sri Lanka where you can enjoy scenic hikes, temples and the company of elephants.