Dazzling by day or night, Monaco is the place to live it up.

Monaco, the world’s second smallest country behind the Vatican, seems to almost ooze privilege and glamour. Monaco is a sovereign state, and while it isn’t a member of the European Union, the country still participates in the customs territory. This means travel between Monaco and France has no formalities. It even uses the euro as its currency. However, your euro may not get you nearly as far in Monaco. From the glittering multi-million dollar yachts in the Monte Carlo harbour, to the endless supply of top-shelf champagne it’s no secret that travellers to Monaco are living an opulent lifestyle.

If you want to bask in the glitz and glam of Monaco, try heading to the country during one of the large annual events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix that takes place in May or the Tennis Masters Series in April. Other popular events include the Monte Carlo Opera and the annual Spring Arts Festival. Pack your best get-ups and your highest spending-limit credit cards, and get ready for a spectacle unlike any other.

During the day you can head to Lavartto Beach and escape for the social scene for an afternoon full of sun and sea. The beach is free with public access and since it is perpetually clean and safe, all you need to take is your towel, a pair of sunnies and plenty of sunblock. If you get hungry, don’t fret—there are plenty of small cafes and kiosks all around to fulfil your refreshment needs.

Perhaps it seems obvious, but one of the most beloved pastimes of Monaco is gambling. The Grand Casino in Monte Carlo is located in the country’s most exclusive neighbourhood and is tucked among the luxurious and fashionable brands, hotels and restaurants. You won’t be able to miss the Casino with its noticeable design. Be aware though, the minimum age to enter any casino in Monte Carlo is 21, along with a passport and an entry fee at the door.

For just the slightest touch of history in your luxurious holiday, head to the Monaco Cathedral. It’s where Princess Grace married Prince Ranier and it holds a special place in many locals’ hearts.

Away from Monte Carlo you’ll be greeted by the naturally beautiful place Monaco is. There’s balmy weather year-round, plenty of scenic public spaces to enjoy, small cafes to relax in and a number of similarly high-living day trip destinations. Think Provence, the French Riviera and even Italy—they’re all easily within reach from Monaco. There’s no better time to spend a little extra on a travel insurance policy than when you’re travelling to Monaco with a wealth of high-end goodies and higher expectations for how your holiday will unfold. Perhaps due to the principality’s location along the coast, or due to the personality and appreciation for exorbitant living, Monaco is always a good time.