Crepes come in all sizes and flavours, depending on your personal preference but Nutella crepes are among the most popular.

There are endless places in this world that can inspire artists and wordsmiths and everyday folks to create, but there are few places in history that have inspired as many famous works of art as the city of Paris. For as long as Paris has existed, there have been scores of people who are struck by its beauty, history, culture and importance. If you have any free time to travel, be sure to add Paris to your travel bucket list—you won’t regret it.

Food and drink

The choices for food in Paris are almost as famous as the city itself. Whether you are a fan of savoury or sweet, there is a speciality in Paris for you. If you are on the go and need a quick snack for on the road, stop into any bakery to pick up a fresh French baguette and the fromagerie to get a small cut of fresh and fragrant cheese the country and city is known for. If you prefer a more laid-back snack, stop into the many Paris cafes and relax with a tasse de café for a relaxing treat.

Have a sweet tooth? Look no farther than a crepe—vendors will put fresh fruit, chocolate, whipped cream and many other treats onto your crepe to create a perfectly personalized sweet for you. Perhaps you’d like to dine out and try a true Parisian speciality. If that’s the case, be sure to order steak frites for a delicious combination of superbly prepared and delicious steak with a side of crispy French fries. Be sure to take a side of béarnaise sauce if it is offered too—it’s the perfect addition to your Parisian meal.

Must-see destinations

Everyone knows that Paris is the home of the Eiffel Tower, and while there are other structures like it in the world (in Las Vegas, USA and Hangzhou, China) this Eiffel Tower is the original. Visit the base of the structure to marvel at its immense size, climb the steps to the top for a unique view of Paris (the only one without the Eiffel Tower) or explore the park at its base where you can take advantage of the benches and green space for a second of relaxation.

If art is more your passion, you must visit the Louvre. Home to thousands upon thousands of famous works of art, the Louvre serves as the premier destination for art lovers who find themselves in Paris. From the towering glass pyramid at the museum’s entrance to the wide open and visually stimulating hallways within, the Louvre is a perfect place to forget about time and immerse yourself in the history and art collections housed in the museum.

The Louvre’s distinctive glass pyramid marks the entrance to one of the world’s largest museums, located in Paris.

Or, if you prefer to stick to the metropolis, get away (and above) it all with a visit to the Sacre Cœur, or the Sacred Heart. It is a massive blindingly white church that is perched atop Montmartre, making it the highest point in Paris. It offers a lively environment that is always crowded with people—mostly tourists, but a fair share of locals as well. On a clear day, a visit to Sacre Cœur affords you an overview of the City of Light that few people get to see. Watch as major roads twist through the city and keep your eyes peeled for the monuments that make Paris recognizable. Then, meander through the tiny neighbourhood around Sacre Cœur and bask in the daylight as a local artist sketches your likeness for a euro or two. It’s a relaxing way to see a lot of Paris without the tour guides or the stress of Paris’s most popular destinations.

Crowds gather on the steps of Sacre Coeur to look over the landscape of Paris from the highest point in the city.

Off-the-beaten-path spots

The Eiffel Tower is a stunning example of architecture that has come to define a city, and while it is enjoyable to follow the crowd and see the majestic building, there are many other things to occupy your time in Paris that will offer a more realistic take on the city and its inhabitants. For example, take Canal St. Martin. It is a small neighbourhood in northeast Paris, where a canal runs directly through the town. There are small cafes, quaint shops, ever-bustling restaurants and quiet side roads to explore. You may even forget for a second that you are in one of the most famous cities in the world. See the parts of Paris that the locals call home in Canal St. Martin.

Believe it or not, there are ways to see the city without being overrun by tourists around every turn. Try visiting La Promenade Plantée in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. It is an old railroad track that has gotten a total floral makeover. This elevated walkway offers superb views of the city and allows you to amble through lush green archways high above the city crowds. This charming 4.5km pathway runs along the north bank of the Seine and you can join it from Avenue Daumesnil near the Bastille metro stop.

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