sugary candy

Candy stores have always conjured images of childhood and indulgence and sweetness to them with their bright-coloured goodies and creative displays. Maybe you have a favourite sweet from your childhood or you just like chocolate, but whatever your reason, candy shops are almost universally appreciated and enjoyed. So, is it any surprise that in the land of bigger and better, the candy shops go above and beyond traditional stores to offer the weird, wacky and wonderful products from the candy universe? Whether you are visiting America with your children or just by yourself, spending some time in a candy shop can be a great treat for all. Check out some of these stores, America’s best candy shops, for a fun and memorable experience.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

If you plan to visit New York City, few things scream 'NYC' more than Ralph Lauren and luxury. You are probably wondering, So what? What does this have to do with candy? Well, a few years ago, Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan started her own business called Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City. It’s a luxurious and bright store that features kitschy candies, exciting parties, and even sweet-smelling bath products so that you can enjoy your favourite sweet treats all the time—not just when you are in the store. New York is a dream for the young-at-heart, from candy shops to toy stores adults will love, the Big Apple has it all.

You can create your own pouches full of your favourite candy so that you don’t have to choose just one. Try out the chocolate bark or the giant gummy bear on a stick. Just take a look at their M&M wall for an idea of just how many kinds of candy they have on display. If you find that you will not be travelling to New York City, DCB also has stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami Beach.

Hershey Park

The world-famous Hershey’s candy has brought joy in the form of its Hershey bars, Hershey kisses, and all kinds of other candy delights for years. Sure, you can pick up these treats at any local gas station, but why not go to an amusement park completely devoted to it in Derby Township, Pennsylvania, instead? From start to finish Hershey Park is built around the company with such names for kids as Kisses, Reese’s, and Twizzlers, depending on the height of your child. Hershey Park is truly the ultimate American travel destination for chocolate-lovers. Built as a fun respite to the employees of the Hershey factory, you’ll see product characters roaming around (like a gigantic Reese’s cup or a gaggle of Hershey’s Kisses) the park who are more than willing to take a picture with you kids. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy America’s favourite candy and create a fun day out for your family. While here, can ride the rollercoasters, make your own chocolate bar, or even indulge in a whipped cocoa milk bath in the Hershey spa.


At this nationwide chain candy store you will be impressed with their selection of over sized candy. Take home the one-pound York Peppermint Patty, the world’s largest box of Nerds, and the five pound gummy bear to keep the experience alive throughout your entire trip. For those hard to buy for friends or family, IT'SUGAR offers a nostalgic gift box full of candy from certain decades. Does your sister always reminisce about her high school days back in 1975? Pick up her favorite candies that she was eating back then, it will be the best gift she’ll ever receive. Does your niece just love Pop Rocks? Pick up a 36-case of them. After this trip, you may need to buy an extra suitcase just to fit them all.

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