Color, excitement and celebrations collide during the infamous Carnaval in Brazil

Brazil is a country blessed with endless adventures, natural wonders, beautiful people, and peaceful places. In fact, it is difficult to summarize the entire company in a few paragraphs. The only true way to understand the love and joy emanating from this country is to visit it. Take in the views, relax on tranquil beaches, party to dawn in rowdy cities and centre yourself with their harmonious way of life.

Coastal cities

Brazil has over 8000km of coastline to enjoy with thousands of beaches from the river beaches in the Amazon to calm water meeting fine white sand along the Atlantic. In fact, coastal pleasures are so important to Brazilians that their equivalent of 'my cup of tea' is é minha praia or 'that’s my beach'. Visit Ipanema Beach to bask among the sunbathing beauties of Rio de Janiero or trek into the Amazon to experience Alter do Chao where you can lounge along the river beaches in the morning, feast on fresh seafood for lunch and then retreat to a delightful pousadas (bed and breakfast) for a low-key evening. A beachside Paradise, no matter your definition, awaits in Brazil.


Kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, snorkelling, surfing, horseback riding are just a small sample of the activities and adventures you can enjoy in Brazil. Because the country boasts the highest biodiversity in the world, you have options galore for exploration and adventure. The Pantanal is a vast wetland area with a wide variety of plants and animals. You can explore the area on foot, on horseback, in a boat or a canoe, and in some spots with four-wheel drive. Unlike trips to the Amazon, the Pantanal has an open landscape where you can spot creatures like otters, monkeys, crocodiles, macaws, cormorants, ibis and toucans.


A big hitter on the international music scene, Brazil has long been cultivating and enjoying its musical heritage. The Brazilian music scene is a whirlwind of trends and styles that constantly mix, match and evolve. One consistent aspect of the music is that it you will hear a rhythm and be able to dance to it. As you wander the streets in any city in Brazil, melodies will float out of nightclubs and restaurants, filling your ears with the infectious and catchy tunes. Bring your dancing shoes and get ready to get on the dance floor as you embrace the music and rhythm of Brazil.


Brazil’s attractions range from enchanting, quaint colonial towns to staggering and dramatic vistas and everywhere in between. One thing that never changes though is the people who live throughout this country. Of course, everyone is different in their own right, but there is an overwhelming sense of pride, passion and joy that you can see from the small towns to the overwhelming cities. Passions are celebrated at the infamous Carnaval in February, but the celebrations and life haven't withheld the rest of the year. Regardless of where you travel in Brazil, you will be met by some of the most amicable, peaceful and happy people in the world.

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