Casual, beachy chic looks are what Los Angeles fashion is all about.

If you’ve always dreamed of living in Los Angeles and partying with Hollywood’s hottest, leave those chunky walking shoes at home and ditch that hideous fanny pack. This town is all about casual glamour, big sunglasses, and a sun-kissed glow for both women and men.


As the second most-populous city in the United States, Los Angeles is full of a diverse range of people from all around the world. With over 17 million residents hailing from all parts of the globe, you will have a head start on fitting right in. It isn’t unusual for a local to have roots in Australia or Japan.

Sun-kissed glow

If you have been hibernating indoors and are beginning to resemble a sheet of paper rather than a Tahitian beauty, you may want to invest in a self-tanner or find some way to get more of a sun-kissed glow. Los Angeles residents always sport a nice summer tan, even in the dead of winter.

A touch of blonde

California’s coast was made famous in the 1970’s and 80’s for its roller-skating, beach-going blondes and though the increased Hispanic and Asian populations don’t typically don the golden locks of Pamela Anderson or the newly blonde, Adam Levine, the Golden Coast is still famous for the sun-touched strands. Add a couple of caramel or strawberry blonde highlights to better blend in with the Los Angeles natives.


The most important piece of Los Angeles culture is its style. Don’t bring your stuffy, navy business suits here. You won’t find the navy, East Coast power suits on these residents. Leave that preppy cardigan at home.

All about the excess

Men and women alike are all about excessive, casual, glamorous looks. You can dress like the beach-bums with your togs and thongs, and any kind of surf-company, branded gear. Most women will be seen in big sunglasses, large hats, stilettos, and a bag in the crook of their arm. Over-the-top jewellery and big waves are a must, along with an impeccably made-up face.

City-sleek and chic

The men are typically dressed in casual, city-sleek. Come armed with a sport coat and button downs, chic sunglasses, and a dapper ‘do. If you have facial hair, go for a rugged but well-groomed style--think 5 o’clock shadow. Don’t bring your khaki pants, it is jeans all the way here. A blazer with jeans is a perfect outfit for most outings in LA.

No matter what style you like, you can fit in here, just make sure you are always looking your best.


Los Angeles is rapidly becoming famous for its health-conscious culture. You can’t walk down a street without at least a dozen vegan restaurants and pressed-juice palaces calling for your attention. Let out your inner earth god/goddess and invest in the eco-friendly products, the biodegradable clothes, and the farm-to-fork meals. You’ll be doing as the locals do, and who knows, maybe you’ll get on board the health-conscious train.

Yoga mat madness

Speaking of being health conscious, hop on the latest wellness travel trends and try a yoga class while you’re in town, too. Locals swear by the mat and the yoga flows and regardless of the time of day you’ll probably see people lugging yoga mats around on their way to getting their 'om' on. You want to blend in, right? Get started on your Sun Salutations and don that Downward Facing Dog.

A smile goes a long way

Sunny LA is a draw for people from all over the world, and even if you don’t do a single thing on this list if you are friendly, open and willing to have a conversation, you will have a great shot at fitting in. The city is full of celebrities, want to be celebrities and enough powerful people to make your head spin. Focus on your holiday and having a good time, try a few of the changes we suggest above and before you know it, LA will have wriggled itself into your heart for good.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user Robert Bejil; cropped from original