Heceta Head Lighthouse and the nearby Keeper’s Cottage are available to rent by travellers coming through the West Coast of Oregon.Has it always been your dream to spend a night in a classic lighthouse? Could you imagine yourself helping to steer ships out of harm’s way even in the depths of a torrential storm? There are lighthouses that have been preserved and repurposed all over the world, but the United States has some of the best options for travellers looking at these unique accommodations. As you travel the states, keep your eye out for opportunities to stay in lighthouses and you will quickly realize this is an experience that can be tailored to any budget—from hostel rooms to renting out an entire keeper’s house. Of nearly 14,000 lighthouses in the world, we’ve put together a list of 5 of these coastal guardians that you simply cannot miss during your travels to the United States.

Wings Neck Lighthouse: Massachusetts, USA

Wings Neck Lighthouse is located just an hour outside of Boston and was built back in 1849. The lighthouse was decommissioned by the Coast Guard back in the 1940s and the lighthouse has stayed in the Stevens’ family ever since. They rent out the lighthouse and its stellar accommodations to visitors on Cape Cod. Visitors have access to the tower and a recent renovation creates a comfortable space to stay with modern creature comforts included. Bicycles, beach chairs, books and DVDs are available for guests to enjoy during the truly amazing experience of sleeping in a historic lighthouse on the eastern coast of the United States. Wings Neck has enough space to accommodate families and groups of up to 8 people.

Keeper’s House: Maine, USA

Self-sufficiency is the name of the game at the Keeper’s House in Isle Au Haut, Maine. The owners Jeffrey and Judith Burke keep the cottage running on solar electricity and wind energy and the Burke’s water is created from the ocean. Expect to go completely off the gird—and to love it—when you realize that Acadia National Park makes up 60% of the island. This means there is plenty of space to explore and discover what Isle Au Haut has to offer. The cottage rental even includes bicycles for those interested in seeing the natural beauty all around the lighthouse.

Cordova Rose Lodge: Alaska, USA

This lighthouse is the perfect option for adventurous travellers looking to add some high-energy activities to their holidays. The Odiak Pharos lighthouse is a couple hundred feet from a landlocked barge, where the Cordova Rose Lodge now sits. The small tower remains a Coast Guard-registered lighthouse and while it’s still operated to this day, it doesn’t serve much of a navigational purpose anymore. The owners will help you create a customised itinerary that can include fly-fishing, hiking and bird-watching. The main lodge closes for the winter, but the cabins in the area are available year-round.

Heceta Head Lighthouse: Oregon, USA

About halfway down the Oregon coast is a lighthouse that is 120-years-old called Heceta Head Lighthouse. It was renovated back in 2011 to accommodate visitors and seafarers alike. The nearby keeper’s cottage serves as a bed and breakfast for guests. Choose the Mariner’s Room for the best view of the waves hitting the rocky coastline just 200 feet below. If you’re travelling in a larger group, opt for the rooms in the Keeper’s House, where 15 people can cosily fit into their accommodations.

North Head Lighthouse: Washington, USA

Visit this 112-year-old lighthouse along the Western coast of the USA and you’ll truly be able to connect with your surroundings. In fact, you won’t have a choice—seclusion is a part of the draw for this lighthouse, and cell phone service is very limited. While you may experience technology withdrawal, you’ll also be surrounded by this idyllic part of Washington. You can choose to stay in the Lighthouse Keeper’s Residence where the renovated building gives off a stately and poised vibe. If you like ghost stories, then North Head Lighthouse is right up your alley: there are many stories from previous tenants about things that go bump in the night—without much explanation.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user Walter