The Las Vegas Strip makes this trip definitely one to remember

Whatever happens in Vegas certainly does not need to stay in Vegas. A trip to Las Vegas NV, USA is an unforgettable experience—even with the cocktails. Despite the reputation as 'Sin City' your holiday does not have to be an alcoholic bender and gambling rampage. Here are some tips to make your holiday to the entertainment capital of the world one to remember.

Check out the vibrant art scene

Las Vegas is better known for the Strip rather than their downtown, but this central neighbourhood is definitely worth the effort. Head south of Fremont to check out the Arts District, otherwise known as 18b Las Vegas. This 18—block region is set aside to encourage local artists to create and showcase their work. Venture to this cultural hotspot on the first Friday of every month for a monthly arts festival when galleries and shops stay open extra late for a community gathering to appreciate the arts in Las Vegas.

Not all memorable meals are dinners

Sin City is known for the extravagant nightlife—in particular the famous restaurants to dine out (and be seen) in. However, the astounding eateries found in Las Vegas are not only notable for their gourmet dinner menus. This city of entertainment is also home to some of the best breakfast places. Check out Hash House a Go Go, a restaurant known for keeping the fun in food with massive portions while still sticking to local and fresh ingredients. The most popular breakfast item is their colossal sized Chicken and Waffles for NZ$14.

Take advantage of the world-class spas

Las Vegas has a variety of luxurious spas that many guests forget about in the swarm of casinos and bars. However, Vegas is also home to some of the most amazing, detoxifying spas where guests can easily spend an hour to several days just relaxing and being pampered. Take a look at Aria Spa & Salon for a peaceful getaway while enjoying a pool lounge, massages, facials, sauna beds and much more. Canyon Ranch is another wonderful option to escape the craziness of the city, and schedule some soothing, peaceful spa time into your holiday.

Cool off at Lake Mead

After spending time at the Strip, or really anywhere in Las Vegas, most guests need a break from all the flashing lights, vibrant colours and eclectic décor. Head out to Lake Mead for a day, especially when it is really hot during the summertime. This man—made lake that powers the Hoover Dam is the perfect way to cool off and get outdoors where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert. Experience this scenic shoreline either by just kicking back and cooling off, or kayaking or jet skiing through the water.

Venture out beyond The Strip

The Strip is definitely not your only option for entertainment. In fact, head downtown to Fremont Street if the glitz, glamour and high prices of The Strip are not your thing. Often compared to New Orleans Bourbon Street, Fremont Street is a great location for a fun night out without gambling away everything you own a casino or blowing away your savings on a single round of drinks. The laid—back atmosphere of this location is perfect if you want a Vegas experience without actually having to experience what everyone thinks of as Vegas.

Capture the stunning views

No matter what you came to Las Vegas for, every guest should set aside time to take in the views. You can check out the Stratosphere Hotel for absolutely spectacular views of The Strip or visit the Conservatory at the Bellagio for a glimpse at floral extravaganza that is continually re&mdashdesigned and re—created to showcase the beautiful colours and essence of every season.

Looking for some more natural views? You’re in luck with Red Rock being right outside the city. The beautiful Red Rock Canyon offers plenty of both easy and strenuous hiking trails. The time spent outdoors and exploring this remarkable site gives guests a whole new perspective on the true beauty of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is an incredible destination and an experience everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. However, a trip to Sin City does not entirely have to be late nights drinking and gambling. Las Vegas has plenty to offer for all sorts of travellers. However, this United States destination is often a hotspot for tourist scams, such as pickpocketing and the notorious cab driver rip—off. In case any of your valuable are stolen make sure you are protected ahead of time with travel insurance.

If you do plan on visiting Las Vegas for the casinos and wild nights, remember that most travel insurance plans do not cover alcohol—induced incidents.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Moyan Brenn; cropped from original