Rattle N Hum Draft Bar has over 40 beers on tap in addition to 4 hand-drawn, cask-conditioned beers. It is one of the staples of the NYC craft beer scene.

When you think about the places in the world that are known for their beer, Germany will likely jump to mind with its famous Oktoberfest. Maybe you’ll think of Ireland with its St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and instantly recognizable beer brands. Perhaps you even think of Vietnam, the home of the world’s cheapest beer. Regardless of which country you think of, chances are, you won’t be thinking of the United States, or more specifically, New York City, USA.

The city that never sleeps has always been a centre for entertainment, revelry, and fun, but it’s notoriety for craft beer hasn’t been recognized until recently. Seattle and California have been producing great craft brews since the movement began back in the early 1980s, but you may be surprised to know that New York City isn’t so far out of the loop on the craft beer scene. Use our guide to navigate your way through all the other pubs and restaurants to the truly incredible bars in the NYC craft beer scene. From holes in the wall to celebrity hot-spots, this list will have you sipping in all the right places.

NYC Craft Beer Bars

Blind Tiger Ale House

Located right in the West village is a top craft-beer bar. It was built with wood from a 19th-century farmhouse which gives the whole pub that decidedly cosy and comfortable vibe. The microbrewery hosts 30 draft beers, so say goodbye to the typical American orders like Budweiser or Blue Moon. When you scour the drinks menu at this establishment, you’re much more likely to come across cask ales and small-batch vintage beers. If you happen to be hungry in addition to being thirsty, Blind Tiger Ale House also has small meals and appetizers like devilled eggs and potato beer cheese soup.

Sunswick 35/35

Though it may seem like a low-key, blue-collar kind of place at first, the longer you spend in this Astoria establishment, the more you realise just how refined it really is. One look at their ochre-stained bar and leather couches and you’ll feel your shoulders drop a little. Enjoy an array of local crafts like the Brooklyn Oktoberfest to get a taste of local flair. When you’re ready to kick it up a notch, you’ll find various shades of pucker and rum. If the drinks aren’t enough to entertain you and your company, then Sunswick’s 40 inch plasma TVs will give you something to talk about while you inhale their delicious and healthy food options.

Rattle N Hum

New York Magazine’s Readers Rating gave this establishment a 9 out of 10 rating. Don’t let the narrow and dark space scare you off—black walls aren’t the norm, but that doesn’t make the pub as intimidating as you may think. Plus, if the decorations aren’t to your liking, we’re guessing the 40 microbrews on tap will give you more than enough to like. There is a special space for traditional cask beer served just at room temperature and when you are hoping to grab a bite to eat, you will love the towering nachos and peppered calamari Rattle N Hum serves up. The long-winded menu comes with instructions on how to pick, taste, and appreciate your drinks so you get the most out of every bite and sip.

New York City’s Craft Beer Festival

If you are a lover of craft beers or want to give it a try, head to the Craft Beer Festival where you can find 75 breweries from across the country and over 150 of the finest offerings. Your ticket includes a souvenir tasting glass and unlimited 2 ounce tastings. Don’t forget to stay well nourished by sampling some of the many artisanal foods for purchase.

For those looking to learn more, you can enjoy one of the numerous informative seminars and gain access to the craft concierge centre.

There are different ticket levels including VIP access if you are looking for a more advanced experience.

Local Breweries

When you want to take a more hands-on approach and actually tour the facilities where craft brews are made, head to one of the Big Apple’s own microbreweries and see just how your favourite drinks come to be.

Brooklyn Brewery

As you may have guessed from the name, this local brewery is located in Brooklyn, NYC. When you visit this brewery you’ll not only taste delicious beers, but you’ll get unique insights on the vibrant and creative Northside neighbourhoods the brewery is a part of. Check their website for a constantly updating list of events and tastings to properly plan your visit and to get the most out of your time at the Brooklyn Brewery.

While you may be able to grab a beer at just about any bar or restaurant in New York City, if you really want to take your pint-drinking to the next level, you’ll want to be a little choosier about where you end up. With our guide, you’ll end up in some of the most interesting and delicious beer bars in the entire city. Whether you’re enjoying a pint you’re your friends in China or in New York City, travel insurance is an essential part of every holiday plan, so consider Cover-More’s policies for your next holiday. Remember, drinking any alcohol will cause a claims event to be denied, so as always, be responsible with your drinking and review your travel insurance policy before embarking on your bar crawl through the city.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Jazz Guy