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Travel Cover: How to Compare Travel Insurance


Compare Travel Insurance plans

How to compare travel insurance policies

Choosing the right travel insurance is important, but comparing policies online can be confusing. To get through the lengthy policies, difficult wordings and long lists of what is and isn’t covered, Cover-More has a few tips to help make the process easier. Be sure to check the items below as you compare travel insurance plans.

Policy Excess

The word ‘excess’ is commonly thrown around when discussing travel insurance. Excess is the first amount of a claim that is not covered. The levels of excess can vary by insurer and by their policies offered, so make sure you compare the different levels.

To understand how excess works, imagine you lost your new iPad while travelling. Your travel insurance policy has a level of excess on personal electronics of $250, but the iPad is worth $450. Therefore, with this plan, you would only receive partial compensation for your lost iPad—the iPad’s current value of $450 less the excess of $250.

Cover-More has a variety of international travel insurance plans that allow you to choose an excess level that works for your budget. Remember, the higher the excess chosen, the less you pay for your policy premium. Get a quote for Cover-More Travel Insurance with excess.


What is not covered in your travel insurance policy is just as important as what is covered by your plan, so be sure to compare exclusions.

Cover-More Travel Insurance policies provide cover for many incidents and unexpected events that other insurers may not cover. For instance, our insurance plans offer cover for injury sustained by terrorist attacks, civil unrest, natural disasters and redundancy and more. It is important to compare policies to understand the extent of what is covered. Start your Cover-More Travel Insurance quote.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency medical assistance is an essential service for any holiday. It allows you to travel with the peace of mind of knowing you have resources at your disposal in case you are injured or fall ill during your trip. However, many travel insurance companies outsource medical assistance to third parties, adding delay and unnecessary stress in times of emergency.

Cover-More puts policyholders' health and safety first. We are committed to providing you with superior, round-the-clock service through CustomerCare, Cover-More’s own medical assistance division with 30 years of experience.

All of our policyholders receive round-the-clock emergency medical assistance, no matter what plan you choose. Get a quote today.

Travel Cancellation Policies

Unfortunately, sometimes a holiday must be cancelled for unforeseen reasons such as personal or family illness, in which case lost deposits, costs of prepaid flights and cancellation fees only add to the feeling of misfortune.

When comparing travel insurance plans, be sure to check the policy’s cancellation cover so you are not left with exorbitant expenses in case you have to cancel your trip. Get a quote for Cover-More travel insurance with cancellation coverage today.

Travel Insurance Company Ratings

Be sure to research and compare travel insurer ratings. A company’s ratings are often indicative of their financial strength, meaning their ability to pay insurance claims quickly and efficiently. Cover-More’s strength is in thanks to Zurich Australian Insurance Limited trading as Zurich New Zealand (Zurich New Zealand), incorporated in Australia. Part of the Zurich Insurance Group, Zurich New Zealand holds a financial strength rating of A+ (strong) by Standard and Poor’s (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Protect your trip with travel insurance that will service its obligations to you. Compare Cover-More Travel Insurance plans for the peace of mind that comes with being covered by an A+ insurer. Get your quote now.

Travel Insurance Benefits

Most importantly, compare travel insurance plans to get a better idea of the benefits offered in each plan. Many travel insurance companies do not provide the variety of levels of cover like Cover-More does. Cover-More has several different plans and options so you can find a policy that matches your needs and your budget. Get a quote for your trip and compare the benefits:

All of these plans can be adjusted with excess cover, cancellation cover, ski and winter sport cover and existing medical conditions cover so you can get a quote to identify the plan that fits your trip and your budget. Get a quote today.