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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our annual cover

If you are someone who travels multiple times a year, then an Annual Multi-Trip (AMT) policy may be ideal for you. Instead of having to purchase a Single Trip plan every time you jet off, consider annual cover so you are protected for 12 months up to the journey duration of your choice. This means you may not have to take out a new plan each time you travel.

Check out our Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance page for useful tips and information.

Please read the relevant Policy Wording before deciding on our travel insurance. Get a free quote online for annual cover.

What is an Annual Multi-Trip (AMT) policy?

An AMT policy provides you with travel insurance over a 12 month period. It saves you the hassle of taking out a new policy every time you travel further than 100 km from home. You are covered for an unlimited number of journeys throughout the year, up to the trip duration chosen on your AMT. An AMT is not 12 months of continuous cover, as each trip can only be up to the maximum trip duration. If you are a frequent traveller who takes multiple trips a year, then you may find an AMT policy is an affordable solution for protecting your travels. Get a free quote online.

If I am going overseas for 12 months, should I buy an Annual Multi-Trip policy?

No. We recommend you look into purchasing a Single Trip policy if you do not intend on returning home after each individual trip. A Single Trip policy can offer coverage for up to 12 months and is valid the whole time you are overseas.

An AMT policy will protect the individual trips you take throughout the year, as long as each journey does not exceed the maximum trip duration selected. You will need to return home after each trip for coverage to apply. 

How do I buy an Annual Multi-Trip plan?

You can buy annual cover through our website or by calling us on (0800) 500 225. To get a quote online:

  1. Enter in the destinations of travel you want cover for in the quote box.
  2. Select the dates of your first trip.
  3. Enter in the current ages of all travellers.
  4. Click ‘Get Quote’ to go to the next page.
  5. Then click on the ‘See Annual Multi-Trip Plans’ tab in the left hand corner of the screen. This will then display the price for annual cover.
  6. Vary your policy to include Snow Sports Cover, increase your luggage limits, or cancellation cover for an additional cost.
  7. Continue to the next page to fill in the rest of your details
  8. Declare any existing medical conditions.
  9. Finalise your purchase.

If you would like more information on how to purchase annual cover, check out our Annual Multi-Trip insurance page.

How many trips can I take using my Annual Multi-Trip policy?

You can take an unlimited number of journeys using your annual travel insurance, provided your destination is at least 100 km from your home. For cover to apply, you need to ensure each individual trip is no longer than the maximum trip duration you selected when finalising your plan.

How long can each of my trips be?

For an International AMT policy, the maximum trip duration is either 30, 45, or 60 days. For Australia and South Pacific nations, the maximum trip duration is either 15 or 30 days. Call us on (0800) 500 225 if you would like to select your trip duration. Otherwise, our website will pick a default option depending on the length of your first trip if your purchase annual cover online. Each separate trip you take using an AMT policy cannot exceed the duration selected.

What if I want to go on a trip longer than the time specified on my Annual Multi-Trip plan?

If you have already bought your AMT policy and want to increase your maximum trip duration, call us on (0800) 500 225. You may be able to increase the maximum trip duration on your policy. Alternatively, you could consider taking out a separate single trip policy to insure that specific trip.

Do I need to tell Cover-More about each trip I take using my Annual Multi-Trip coverage?

No. You do not have to inform us every time you go on a trip. As long as your holiday is less than the maximum trip duration selected and is in the destination you chose for your annual cover, you are protected by your AMT policy.

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Do I need to be a certain distance from my home to be covered?

Yes. For you to be covered using an AMT policy, you will need to be at least 100 km from your home.

What is my excess for an Annual Multi-Trip plan?

We have given you the option to select the excess amount that works best for your budget! For international AMT policies, you can choose an excess amount of $0, $100, or $250. If you are purchasing a domestic AMT, a set $25 excess applies. Remember that the higher the excess, the lower the premium. Excess is the first part of a claim we will not pay and it is applied to each claimable event.

Can I change my Annual Multi-Trip policy after I’ve bought it?

This depends on what you want to change. Give us a call on (0800) 500 225 to discuss.

Do I have to pay the total amount for my Annual Multi-Trip plan upfront?

Yes. You will need to pay the full premium for your AMT plan upfront. We do not accept partial payments. Remember that coverage for some policy benefits, like cancellation cover, start as soon as you purchase your travel insurance.

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Is there an age limit for buying Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance?

Yes. You must be under 74 years of age to buy an international AMT online. For Domestic AMT policies, you can purchase a plan up to 99 years of age online. Call us on (0800) 500 225 if you are unable to purchase annual cover online as we may still be able to arrange cover for you.

What happens if I develop a medical condition after I have purchased an Annual Multi-Trip policy?

We look at the relevant time to determine whether your condition is a new medical condition or an existing one. The relevant time on your Annual Multi-Trip policy is the policy issue date, or the time you first started booking your trip - whichever happens last.

If a new medical condition is diagnosed during the year your AMT is in place, it will be considered an existing medical condition for any trips you book in future. Where the condition arose after the policy was issued/the relevant trip was first booked, we will consider this to be a new medical condition for those specific trips (i.e. cover would apply automatically once you are confirmed fit to travel by your doctor.) You will need to contact us either way to complete an assessment over the phone by calling (0800) 500 225.

When does my Annual Multi-Trip cover start?

Coverage under the amendment or cancellation costs benefit begins from the time you purchase your AMT policy. The departure date for your first trip selected on the policy is when full coverage begins (i.e. when you start travelling), so coverage will not end until 12 months from that departure date.

If I include cancellation cover, is that coverage amount for the policy or per trip?

The cancellation cover you select for your annual policy is the amount of cover available for each trip. Each journey on an AMT is treated like its own individual policy in the sense that benefits under each section of your AMT are automatically reinstated after each trip.

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If I want to cancel my Annual Multi-Trip policy, can I get a refund?

You may cancel your AMT and receive a full refund if you let us know within the cooling-off period – this is within 21 working days from the date of purchase. We will give you your money back provided you do not intend to make a claim under the policy, have not departed on your journey, and have informed us within the cooling-off period.

If I only travel once during the 12-month period, can I get a partial refund for my Annual Multi-Trip policy?

No, you will not be able to get a refund for your AMT plan outside of our cooling-off period. If you only travel once while covered by your AMT, your policy has been used and we have accepted the risk to insure you in line with our Policy Wording. Therefore, no refund is available.

Are there limits on the number of people I can have on my Annual Multi-Trip plan?

The maximum number of people you can have on an AMT is 2 adults and 4 accompanied children when you purchase online. Call us on (0800) 500 225 if you require more travellers on the policy as we may still be able to provide cover.

If there are multiple travellers listed on the policy, do they have to travel together?

Adults can travel independently of each other, but any accompanied children on the policy need to be travelling with a listed adult at all times.

Can I add someone to my Annual Multi-Trip after I have bought it?

If your policy has already started, we cannot add another traveller to your AMT. If the policy has not yet begun, then contact us or your travel agent to see if it is possible to add another traveller.

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Feel free to get in touch with us by calling (0800) 500 225 if you have any questions about our Annual Multi-Trip policies. Be sure to read the relevant Policy Wording before deciding on our travel insurance.