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Pregnancy Travel Insurance Cover FAQs

At Cover-More, we understand travelling while pregnant can bring a whole new set of concerns and questions. To help, we have put together some frequently asked questions about pregnancy travel insurance cover to help you plan your journey. You may find our dedicated pregnancy travel insurance page useful as well.

If I’m pregnant, can I buy travel insurance cover?

Pregnant travellers can buy our policy, however, there are cover restrictions you should be aware of. Keep in mind if you’ve had complications with this or a previous pregnancy, if you’re having more than one baby (e.g. twins or triplets,) or if the baby was conceived medically (e.g. using prescription fertility medication or IVF), you’ll need to apply for existing medical conditions cover via our online medical assessment when generating a quote.

Do any pregnancy restrictions apply to my travel insurance policy?

Whether or not you have to apply for pregnancy cover, restrictions apply to claims arising in any way from the pregnancy of any person.

Cover is only provided for serious and unexpected pregnancy complications that occur up until the 24th week of pregnancy (i.e. up to 23 weeks, 6 days.) Gestational age is measured in weeks and days, and is calculated from the last known date of your menstrual period or calculated from staging ultrasound. A staging ultrasound when available, will take precedence over the last known date of your menstrual period.

Please be aware we do not cover childbirth (natural or by caesarean section) or any related complications to you, or costs relating to the health or care of a newborn child, irrespective of the stage of pregnancy when the child is born.

Will my medical bills be covered if I give birth on my trip?

No, cover is not provided for childbirth or the health of a newborn child, regardless of the stage of pregnancy at which the child is born. Only unexpected and serious pregnancy complications that occur during or before the 24th week of pregnancy are covered. Expectant mothers should consider whether they travel with a Cover-More policy, particularly if travelling beyond the 20th week of pregnancy, as costs to give birth and neonatal care overseas can be expensive.

Will the fact that I got pregnant through IVF change my coverage?

Yes, if you know you’re pregnant when you buy our policy, and the conception was medically assisted (e.g. by using prescription fertility medication or IVF), you’ll need to apply for cover. Complete a medical assessment online with your quote or call us on 0800 500 225.

If I’m currently undergoing fertility treatment but I’m not yet pregnant do I need to fill in a medical assessment?

Yes, if you’re currently undergoing any fertility treatment such as prescription fertility medication or IVF, you will need to fill in a medical assessment online.

If I miscarry or suspect that I am about to miscarry while overseas, what should I do?

You should seek prompt medical review if you’re pregnant and develop any pain or bleeding. You can also call our 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team and they can advise you of the most appropriate medical facility based on your location.

If I suffer a miscarriage overseas, am I covered?

We’re sorry to hear this has occurred. Our Emergency Assistance team is available 24/7 to assist you as best they can. If you satisfy the policy conditions outlined in the Policy Wording, then we will be able to cover the medical expenses for things including the medical review, investigation, medication, and/or surgery required due to an unexpected and serious medical complication.

What do I do if I need unexpected and immediate treatment overseas related to my pregnancy?

For immediate treatment, call the local emergency services if you need an ambulance or head to the nearest hospital. Call our 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team as soon as you can (or have someone call us on your behalf), and we can assist with your claim and monitor your medical care to ensure you receive the medical attention you need.

What documents do I need to provide when making a claim?

We’ll need a medical report from overseas, information from your GP (depending on how far along you are), information on your medical history and itemised bills showing the cost of any treatment you received. If your claim is approved, we’ll deal directly with the hospital and can usually make payment directly so you can focus on recovering.

Am I covered if I need to terminate the pregnancy overseas?

There is no cover under the policy for any elective procedures, such as elective termination of a pregnancy. The policy only covers you for any unexpected serious medical complications of pregnancy.

I have already bought a Cover-More policy and have now found out I am pregnant. Does this affect my policy?

If you’ve already bought your policy and then found out you are pregnant there’s no need to make any changes to your policy. Please be aware of the pregnancy restrictions on the policy by reading the Policy Wording.

Does being pregnant affect my flight plans?

You can learn more about airline restrictions while pregnant.

Need more information?

Call our helpful Customer Service team on 0800 500 225 or read the Policy Wording for more information.