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Seniors travel insurance

Cover for senior travellers

Our seniors travel insurance will keep you protected no matter where your holiday takes you. Cover-More offers worldwide travel insurance so whether you are staying domestic or going abroad our extensive resources are available 24/7 to answer questions and support you if unforeseen medical emergencies happen.

Many travel insurance companies don’t offer the benefits of travel insurance to those over the age of 60, but here at Cover-More, we believe every adventurer deserves the same amount of protection and cover. Should something happen, and a health issue arises during your trip, Cover-More will cover your eligible doctor visits, hospitalization and even ambulance rides for covered injuries.

Beyond that, Cover-More’s senior travel insurance will reimburse eligible medication costs and physical therapy if applicable. Seniors travel insurance is a great thing to have in your back pocket when you leave home so you don’t have to worry about leaving your medical coverage and emergency support behind.

To help stay healthy and active while on your holiday, Cover-More has a few tips for seniors looking to travel the world. Read our Seniors Travel Insurance FAQs for more information. 

5 Tips for Senior Citizens to Ensure a Safe and Relaxing Trip

Pack wisely

As you are packing for your trip, think about your destination, the weather they will experience and any specialty items you may need to bring along. Prepare a checklist of things that are most important to your wellbeing, comfort and happiness and be sure to bring them with you.

For example, if you are diabetic, be sure to pack appropriate footwear and socks to ensure your feet and legs get the proper circulation for more movement that you’re used to. If you know that it will be cold, bring enough layers to ensure your comfort and warmth for any outdoor activities. The more you think about your trip before you leave, the more prepared you will be if something unexpected happens!

Get plenty of rest

Getting to experience new cultures is a memorable part of any trip. But, if you don’t get the proper amount of rest in between activities, it’s easy to get wiped out. And no one wants to spend a day of their vacation sleeping to make up for energy expended too quickly. So, as you wind your way through city streets be sure to take the time to rest as well. 

Drink bottled water

Hydration, hydration, hydration! H20 is an important thing to keep on you at all times during your holiday. Sometimes you will be having so much fun looking at all the sights, and learning about your destination’s history, it will be hard to recognize dehydration symptoms. By always carrying water, you will stay hydrated, stay energized and stay safe so you can cross all the “must-see” items off your bucket list.

Purchase travel and travel medical insurance

Cover-More has a top rated Emergency Assistance team available 24/7 to solve your medical emergencies and answer your questions whenever and wherever you may be. We care about you, and want to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. If something unexpected does occur, we will help you get home, pay the hospital bills and more to make the unexpected as manageable as possible.

Beyond the medical benefits that you receive with travel medical insurance, there is another aspect to consider. If you are retired, and you have to cancel your trip—or interrupt it, or head home before it’s over—without insurance you would be out of thousands of dollars of non-refundable trip costs. If you purchase travel insurance with trip cancellation/interruption coverage, like Cover-More’s Essential Plan offers, you will be protected from large financial losses due to cancelled or interrupted trips.

Consult a physician before travelling.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, don’t fret. Cover-More Travel Insurance offers pre-existing medical cover to protect you during your trip. This cover is available worldwide, so, anywhere you want to go is available to you with pre-existing medical travel insurance.

Take precautions before you leave on holiday, and consider purchasing senior’s travel insurance. If you or your travelling companion are 50s and older, Cover-More has the simple, all-encompassing plan for you. Get a quote online instantly today and get covered for your next adventure.