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Travel health insurance

Travel health insurance

Travel medical insurance can be the most important thing you pack

Imagine you are far from home and you fall ill. You visit the nearest hospital only to find they won’t accept your New Zealand health insurance and won’t provide you with treatment unless you can provide payment. With travel health insurance—also called medical travel insurance—you’d have coverage for emergency medical treatment.

With travel medical insurance from Cover-More, you not only have affordable, high-quality financial cover, you also have access to a global network of health care professionals who will manage your case from start to finish and assist you in finding the highest quality of care.

Whether you require a few stitches and a bandage, emergency surgery, or a safe medical evacuation back home, Cover-More will be there to help.

With Cover-More, all our plans come with access to 24/7 emergency assistance–you can rely on our doctors and nurses to support and help you whenever you need them.

If you have an existing medical condition, we can offer you a prompt assessment service to determine if your condition will be covered.

Cover-More medical travel cover includes

  • Overseas hospitalisation and evacuation
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Dental cover and more! 

Our customers will tell you the value of our travel health insurance. Compare our plans to see what benefits are available.

Be sure to read the policy wording before deciding on our travel insurance.