Jess Buchan

Situated in Nepal, Pokhara is everything that Kathmandu isn't. It's a place where you'll find serenity and calmness among picturesque mountain views. 

Lisa Owen

There are countless spots to check out when travelling around Sri Lanka where you can enjoy scenic hikes, temples and the company of elephants.

Lisa Owen

Vietnam’s capital is sure to take you on a sensory journey filled with tasty pho, creamy egg coffee, bright pagodas, and bustling street life. 

Lisa Owen

If you only do one thing in Yangon, it has to be a visit to the elegant and fascinating Schwedagon Pagoda – one of the world's largest Buddhist temples and a must see on your Myanmar itinerary.

Lisa Owen

Hue is one of central Vietnam's major cities and is filled with history, tombs and Vietnamese culture. It is best known for its royal tombs.

Lachlan Nicholson

Singapore is a perfect weekend stopover offering a platform of diverse culture, food, shopping and events.

Lisa Owen

Laos conjures up images of mountains, bright green fields, elephants and breathtaking waterfalls.


The Holi Festival in India is a great way to let loose, especially if you want to have some wild, crazy, colourful fun!

Lisa Owen

Jordan's south holds as many gems as its northern half, blessed with a beautiful desert and the silky smooth Red Sea.

Casey Hawkins

Tokyo Disney isn't a small world after all, with over a hundred rides and stalls to visit throughout the various themed lands.