Nikolina Koevska

My favourite part of travelling is doing it alongside someone. You create lasting memories, hilarious in-jokes and take some pretty epic photos together. When that someone is your significant other, then the whole experience is just elevated! You get to have the time of your life, with the person you spend the most time with in your life. There is however, a lot of pressure that comes with travelling together. You want to finish your trip thinking ‘They’re even more amazing than I thought!’, rather than ‘Can I really be with this person forever?’ So make it your mission to follow these four main rules when travelling as a couple, so that you don’t end up with the later thought!

couple in south america

Don’t let technology take over

If you aren’t across the Instagram account @boyfriends_of_insta, then seriously get on it! It’s an incredible compilation of the extremes that boyfriends and partners go through, to help their loved ones get the love on Instagram. As funny as it is, and as important as a good Instagram shot is, it’s not worth the annoyingness! One of the most important rules to follow when travelling with your lover, is to not look at them as your personal photographer. We all have a burning desire to take 3000 shots of the one destination to make sure we secure our upload for the day. Despite this desire, it’s important you take the time to enjoy the places you’re visiting, and not ruin it by spending the whole time clogging up your camera roll. So make it a rule that when you pull up to a photographer hot shot, you take a couple of pictures together, ask for a few alone, and then pop that camera back into your travel bum bag. I would say this rule mostly applies to ladies, but there are some seriously obsessed Insta guys out there these days!

couple at glacier

Be your true human self

I’ve always been a pretty rough girl - and when I say rough, I basically just mean normal! Three months into my relationship with my fiancé, I was rocking the no makeup look, trading those tight white jeans for daggy Kmart track pants and texting him from the comfort of the bathroom. So, when it came to being comfortable with my human self while travelling with him, it felt pretty easy! It is so important not to feel a constant pressure to look good and act ‘lady-like’ in front of them while you’re away. The only way you’re going to enjoy yourself is if you make it a rule to not be perfect! Don’t feel the need to wear make-up all the time – it means less stuff to carry around! Don’t hold anything in for long periods of time – our bowel movements are already out of whack when in a different country - you don’t want to be making that worse! You’re travelling, not walking a runway, so feel free to choose the comfortable look because you need to last all day! Also, be honest with how you’re feeling – don’t be scared to spend an extra 20 minutes in the bathroom because your stomach is churning. The more relaxed you are about these little things, the better time you’ll both have. Plus, it provides for some funny stories after the trip!

couple in south america

Extinguish any and all flames

All couples fight, and if you’re a couple who doesn’t, then what’s your secret? While travelling, you’ll find yourself in some tense situations with your partner. From giving poor directions to booking the wrong flight - things can go wrong. The key rule is not to stress over it too much and to also let go of things quickly. You don’t want to let a small or big thing ruin your trip. There is no point in spending 2 of the 3 days you’re on the Amalfi Coast seething at each other in the hotel room for something that happened on the plane, instead of snorkeling on the beach. If it’s something small, it’ll fade away quickly. If it’s something a little larger then you can always come back to it when you get home! Don’t waste your time dealing with it while on your incredible holiday. You should also remember to pick your battles. If there are a few things irritating you about the other person, then just raise one or two with them. Don’t spend eight hours on an overnight train digging into all of their issues. We aren’t all perfect, we’re only human!

couple in bolivia

Don’t be tied at the hip

As much as you love your significant other, spending 24/7 together for a long period of time can be a dangerous thing. So how do you make sure you don’t come back wanting a holiday from each other? Mingle with other people! Organise your trip so that you get an even amount of time alone together, meeting new people and even visiting other friends and family. Instead of exploring the city of La Paz Bolivia by yourselves, why don’t you sign up to a walking city tour instead? You get to spend your day not just getting to know the city, but share some incredible stories with fellow travellers. If you know you’ve got a spare couple of days on your way back to visit some family, then make sure you lock it in. They’ll make for some unique adventures and fresh conversations. Just remember, that travelling together doesn’t mean it has to just be you two, Bonnie and Clyde style. The rule is, mix it up to keep things fun and interesting.

So if you’re gearing up for an epic trip with your real life bae, get ready to have the time of your life! Whether it’s just for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, you want to make the most of your time and experiences together. You want it to add value to your relationship, not push it a few steps back. Be sure to follow the above four rules and you’ll be jetting off into pure bliss together without a care in the world!


Nikolina Koevska is a Radio/TV Personality. She's not only hosted a number of radio shows including the iHeartRadio Countdown and Get Fresh with Niki and Jules but she also slipped into the TV world as a Weather Presenter for Sky news. These days she finds herself walking the halls of Nova 96.9FM in Sydney, Producing Fitzy and Wippa while freelance writing. In the small amount of spare time she has she loves nothing more than devouring a good cheese board, having a few cranberry vodkas with friends and binge watching Jane the Virgin. Follow her adventures on Instagram @nikolinak or via her website.

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