About the Games

The Commonwealth Games has hit the shores of Australia’s sunny Gold Coast. From its confirmation in 2012, the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) have since been planning to deliver a great Games. With 70 countries scheduled to compete, with an anticipated 6,600 athletes in total, the Gold Coast is sure to put on a roaring show for audiences travelling far and wide. If you’re thinking of travelling to Games, make sure you know what to expect before you go.

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Image credit: The Commonwealth Games

Travel tips

The Commonwealth Games have been conducted by the Commonwealth Games Federation every four years. With that said, people have been waiting for this day since Glasgow hosted the Games in 2014. If you haven’t already booked flights and accommodation ahead, keep an eye out for any last minute deals. For those of you who are extending your trip beyond of the Games, make sure your travel insurance can also provide cover for all of your planned activities.

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Getting around

Whilst the Gold Coast is the primary location for the upcoming Games, events will also be held across the state of Queensland. Other hosting cities include the state’s capital Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns, all of which are located on the east coast.

Whether you’re travelling between cities or within them, there are a number of ways to get around. Airports will most likely be the main form of transport for the majority of visitors travelling in from out-of-town. Every hosting city has an airport of its own that operates domestically and/or internationally. Although Townsville only operates domestically, each other airport is international with flights to and from Papua New Guinea, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore – to name a few. Generally, travellers will stop over in Australia’s capital cities before reaching the Gold Coast.

Travelling within the cities is made easy through the use of public transport and taxi services. The Gold Coast itself is home to a number of transportation services to make your life easy. Starting with a SkyBus from the airport to over 500 hotels along the coastline. Deeper within the city there is countless bus and taxi services, along with the famous Gold Coast tram line. Free travel is also provided for athletes, volunteers and spectators on the day of their event. In addition, cycling is also an option. Heavy traffic will be inevitable, so make sure you make use of these helpful offerings.

commonwealth games transport

Image credit: Department of Transport and Main Roads

Safety and security

Australia in general very safe, however, it is advisable to remain aware of your surroundings as you would anywhere else. With increased tourist engagements as a result of the Games, scams may become a sizeable issue that could potentially ruin your trip. Some scams to look out for include discounted tickets, fake tour guides, fake taxis and betting scams. Also be aware of your possessions, especially your passport. As always, it is better to be safe than sorry. During your time at the Games, make sure you are aware of your actions and are always cautious if something may seem suspicious.

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Are you ready?

Whether you are a lover of sport or not, the Commonwealth Games are a spectacular display offering entertainment and culture. From the 23 sports on show, you are sure to find a something that is worth your watching. Immerse yourself in the crowds and cheer on your country. To further your experience, be sure to take a chance outside of the Games to explore the Land Down Under and all of its wonders.