A colourful path marker for the Gospel Trail shows the way for the newest trail in the world.

Are you always the first one to try something new? Does trying something new give you an insurmountable thrill? Then this list is for you. Be the first of your friends to try five of the best 'new' things in the world in 2014.

Visit the newest country

While South Sudan is technically the newest country in the world, the newest non-active-war-zone country is Sint Maarten. Up until 2010 this Caribbean island was just a territory of the Netherlands but now it has officially been given the title of a constituent country of the Netherlands. Swing on over to Sint Maarten, and toast to their country status with a piña colada in your hands and sand between your toes.

Hike the newest trail

The Gospel Trail is located in Israel and it winds its way through rolling hills and olive groves taking you 63km from the start in Nazareth all the way to the ancient town of Capernaum. The trail is directed to Christian tourists as the path supposedly follows in the footsteps of Jesus, allowing devout tourists the chance to explore the cradle of their religion. But you don’t need to be religious to appreciate the trail and enjoy yourself. The trail takes you through all through Israel offering up countless views and historic sites to explore. Visit Israel’s Ministry of Tourism site for more information about the brand new Gospel Trail.

Experience the newest holiday concept

Ever head out on holiday and find yourself drawn to your electronics, even in the midst of new and exciting surroundings? Well, on the 'digital detox' holiday, now available through the St. Vincent and the Grenadines islands, the locals offer a fool-proof way to get off the screens and in to your holiday: they confiscate your electronics on arrival. Self-prescribed experts on liming (or 'having a good time and enjoying life to the fullest'), the Islanders give guests personal coaching on how to live—and enjoy—the unplugged life.

Taste the newest food trend

The foraged cuisine is the newest trend to hit restaurants worldwide. To get to the centre of this new trend, you have to visit Copenhagen’s Noma, voted the World’s Best Restaurant in 2011. A hefty title to be sure, but they live up to the name, and Chef Rene Redzepi has brought something brand new to the restaurant world. He combs the countryside for lichen, moss, pine needles and other items that people traditionally don’t recognize as food. Then he incorporates these into his earthy, rave-review dishes. Thanks to Redzepi, the foraging trend has spread around the world.

See the newest animal

While it isn’t a cuddly new kitten or a wide-eyed wombat, the newest animal is still pretty awesome. Scientists only identified the varanus bitatawa, an enormous monitor lizard, in 2009, despite being a popular dish for locals for years. They live in the Sierra Madre Mountains on the Philippine island of Luzon. Once you’re there, head to the mountains and keep an eye out for the dinosaur-like lizards: they only come down from their trees for about 20 minutes a day.

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