A stainless steel reusable water bottle is the perfect travel companion for the eco-friendly traveller. This is just one step to designing a green holiday.

Going on a green holiday? We all know how important it is to protect mother earth, especially while we’re out enjoying her beauty. It can be somewhat easy though to give up your diligent practices and get frustrated with the lack of green ease you may be so fortunate to have at home. Use Cover-More’s guide to keep your footprint small and your frustration levels low as you make your way around the world.

Pack light

The heavier our suitcases and carry-on bags are, the more weight a plane, train, or bus carries and the more fuel is necessary to keep the mode of transportation on schedule. Try sticking to just a carry-on for your travels. Pack efficiently by checking the weather ahead of time, pack outfits that can be interchanged with other items, and carry only as many undergarments as the days you will be there. For toiletries, pack only the necessities of toothbrush, deodorant, and perhaps a light moisturizer.

Typically, your hotel will provide you with any bath items you may need and there are usually convenience stores open at all hours to pick up a small bottle of shampoo or soap. Pack only one pair of shoes and perhaps a poncho rather than a heavy raincoat. When you actually need to pack, avoid throwing everything in without any order. Either roll each of your items or try out the garment burrito method, where all clothes may be folded into one tiny, neat box.

Reduce your footprint

One of the most energy draining practices is to leave our telly plugged in. What about that cell phone charger? Yes, it’s sucking the energy away as you carry it in your pocket miles from home. Not only should you turn off and unplug those electronics while you are travelling, but make it good practice to do it while away at work for the day, too, once you return home.

Carry reusable products

It is terribly expensive to buy water bottles multiple times a day for days on end, but it’s also awfully damaging to the planet. Opt for a really good reusable water bottle and reusable shopping bags to carry around with you during your green holiday. It is a terrible waste to get all of those plastic shopping bags only to discard them immediately or later on when you are putting your newly acquired items into your suitcase

Speaking of reusable products…

We know we want to reduce and reuse, but we also need to recycle. Some of the most forgotten about pieces of travel are the packages that all of our shiny new travel gear comes in. So, you just bought a new flashlight, good idea. Don’t leave it in the paper and plastic casing until you need it. Not only are you taking up precious suitcase space but also chances are you won’t find a recycling receptacle where you are staying on your travels. It’s better to go ahead and recycle those things while you’re still at home and have your own recycling bin to use while sending it off to be reused and recycled into a new object.

Turn it down a notch

With all of this saving, we have another energy sucker that we should be saving on. Turn down that thermostat. There’s no need to turn it off and come home to a stuffy nightmare, but turning it down (or turning up the air) will keep the circulation going and keep your electric bill down, while also protecting your carbon footprint.

All of these tips will help reduce your footprint as you travel the world, but one thing you’ll still need to consider is travel insurance. If you are taking the time to care about the environment, you absolutely need to pay attention to your own health and protect yourself against any risks you may be taking while on the road. Cover-More has a number of travel insurance policies to meet every budget, lifestyle and traveller. Compare their plans and make an educated decision before heading out on your eco-friendly holiday.