A Go pro is the perfect gift for any travel addict in your life to help them record, in first person perspective, their adventures.

Maybe your best friend is in a constant state of wanderlust or maybe it is you that has been bitten by the travel bug. It can be difficult to decipher between all of the tech-savvy travel gadgets popping up these day and really, how many neck pillows does one person need? Grab the travel gifts that will truly make a difference in the travel addict’s life.

Just like checking off a to-do list, there is something about scratching off a new country or city that makes your return home so invigorating. It will make planning the next trip that much more enticing.


Taking a trip to the beach can be refreshing, relaxing, and an enormous amount of fun, but anytime your friends or family want to take a group trip down to the water to cool off, someone always has to volunteer to stay behind to watch your valuables. No one likes to be left out, so pick up an Aquavault for your beach-bum friends and ensure that you or anyone else has to stay behind and watch your coveted cell phones or e-readers.

Uneek sandals

It can be a challenge to find a shoe that is perfect for blistering heat, steep hikes, wet and wild kayaking trip, while still looking stylish. The Uneek sandals make a perfect gift for the traveller that may be climbing the Hollywood hills or trekking through an Amazon rainforest. They’ll even love wearing them around town to run errands or visit with friends.

Air Repair Kit

If you have ever flown to another country, then you understand perfectly the horror that is jet lag. Not just with the time changes and unruly sleep schedule, but the effects on the skin can be miserable. The Air Repair Kit will be a treat for women and men, leisure travellers and those flying for business. The lip balm will rescue dry, chapped lips and the cleansing milk will wake your skin up and make it feel refreshed. Though it may seem easy enough to skip out on, this little kit will be an essential for any sort of travel after your first use.

Garnet Hill Cashmere Wrap

Planes, trains, and buses can get chilly no matter the temperature outside and often blankets are only provided to first class. If you are lucky enough to get one, you may find that it is barely big enough to take the chill off our shoulders. Take the chill off with a luxurious cashmere wrap and grab one for a friend, too.

Red Envelope Cashmere Slippers

While you’re thinking of a cosy way to snooze on the train, don’t forget about your feet. These cashmere slippers are comfy enough to relax during your commute, but sleek enough to wear from the airport to the hotel.

Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Any traveller will appreciate the lack of crying babies on the airplane while they’re watching their favourite movie with these Bluetooth headphones. You can also answer a call and lasts for 10 hours of calling and music. Let the noise-cancelling rejoice.


You spend all day out in a new city, snapping photos of the exciting monuments, recording a video or two of the street performers, looking up directions for a much recommended restaurant, and just as you’re about to shoot back to your hotel…you’re phone dies. There goes your GPS, your clock, your copy of the hotel address. Panic sets in and you have no idea how you will find your way back. Don’t let this happen to you or any of your travel-savvy friends. The EasyAcc lets you charge up to 4 phones or 2 tablets at a time. Keep your electronics charged on the go and never fret about not finding your way back.


You will want to record all of your favourite moments and excursions and nothing will be better than the GoPro. Strap it on to your mountain bike, attach it to your campervan, or stick to the old fashioned method of hand-held. The GoPro is a high-definition camera for extreme-action. It is compact, lightweight, wearable and mountable. These are a perfect gift to put on your wishlist, but if you happen to gift one, you will undoubtedly win an award for best gift given.


When it comes to those who travel sometimes, it can be presumptuous and down-right rude to just buy a ticket, train, plane, or bus, for someone as a gift. For your travel-loving friend, however, a ticket to anywhere is not only exciting but mysterious and invigorating. Book them a roundtrip, whether it’s to a place on the other side of Australia or on the other side of the world.

If you know someone who loves to travel, or if you love to travel yourself, think about all the benefits travel insurance has to offer. Annual multi-trip travel insurance covers all manner of mishaps and mistakes that can happen during a holiday and if you already know they (you) will be travelling frequently, it’s a great deal. Cover-More Travel Insurance has a great list of plans and options to tailor your cover so you are only paying for the coverage you need without any fluff.