When your kids tag along for the journey, be sure to think about what they’ll need to stay entertained on the trip as well.

Travelling can be stressful enough on its own. From saving to prepping to planning to packing, travelling takes a lot out of you. But throw kids into the mix and you have a whole different audience to keep entertained throughout the transit time. No matter what form of transit you choose, planning ahead will keep you and the little ones happy, calm and having a great time on holiday. Here are some tips to help you make the most of getting from Point A to Point B (and back again.).

Bring books

Visit your local library a day or two before you leave to let your children pick a bunch of their favourites. Keep all the books off-limits until you hit the road. This way the books will still be new to them and an exciting thing to do. Plus the chances of them getting bored while en route are lower.

Watch movies

If you have a tablet or laptop in tow, be sure to slide a few of their favourite DVDs and headphones in the bag as well to have them ready for the journey.

Hit the Dollar King

If your kids are young, you know how many hours of enjoyment fun little items from the Dollar King can bring. Hit up the store the week before the trip to stock up on anything that looks like it can be enjoyed within the confines of a seat (for aeroplane, train or car rides). Put the new item in brown paper bags and let the kids pick a new thing to play with every hour or so.

Get artsy

Grab a spiral bound notebook, a package of markers and coloured pencils and let your little artists create page after page of masterpieces as you work your way to your destination.

Listen to a book

Sometimes it can be hard to read books while travelling. For example, some kids get nauseous when they try to read to themselves. Get around this problem by downloading an audiobook or two for the kids to listen to. The intricate plotlines and silly characters make it easy for their imaginations to run wild while they stay in their seats.

Document the trip

Let the kids join in the photo-snapping fun. If they are too young for phones, then hand them a disposable camera to try; it’s a great learning opportunity for them and they will get a sense of responsibility from having to take care of the camera throughout the trip. Plus you’ll have amazing memories for them where they can see the trip through their eyes again as they get older.

Pack snacks

Any parent knows that empty bellies can be the fastest way to make a happy kid turn sour. Make sure you have enough snacks and drinks stored away to get you through the trip and as tensions rise and patience lowers you can start handing them out.

Take your next family holiday with a few secret weapons in your belt. Snacks and entertainment are the keys to happy kids, happy parents and happy travel. Protect your holiday and your investment with an online travel insurance plan from Cover-More New Zealand.