Spontaneous travel is exhilarating, but before you run out the door on an adventure, be sure to pack the essentials.

Last-minute travel is exciting, exhilarating, spontaneous, and adrenaline-producing. There is no greater excitement than to be sitting at your desk at one point, and less than 24 hours later be in the middle of a new city and new country amidst their daily routines. It’s a shakeup to your schedule and a fantastic way to break out of the day-to-day routine. Can you imagine taking a trip without any extensive planning, scheduling, budgeting or arguments?

No matter what trip you choose, where you are going or how long you know about it beforehand, there are a few essential items you must bring along.


Regardless of your destination, chances are you will be bringing something that needs to plug into an outlet. Whether it’s the charger for your phone/laptop/tablet/camera or a blow-dryer or an alarm clock, you will need the appropriate plug for your destination. With an adapter, you can protect your technology from getting a huge surge of electricity and getting zapped. Be sure to buy a universal plug adapter and you will always be prepared, no matter how spontaneous the holiday is.

Travel insurance

Don’t feel like planning ahead? Don’t want to work out the details? No matter your level of effort, buying travel insurance is always a smart decision for going on holiday. Protect your holiday, your investment, your health and your belongings with a travel insurance plan. Is it raining on the day of your big adventure? Travel insurance plans can cover inclement weather that cancels events. Did the airline lose your luggage? Travel insurance plans can help cover this loss. Become ill from a bad meal? Cover-More’s 24/7 emergency medical team is there to help you however they can. When you have travel insurance, anywhere you travel, you are covered.

Clothing lists

There is nothing worse than being somewhere new and unfamiliar and getting caught without a proper change of clothes. You want to be sure that no matter the situation, you’ll have something dry and comfortable that fits. If you are going to the beach and think you should pass over the sweatshirt, think again. Hotel rooms are often significantly colder than the temperatures outside and a sweatshirt would make it more comfortable.

Are you going to the mountains to ski? One heavy sweater may not cover you. Bring short sleeve shirts and tank tops to build a solid layer to keep your core warm and to create an easy way to take a layer off and be comfortable in the ski lodge. Think one shirt and pair of shorts will do it? What if you get stuck in a rainstorm and need something to change into? Keeping one set of extras is an easy way to be positive you are covered, literally.

Passport and personal identification

This one is a no-brainer. If you are travelling, you will need identification to get anywhere. Always keep tabs on your passport and it's expiration date so you are prepped for spontaneous travel. Country officials will ask to see your passport if you are crossing borders and you will need personal identification to reserve accommodations and to buy anything—especially age-restricted products like alcohol and cigarettes.

Get on board with spontaneous travel and find yourself in a new city as soon as you want. Every traveller has a different way of preparing for travel—some over pack and under plan or vice versa. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall on, there are a few things that every traveller needs to bring with them. Paramount among them is travel insurance. Check out the plans that Cover-More New Zealand offers and find the travel insurance coverage that will work for your next exhilarating, exciting and totally spontaneous trip.