‘Do what you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life’ is a pretty accurate quote. Unfortunately work is called work for a reason; it rarely our favourite thing to be doing. However, if you are lucky enough to find work doing something you are passionate about or interested in, then your 9-5 life will be much more gratifying. The one problem is for those with a case of wanderlust, a love of travelling does not usually pair well with stable employment. Not to let that stop you, Cover-More has found ten jobs that are perfect for people who love to travel and will allow you to see the world while keeping a steady income.

Teach a language

One of the greatest gifts you can offer someone is to teach them something new. This is especially true when you can help a student learn a new language. As our world is growing increasingly connected, more and more people are communicating with others in different parts of the globe. Unfortunately, people often run into what is known as the ‘language barrier’ because they cannot speak each other’s native tongue. Learning to speak English can be a huge advantage for many people, so if you love working with others and want to see the world, then you should look into teaching languages in distant places. Communication is a vital part of our world, so there is always a need for language teachers in foreign countries.

view from airplane window

Become a flight attendant

There is something luxurious about flying to your next destination. While most of us can take an airplane one way and then hop back on to return home, a flight attendant’s job involves taking planes all around the world to different destinations. What could be better than taking your lunch break on a beach in Bali or spending a night or two in Paris until your next shift? Get all the perks of flying and travelling while getting paid.

If flying is not your thing, maybe you get anxious or nervous and cannot imagine spending your day job up in the air, then check out a yacht steward or stewardess position. It is basically the same as being a flight attendant, except you work on water, not in the air.

Check out volunteer programs

Volunteering is often thought of as a more ‘local’ position, and while it is just as important to help out in your own neighbourhood, there are also people all around the world who could use your assistance. While the point of a volunteer position is to not receive payment for your time, many programs such as WWOOF will cover your accommodations or pair you with a local family to stay with during your trip. A volunteer organization is a great option if you want a chance to travel and also to make your mark in this world by doing some good.

Sign up to be an au pair

Take off overseas to become an au pair, which is someone who stays with a host family and exchanges domestic services like childcare for a small salary, free lodging and sometimes even education courses. These positions are fairly easy to find and also a great way to fulfil your travel fantasies. Even better, most au pairs have the nights off to explore their destination and the weekends free to do some further travelling. Another bonus of being an au pair? If you are easily home-sick, living with a family can help alleviate those feelings.

cruise ship

Apply for a cruise line position

Cruising can make for an awesome family holiday. As cruise lines are gaining more popularity, there is a need for additional people to help run the ship and all the fun activities that guests get to participate in on-board. Well, working for a cruise line is exactly as it sounds—you will be making a living while travelling the world. Not only are you paid for your work, but you will also receive free meals and accommodation. As if that does not sound amazing enough, just like the ship’s guests, you will also get to enjoy the many adventures available at the different ports of call during the trip.

Learn to write

Writing is something pretty much everyone can do, and you can also do it from any location. If you have a knack for putting words to paper, then think about starting a travel blog or becoming a journalist. What better way to write about a destination or your adventures abroad than to actually travel there yourself and experience it first-hand. Whether you choose to start your own blog about your world travels or are working for a publication, this is a position with wanderlust as a job requirement.

Find a job as a travel agent

In the age of Google and travel price comparison websites, it is hard to believe that being a professional travel agent is still a possible occupation, but we promise this job is definitely still out there and very rewarding for anyone with a passion for travel. Not only will you have the opportunity to spread your joy for adventuring overseas by booking holidays for others, but many travel agencies often send their employees to different locations and resorts so agents can offer honest, helpful advice to clients. Getting a free, first-hand experience at popular destinations, as well as major discounts on your own personal holiday trips are most two very good reasons to become a travel agent.

ski chairlift

Work as a ski or surf instructor

Another popular choice for travellers is to take a seasonal job as a sport instructor. The most popular activities to instruct are skiing and surfing since so many holiday destinations are sought after just so visitors can participate in those adventure sports. If these are some of your favourite pastimes and you are looking to explore and see the world, then take a job as an instructor where you get paid to work with other people and ski or surf all day long. Take a look at some of the best ski towns in the world for a ski instructor position or Bali to teach surf lessons.

Use your photography skills

If you have a thing for creativity and want to stay on the road full time, then your ideal job is to become a travel photographer. You could be taking incredible travel photos of destination weddings, or notorious artefacts and buildings, but the best part about photography for travel-lovers is that you cannot take the picture without actually being at the location. For some, this may mean working for a film company, or maybe you have the option of starting your own business, but either way, pick up your camera and start shooting.

Working on the road is a wonderful opportunity for people with a case of wanderlust and the desire to explore, but in order to make the most of your on-the-job travels, make sure you purchase international travel insurance beforehand so you are covered in case of any incidents.