La Maison du Chocolat is one of many must-visit travel destinations for chocolate lovers if you are in Paris.

Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, darker chocolate…all the flavours of this sweet treat can be enough to make a sweet tooth start aching. In fact, fans of chocolate have been around since 1100 BCE when it was first cultivated by Mesoamericans. Since then chocolate has taken on a life of its own and now there are hundreds of places where you learn about the process of making chocolate, actually see it being made, and taste fun, new flavours before they even hit the shelves. If you know that your next holiday will be centred on chocolate, then take a look at these amazing places that have built a shrine to the sugary confection favourite. From factory tours to taste tests, a chocolaty holiday may please your family. Try these travel destinations for chocolate lovers for a sweet trip.

Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, Belgium

Would you care for a helping of history with your chocolate? Look no further than the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate in Brussels, Belgium. Here you will get your fill of history and chocolate as you walk through their informative and fun exhibits. At the end of the museum there is a live demonstration that shows you how to make chocolate.

La Maison du Chocolat, France

The 'Maison du Chocolat' can be found in six different locations throughout Paris, France—a foodie's dream. As you browse, you’ll see unique and exotic chocolate infusions. Think lemon chocolate, ginger chocolate, basil chocolate and even jasmine chocolate. The more you try, the more you’ll want to stay and try the rest. Each creation has its own distinct flavour but all of them are delicious.

The Chocolate Train, Switzerland

Is there anything better in the world than a train that not only takes you on a picturesque tour of the Swiss countryside, but also delivers you to the Cailler chocolate factory where a tasting session and more is waiting for you? We don’t think so either. Head to one of the world's premier ski locations—a steaming cup of hot chocolate will never taste so good.

Museu de la Xocolata, Spain

Considered one of the more unusual attractions in Barcelona, the Museu de la Xocolata is a trippy way to experience chocolate. There are hundreds of intricate and incredible chocolate sculptures and exhibits at this museum, but there’s also a strict do not touch or eat rule in place. Plus side, your ticket for entry is edible. You guessed it—it’s made of chocolate.

Bamboo Chocolate Factory, Bali

This chocolate factory is housed in the world’s largest commercial bamboo structure—talk about an unusual spot to enjoy a bit of chocolate. While here, you will be able to enjoy the sustainable farm and factory that is run on premises. Then, after the tour is complete, you will get the chance to sample the locally made confections and concoctions.

Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, USA

Back in the day, the Hershey Corporation was looking for a way to treat their employees to a little fun for all the hard work they had been doing. So, they decided to build a theme park that is entirely based on chocolate and their well-known and delectable chocolate bars. While here, you can ride any of the 12 rides and rollercoasters, make your own chocolate bar at the Hershey’s Chocolate World, or even induldge in a whipped cocoa milk bath in the Hershey spa.

Mamuschka, Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina is well-known the world over for its expertise in chocolate making. In fact, the streets of this sleepy city are chock full of artisan chocolate shops where you can nibble and taste a wide variety of chocolaty creations. Head to Mamaschka for the best of the best and try their homemade chocolates filled with dulce de leche for a special treat.

Cadbury World, UK

If you love chocolate, then you know the name Cadbury. It’s a British institution, after all. When you visit Cadbury World in the UK, you will discover the history behind one of the most iconic brands in the United Kingdom. As you discover, you’ll also enjoy interactive walkthroughs, demonstrations for how their chocolate is crafted and there are even a few rides to go on.

Regardless of what time of the year it is, if you are a true chocoholic then these are the holidays you’ve been waiting to sink your teeth into. Protect your stomach and your sanity with a travel insurance policy that will give you an extra layer of cover from the small annoyances to the big problems that can occur on any holiday.

Image courtesy of Flickr user EverJean