If you’re travelling overseas this winter to escape the cold, then head up to the Northern Hemisphere and get a taste of summer again. It’s important to know the best places to go, so we’ve devised a list of some of our favourite locations to catch some rays and soak up the sun. 

Ibiza, Spain – Young travellers' island getaway

Although Ibiza is Europe’s number one go-to party destination, it is also the perfect place for a summer getaway. It is home to yoga retreats and tropical villages located in the Balearic Islands in Spain and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Known for hot tropical weather and crystal clear beaches, Ibiza is one of Europe’s most sort-after summer destinations.

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Albufeira, Portugal – Memorable family summer holiday hot spot

Portugal is home to many beautiful beaches, but Albufeira is one of its best. The small local village and marina is an icon for travellers all over the globe, whereas its hot temperatures and tropical scenery make it a perfect location to soak up some sun.  Albufeira makes for a memorable holiday for all ages with its interactive beach activities like dolphin watching and boat cruises.

Greek Islands – Hot spot for food and adventure

The Greek islands are some of Europe’s most famous summer holiday locations. Its white marble stone streets, clear water and hot weather, make for the perfect summer trip that tourists can’t seem to get enough of. The Greek islands offer a summer getaway and allow you to choose from 227 of inhabited tropical island paradises. Oia, Mykonos and Ios are some of the most popular spots to visit, and it’s no wonder why when you can sit back and relax with picturesque views or indulge in some fresh local food.


Betina Cave, Dubrovnik Croatia – The hidden treasure

The Betina Cave is located on the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It’s the perfect location to spend time exploring new and exciting paradises. The Benita Cave is the most popular tourist destination in Dubrovnik, being labelled as a hidden treasure by locals.  The coastline of Dubrovnik offers travellers a beach oasis that is perfect for summer.


Barbados, Caribbean – The island dream

There are so many ways to travel around the Caribbean, but the most popular is to cruise around to the many beautiful beaches. Barbados is one of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist destinations for cruise travellers.  The exotic and sandy beaches are lined with coconut palm trees and beach hammocks making it the dream summer holiday destination.

Dominican Republic, Caribbean – Beach activities and fun for all

The Dominican Republic is one of an abundance of islands located in the Caribbean and is known for its delicious summer foods and picturesque beaches. It is home to hot weather and relaxing spas as well as hands-on beach activities including snorkelling, skiing and diving making it an ideal summer destination for solo and group travellers.


St Barts, Caribbean – Exclusive tropical summer holiday

St Barts is an island getaway only accessible by seaplane or boat. It’s the Caribbean’s hidden treasure and has recently become one of the Caribbean’s Top 5 islands to visit. Its sandy beaches, clear water and tropical marine environment, make the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the sun.