Hawaiian treehouse for rent near Volcano national park

Some people look for enormous holiday houses on the beach where they can gather all their friends. All those large places tend to look alike after a while.

Some people love tiny houses because of the unique character of each one, while others appreciate the smaller environmental impact. Whatever the reason, tiny houses are a trend with blogs dedicated to building, decorating and living in smaller spaces. On holiday, these cozy, tiny spaces are perfect for unwinding and each is especially well-suited to its locations.

Here are the top six tiny places on our list that you can actually stay in on your next holiday.

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Tower for two in the Umbrian countryside

Everyone wants to live in a castle in Tuscany, but few us of can afford it. This tower for rent in Umbria, Italy offers an affordable opportunity. Actually a restored stable, this tiny stone tower accommodates two and allows you to enjoy views of Lake Trasimeno from your private garden. Prices start at NZ$100 per night.

Cabin in the woods

While this cabin is nestled in the picturesque woods of Mirror Lake State Park in Lake Delton, Wisconsin, USA, it’s not always about the location. Sometimes it’s about the house itself. In this case, the Seth Peterson cottage, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1958 is available to rent for NZ$388 per night (less in the winter).

Offering 81 square meters of living space, the cabin in on a steep hill leading down to Mirror Lake. While there are other Frank Lloyd Wright properties for rent, this is one of the smallest and most affordable. It is also one of the most secluded.

Treehouse in the tropical breeze

Anyone who read Swiss Family Robinson as a child has dreamed of living in a treehouse on an island. Now you have your chance in Hawaii. Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, USA, this treehouse for rent for is close to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and is nestled into the ohia trees about six meters off the ground. Prices start at NZ$250 per night.

Modern wood in the Tyrolean Alps

Looking like an alien craft or a prehistoric bird, the Ufogel in the Tyrol region of Austria looks out over the mountains and offers a compact refuge full of character. Built from local larch wood, the structure is 45 square meters of multi-functional space and natural light. Prices start at NZ$170 per night.

Doll house in Paris

Imagine having a tiny house all to yourself in Paris. This doll house—or maisonette—is just a ten minute walk from Sacre Coeur. At just 20 square meters, this is one of the smaller houses for rent on our list, the space is so well used and cozy that you’ll be charmed into living the tiny house life. Prices start at NZ$137 per night.

Dog house in Thailand

While not really a dog house, it’s dog-themed, and not much bigger. This tiny house in the hills of northern Thailand offers great views, and an affordable opportunity to experience the Thai countryside. If you’re lucky, the host couple will bring their two dogs by to visit. Prices start at NZ$83 per night while monthly rates start at NZ$620.

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