Packing cubes are a great way to match outfits and keep rolled items in the same shape and place in your luggage.

For something as simple as putting your items into a bag, there is certainly more than one right way to do it, according to travel experts. Some people recommend putting all the heavy things at one end of the bag, others encourage filling every last space with clothing, while still others encourage leaving space for the items to shift without breaking, tearing or getting ruined. Regardless of your packing style and theory, there is one common goal that most people have—not wanting to have to iron their clothes once they arrive at their destination. To avoid the hassle of getting an iron ready, finding an ironing board and wasting holiday time with a menial chore, use these tips for wrinkle-free packing.

Rolling is king

When you aren’t hanging an item, there are two options you have: folding or rolling. Rolling is a great way to save space and reduce the opportunities for wrinkles. This works especially well for t-shirts and jeans. Quick directions: take a pair of jeans and fold them in half—at the knees. Then, start at the cuff and begin rolling all the way up. For t-shirts, it’s the same method. Fold in half and fold the arms back to form a long rectangle then fold lengthwise and roll all the way up.

Lighten your load

Instead of filling every single space in your luggage with clothing, accessories, shoes and more, leave a little space to allow everything to move slightly. Invariably the last item to be jammed into your suitcase will be the rest of your clothing’s undoing, as they will become wrinkled with no space to move. Create space by leaving out the hairdryers and clothes irons as almost every hotel and hostel in the world will have these items to lend—plus, this way you won’t need outlet adaptors. Not to mention, leaving space in your luggage on the way over will give you space to store your souvenirs on the way back home.

Get organised with packing cubes

Once you have your jeans and t-shirts rolled up, you can group them and contain them within packing cubes so they don’t come undone during your travels. A packing cube is essentially a lightweight mesh cube/box that you can pack your clothes in and they come in different sizes and dimensions. It’s also a superb way to pack outfits together without the hassle of having to match everything up once you reach your destination.

Fold it

For bulkier items like sweaters and non-t-shirts, the square fold is the best option. Quick directions: button all buttons and lay shirts face-down on a flat surface. From there, fold the material in at the shoulders and then up from the bottom third. This should present you with a retail-worthy folded package that will fit snugly into your luggage.

Add plastic to your packing

Friction is what causes wrinkling, and plastic reduces friction. It’s really as simple as that. That’s why dry cleaning is returned in a plastic coat, which can be reused in packing. All hanger items should be packed one outfit per dry-cleaner bag, and you will find your clothing completely sans-wrinkles when you arrive. Use plastic bags and recycled grocery bags to store shampoo, shoes and any other non-clothing items. This way your clothes will stay clean and ready to wear. Use plastic even further by placing shampoo, shoes and anything else that needs to stay isolated from your clothing into grocery bags, so your good clothes stay good.

Now that you have the insider tips, get packing, get organised and stay wrinkle-free on your next holiday. Remember, almost every hotel will have an iron available should you desperately need one, but if you follow the guidelines above, you’ll never need to use it. Check out the options cover plan from Cover-More New Zealand for comprehensive travel insurance for your next holiday.