The massive ferris wheel in NYC’s Toys ‘R’ Us gives riders a unique perspective on the immense toy store.

Toy stores are places of pure joy for kids, where their imaginations can run wild and they won’t be told to sit quietly or to stop having a good time. For parents, it isn’t always as amazing of an experience, but there are some places in the world that get it. They are whimsical, almost magical places where kids and adults can roam the store getting inspired and having fun with a number of toys and games together. Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, enjoy our list of toy stores to make your inner child squeal.

Barbie Store, Shanghai

When you visit the world’s largest Barbie store, be prepared to think pink. This surprisingly high-design shop spans six floors and offers countless varieties of this famous doll. Whether you’re looking for a vintage variety or a modern model, the Barbie store in Shanghai has it all. While you’re there, visit the third-floor cocktail lounge—a decidedly adult space in this little girls’ dream house—which offers an impressive variety of pink, fruity drinks.

Terrific Scientific, Sydney

Educational toys are cool in this science nerd's dream and Terrific Scientific is the place to go for this and more. From volcano-making kits to telescopes, to ant farms to model dinosaurs—Terrific Scientific has all the toys adults will love, and all the toys adults will love buying their kids.

Hamleys’, London

The ultimate playtime nirvana for kids of all ages, Hamleys’ in London is often regarded as the world’s largest toy store. Visit this seven-story flagship on Regent Street for a mix of tourists, commoners and (maybe) even royals. Whether you’re looking for tin soldiers and rag dolls—the first toys the company produced in 1760—or plush animals—there’s a whole floor for this—Hamleys’ has what you need … and so much more.

AMI Marionettes Shop, Prague

Nobody takes marionettes more seriously than the Czechs. When you buy one from the AMI Marionettes Shop in Prague, the decidedly grown-up toys come in beautifully intricate varieties and are often presented as a part of high culture in Prague. Visit this shop for the most exquisite hand-carved marionettes in the city and potentially discover antique rarities.

LEGO Store, Berlin

There are nearly 50 LEGO retail establishments internationally. While each has its own unique charms, the Berlin flagship LEGO store on Tauentzienstraße has arguably the coolest 3D LEGO designs. This store also offers building and educational classes for all skill levels. Or find a different LEGO Discovery Center (they are located throughout America, Canada, the UK and Japan) to indulge in the 3D LEGO creations of your dreams.

Sopa de Principe, Buenos Aires

Find the most artistically unique rag dolls in this humble Buenos Aires shop. Designer Verónica Longoni lovingly designs all of the hand-stitched creations, and while the store is a one-off location now, the product is soon to be merchandised worldwide. Sopa de Principe’s designs are spreading, making a recent appearance in New York City’s MoMA Store.

Kiddyland, Tokyo

Hello Kitty fans, rejoice. This Japanese chain (with more than 80 shops country-wide) is the Hello Kitty mecca. Find all of the country’s trending toys and trinkets here. Kiddyland is also a must-see for all lovers of kitsch. You won’t find many of the toys here internationally, so buy everything you see.

Be Ba Bo, Auckland

If you’re not in the market to travel internationally for toys (we don’t blame you), stay local when you visit Be Ba Bo. This boutique shop is a throwback to 1950s sensibilities. Come to see a huge variety of beautifully-designed, European-inspired wooden toys for children of all ages.

If toys on your shopping list this holiday season, consider one of these locations. No matter where you travel, consider purchasing travel insurance from Cover-More to protect your purchases.