Having a fancy hotel room is only one perk of travelling on style but on budget

Travelling around the world comes at a price, so saving where you can is often very helpful. But being on a budget does not limit your holiday destinations, nor does it mean you cannot travel in style. Here are a few tips on how to have a high end, elegant trip while staying budget friendly.

Create a holiday savings account

Saving ahead of time is always key. Set aside a little money from each pay check or throw that extra pocket change into a jar, and before you know it you will have a good amount of savings you can use for your holiday. This extra money will keep you travelling in style, giving you some extra room to spend on travel accommodations or on finer souvenirs while still sticking to your travel budget.

Book your flights, hotel and rental car all together

Often times, booking your flight, hotel and rental car can save you a ton of money. Many travel sites make it easy to take care of all three at once. Staying in a transit friendly location that doesn’t require a car? No worries, the deals still apply to booking your flight and hotel together. Stick to your budget and travel in style without having to rely on hostels or cheap airlines.

Be spontaneous

Have a free weekend or some saved up holiday time at work? Book a spontaneous holiday. While many holiday makers often think that booking last-minute incurs a lot of late fees and high prices, but as often as not, it is exactly the opposite. Impulsive vacations come with a variety of benefits such as cheap travel rates and last-minute deals. Knowing how to travel last-minute can save you a lot of money considering many airlines and hotels will price tickets or room fees super low in order to fill the plane or book more rooms. Plus, is there anything more stylish and sophisticated than a sudden holiday to an overseas getaway?

Use travel points

Unfortunately the two big ticket items are travel necessities—flights and room accommodation. However, there are ways to deal with both expenses. Become a rewards member with airlines you frequently travel with—doing so comes at no extra cost but has huge added benefits. This way any time you book a flight with those airlines you can apply your reward membership and earn travel points. These points accumulate quickly and easily; before you know it, you could have enough for your next flight and hotel room to ring up at zero dollars.

Travel during the off season

Rather than dealing with crowds and packed beaches or tourist sites, look to schedule your holiday in paradise during a time when most people are not looking to travel. Since most families take trips when their children are on break, book your trip in the midst of spring semester—prices will be cheaper, and you most definitely will be travelling in style when the beach is so empty it feels like your own private getaway.

Have young ones you cannot pull from school for a week long holiday? Still aim to travel during the off season, just maybe for less time. Instead of flying Monday to Monday, book a flight on a Thursday night and return that following Monday night. This way your kids will only miss two days of school, and you still get a four day trip. Also what could be more sophisticated and trendy than journeying abroad for a long weekend?

Eat out for lunch

Travelling on a budget does not mean you have to skip out on the fancy restaurants and nice cafes. If are looking for an elegant dining experience, but not at the expensive cost, then check out the lunch fare. By eating out for lunch you can save significantly while still dining in style. This way to save can also apply to dinner. In most of North America, restaurants offer happy hours – a deal usually from 5 pm to 7 pm in which drinks and appetizers come at a fraction of their normal cost. Similarly, check out a tapas menu in many European countries. Rather than splurging on a decadent dinner, head to the nicest bar and dine on several appetizers and cocktails for your meal.

Visit free attractions

While the ‘must-see’ and ‘top tourist attractions’ can be appealing, they often come at a sky-high prices. Rather than spending vast amounts of money on guided tours or adventure sports, admire the sites from afar or check out national parks. Free attractions are available at nearly every destination and more often than not, simply spending a day at the beach or exploring the local villages is more rewarding and more authentic than spending extra money on the over-crowded ‘must-see’ attractions. Get your elegant photos without the entrance fees.

While travelling on a budget is possible and is usually done by skipping out on a few things like the fanciest restaurants or guided excursions, travel insurance is one thing you should not set aside for the sake of your budget. Check out Cover-More’s budget travel insurance to match your needs and your costs.

Image courtesy of Flickr user AA Ireland; cropped from original