From meditation and eco-friendly retreats there is a 2015 wellness trends for everyone.

Travelling for the sake of travelling has always been popular. After all, there’s hardly a better way to reconnect with the world and free yourself from daily habits and routines than leaving your comfort zone and getting lost in a new place. Now, there’s another brand of travelling that has been gaining in popularity. Personal health and wellness holidays are continuing to gain attention and traction among the travelling crowds and instead of leaving lifestyle choices at home, many are insisting on bringing them with them. Have a daily yoga practice you don’t want to abandon? No worries. Have a specific nutrition needs while abroad? Hotels and resorts can handle them. Explore the most popular wellness travel trends for 2015 and then start imagining your dream wellness retreat.


This one will come as no surprise. Eco-friendly initiatives and environmentally responsible travel has been around for a few decades and the demand for more of the same is strong. As such, the number of luxurious and unique eco-friendly travel experiences is on the rise as well. Hotels have wised up and realized that adopting eco-friendly initiatives not only saves them money, but attracts travellers who want their accommodation to be as responsible, sustainable and ethical as possible. It lets you unwind with peace of mind that you are helping the environment more than you are hurting it while still getting out of your hometown and travelling to new parts of the world.

Cultural Discovery & Recovery

This trend sounds like a bunch of buzzwords but it’s a newly popular idea that’s gaining traction in the travel world. Essentially cultural discovery and wellness recovery pairs two ideas together; the want to detach from modern society and interact with local and indigenous cultural experiences and the want to focus on wellness and your health while away from home. Now, instead of just travelling or just going to a wellness retreat, there are destinations that get you to faraway places while still having time to focus inward and get centred.

Thermal Springs

There is nothing new about thermal springs. They have been the go-to spa experience for centuries and may just be the oldest spa experience in the world. Regardless, their lasting charm have made thermal springs the hottest travel trend of 2015. It makes sense why. Plenty of travellers are mindful of their budgets while still desiring the pampering of a full-service spa resort. Thermal springs are an affordable option with plenty of additional health benefits like pain relief, better skin and general relaxation. Taking a dip in these healing waters does the mind and body good while feeling utterly fantastic.

Healthy Honeymoons

Healthy honeymoons are also popular this year. The world-conscious couples are ditching the typical destinations for more active and mindful honeymoons. Couples are feeling more experimental and spending the day lazing by the pool no longer makes everyone content. Many hope to return from their honeymoon feeling healthier, fit and more spiritually rich. Resorts have sat up and taken notice: new honeymoon packages boast new and more active experiences for newlyweds, and they are being booked left and right.

Managing Stress

In the age of constant connection and never-ending to-do lists, the opportunity to completely unplug and relax is more appealing than ever. Most wellness resorts and spas already focus on helping people relax, but a new brand of wellness travel is focusing on specific stress recovery and management programmes. You can take advantage of specialist therapies, healthier nutrition options, and participation in group activities like yoga, cooking classes and more. The overarching goal of the experience is to head home with a number of tools to help manage stress once you leave paradise and a holiday frame of mind.

Whether you want to do yoga flows in the morning or want to connect with a new culture in a unique way, the wellness travel trends for 2015 will give you plenty of opportunities to do this. Protect your financial investment and yourself with travel insurance from Cover-More New Zealand.