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8 August • 2017
American football

Best sporting events around the world

The best thing about travelling for a sporting event is that you get to watch something you enjoy while experiencing a new culture and exploring somewhere new.

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1 August • 2017
pub roast

Five very British things to do overseas

Here are five of the most British things you can do on your trip. Do them all, and you might come back with a twang in your accent and a new penchant for a perfectly cooked scone.

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25 July • 2017
hiking group

5 ways for solo travellers to meet people

Just because you're leaving the country solo doesn't mean you're going to be alone on your travels. Here's how you can meet people!

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18 July • 2017

Healthy nutrition tips for travelling

Nothing will ruin a trip faster than feeling unwell, so here are 5 top tips to help you maintain your wellbeing when travelling.

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11 July • 2017
temple of tooth

Elephants, hiking and temples in Sri Lanka

There are countless spots to check out when travelling around Sri Lanka where you can enjoy scenic hikes, temples and the company of elephants.

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4 July • 2017

Places to visit to escape the cold

If you're travelling overseas this winter to escape the cold, then head up to the Northern Hemisphere and get a taste of summer again.

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27 June • 2017
washington state hike

Road trip through Washington State

Take a road trip through the beautiful state of Washington in the USA and you'll be met with incredible mountain views and scenic hiking tracks.

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20 June • 2017
road trip

Ultimate road trip playlist

We've put together the ultimate playlist for your next adventure because a road trip isn't complete without the right tunes.

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13 June• 2017
streets in hanoi

Exploring Hanoi on a budget

Vietnam's capital Hanoi is sure to take you on a sensory journey filled with tasty pho, creamy egg coffee, bright pagodas, and bustling street life.

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6 June • 2017
gold coast brunch

Where to find the best brunch on the Gold Coast

Whether you're coming out of the surf, or out of your bed, here are the best places to get brunch on the Gold Coast.

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30 May • 2017
yangon's golden pagoda

All that glitters is gold: Exploring Yangon's golden pagoda

If you only do one thing in Yangon, it has to be a visit to the elegant and fascinating Schwedagon Pagoda – one of the world's largest Buddhist temples and a must see on your Myanmar itinerary.

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23 May • 2017
baked camembert

A guide to eating in Paris: Where and what to eat

Want to experience the creme de la creme when it comes to classic French food? We've put together a list of mouth-watering French food so you get the most out of your culinary adventures.

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16 May • 2017
hue in vietnam

Tombs and abandoned water parks in Vietnam's centre

Hue is one of central Vietnam's major cities and is filled with history, tombs and Vietnamese culture. It is best known for its royal tombs.

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9 May • 2017
vrtba garden

The best of Prague: A self-guided walking tour

Prague is one of Europe's most magical cities with its postcard views, intriguing architecture and gothic-inspired cathedrals.

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2 May • 2017
Girraween National Park

Road trip to Australia's granite country

Hugging the border between the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales, the boulder strewn Girraween National Park has plenty of trails on offer to satisfy any outdoor lover.

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25 April • 2017
australian war memorial

Lest we forget: War memorials to visit on ANZAC Day

To experience the true meaning of ANZAC, we recommend these top 5 war memorials where you can pay tribute to our New Zealand troops who lost their lives in war.

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18 April • 2017
street art in santiago

48 Hours in Santiago, Chile

Santiago is a wonderful city for strolling, with a strong presence of cultural events and beautiful hillside parks - with grand architecture that sits side by side a modern skyline, a huge array of museums, world-class restaurants and incredible street art.

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11 April • 2017

So, you've lost your passport

Whether your passport has been stolen or lost, there's no need to panic. It happens to the best of us, but make sure you're proactive about it.

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4 April • 2017

Health essentials you need to pack on your next trip

There's nothing worse than getting sick when travelling. After all, you travel to see the world, not the back of a toilet door or a hotel bed. Here is what you can pack for a healthy and happy trip.

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28 March • 2017
yellow cabs in new york city

4 Reasons You Should Do The 'Sex And The City' Tour Next Time You're In NYC

Any excuse for a cosmo, right? The 'Sex and the City' tour is a must-do if you're in New York City.

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21 March • 2017
Singapore skyline

What to do with a weekend in Singapore

Singapore is a perfect weekend stopover offering a platform of diverse culture, food, shopping and events.

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14 March • 2017
fiji island

Budget holidays that are cheap and close to home

If you can't afford to travel like a rock star, don't worry we've got you covered with our bang-for-buck holiday options close to home.

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7 March • 2017
laptop and map

How to apply for a passport

We've got a quick step-by-step guide to help you get to your dream destination in no time by getting your passport organised.

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28 February • 2017
sinkhole in mexico

The mystical sinkholes of the Yucatan that the dinosaurs sacrificed their lives for

The dinosaur-destroying meteorite created beautiful and refreshing cenotes throughout Mexico.

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21 February • 2017
temple in laos

Discover nature's beauty in northern Laos

Laos conjures up images of mountains, bright green fields, elephants and breathtaking waterfalls.

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14 February • 2017
holi festival of colour

Take a walk on the wild side at India's Holi Festival

The Holi Festival in India is a great way to let loose, especially if you want to have some wild, crazy, colourful fun!

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7 February • 2017
desert safari in jordan

Sleep under the stars at Wadi Rum

Jordan's south holds as many gems as its northern half, blessed with a beautiful desert and the silky smooth Red Sea.

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31 January • 2017
disney land performers

Do Tokyo Disneyland on a Budget

Tokyo Disney isn't a small world after all, with over a hundred rides and stalls to visit throughout the various themed lands.

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24 January • 2017
scenic drive in australia

Across the ditch, pick Australia for your next holiday

Escape across the ditch and explore Australia's vast landscapes, tropical beaches and world renowned wineries.

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17 January • 2017
Mt Everest

A bird's eye view of the Himalayan mountains

A bird's eye view of the Himalayan mountains can be done on a flight around Mt Everest departing from Kathmandu, where you'll see spectacular views.

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10 January • 2017
hula dancers

The One Thing To Do In Waikiki If You Want No Regrets

Hawaii has always been a mystical, far away place filled with frangipani flowers, hula dancing, and coconut bikinis.

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5 January • 2017
tropical island

How to pack for a Tropical Holiday

Taking a holiday to a tropical island is an easy vacation to pack for. The warm weather means bulky clothes aren't necessary and you can get away with packing light.

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22 December • 2016

Getting my Indiana Jones on in Petra

Step into an Indiana Jones movie when you visit the ancient city of Petra. With deep canyons, coloured sandstone temples and rock cut tombs, Petra will make you feel like there's secret treasure hidden in the valley.

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15 December • 2016
Byron Bay

Instagram Hot Spots of Byron Bay

The best way to capture your holiday and show it off to the world is a great Instagram post. Byron Bay in Australia has the perfect mix of beach, township, culture and weather to make for some awesome Instagram shots!

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8 December • 2016

Go underground and get a bird's eye view in Luxor

From hot air ballooning to visiting tombs of long dead kings, the central Egyptian city of Luxor is an exotic blend of adventure and ancient history. Luxor serves as a base to explore many key sites in Egypt.

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1 December • 2016

What to do in 72 hours in Berlin

You can see a lot in 72 hours in Berlin, Germany, like the Bradenburg Gate, Museum Island, Berliner Dom cathedral and the Reichstag building.

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24 November • 2016
Hiking Oahu

Epic waterfalls and vertigo inducing peaks on Oahu

Hiking is king on Oahu, Hawaii. Climb up to WWII pillboxes, cross bubbling creeks to reach waterfalls and swimming holes.

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17 November • 2016
Grand Canyon

Explore the Grand Canyon minus the crowds

Want to get up close to the Grand Canyon but don't want to deal with hordes of tourists? Simply head to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

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10 November • 2016
jet lag

Top tips for preventing jet lag

Getting off a long haul flight feeling nauseated, disorientated and generally just terrible is very common. Be reassured, this is, a normal physiological response to travelling long distances over multiple time zones.

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3 November • 2016
Brisbane Girl's Trip

Ultimate Girls Trip – Brisbane Edition

The sunny city of Brisbane has everything required for the ultimate in femme travel, from amazing brunch spots to world-class shopping, beautiful hikes and funky nightlife.

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27 October • 2016
Healthy snacks

Five simple tips to stay healthy when travelling

While one of the best parts about travelling abroad is undoubtedly trying the local flavours, it is essential to keep your body well fuelled and hydrated so you can get the most out of your trip.

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20 October • 2016

The insanely affordable and grandiose gem of South America

A quick stop in La Paz and then it's usually all over for the country of Bolivia on their South American adventure.

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13 October • 2016

Giant trees and mountain vistas in California

Simply driving into California's Yosemite National Park will leave you breathless owing to the beautiful landscapes.

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6 October • 2016

Spotlight on Newcastle, Australia

If you had to compare Newcastle to Sydney, you would call it the quiet, but funky little sister of its more popular, overbearing older sibling.

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29 September • 2016

Alligators, beaches and nightlife are all part of the Miami experience

It's loud, bold and can be expensive – but if you look past the high rise buildings, Miami is not without its charms.

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27 September • 2016
Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory National Park - Beaches, Rainforests and Fun [VIDEO]

Jen and Clint from the Australian TV show Places We Go take us on a journey to Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria, Australia.

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26 September • 2016
Outback Queensland

Discover Outback Queensland in Australia [VIDEO]

Jen and Clint from the Australian TV show Places We Go take us on a journey through Outback Queensland, Australia and some of its rich history.

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22 September • 2016
La Tomatina Festival

Food fight! Ten things to know about Spain's La Tomatina Festival

Turn yourself a lovely shade of red in the most fun way possible at Spain's La Tomatina Festival.

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15 September • 2016
Mt Barney

Waterfalls and wild swimming in the Scenic Rim, Australia

Hidden at the base of Mt Barney in southern Queensland’s Scenic Rim Region lies waterfalls, swimming holes and a beautiful gorge carved into rock.

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8 September • 2016
New York

5 New York Recommendations I'd Give To ANYONE

Olivia provides her top 5 New York recommendations. If you're travelling to the Big Apple this is a must-read!

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25 August • 2016
Hawaii Volcano

See some of the world's most active volcanoes on Hawaii's Big Island

Want to hike a hardened lava lake and see the glow of lava? Then make a beeline for the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island.

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18 August • 2016
Lofoten Islands

Head north to one of the world's most beautiful places

Located in northern Norway, the Lofoten Islands are a treat for the eyes with a postcard perfect scene at every twist of the road.

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11 August • 2016

Things to know about visiting Colombia

Colombia is a country whose reputation precedes it. Usually thought of as "too dangerous" by potential visitors, but it's a great destination!

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4 August • 2016
Sydney National Parks

Escape the city and head into nature in Australia

Find the quiet side of Sydney, Australia with beautiful natural landscapes filled with majestic waterfalls, soaring cliffs, and yawning caves.

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28 July • 2016
Lagos Portugal

Lagos – a paradise in southern Portugal

Lagos is located on Portugal’s Algarve Coast and has spectacular beaches framed by rock formations, cheap food, and a vibrant nightlife. Read more

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26 July • 2016
Stockholm, Sweden

Summer in Stockholm: 24 hours in the Scandinavian capital

Find the best locations to visit in Stockholm, Sweden in Summer. From brunch to landmarks, we’ve got the info.

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21 July • 2016
Colombia Santa Marta

Discover the mountains and waterfalls of Colombia’s Santa Marta region

If you’re seeking wild beaches, hiking trails and relaxing swimming spots, then Colombia’s Santa Marta region might be your next holiday destination.

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19 July • 2016

Want to get up close to a volcano? Head to Nicaragua

Nicaragua is populated by a number of active or dormant volcanoes – the impressive Momotombo Volcano recently erupted in December 2015 and had lava running down its sides.

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14 July • 2016
Packing a carry-on

Surviving long flights – what you need to know

We’ve compiled our top 10 tips for surviving long flights.

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12 July • 2016

Rising from the ruins, discover the wonders of Antigua

Antigua is full of colour, beautiful buildings in the Spanish Baroque style, and surrounded by volcanoes – some even active.

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6 July • 2016
French quarter

Gumbo, gator burgers – how to eat your way through New Orleans

Food plays a significant role in the Louisiana capital and there were too many truly New Orleans offerings for Lisa to try in 24 hours.

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08 Oct • 2015
Packing a carry-on

How to pack a carry-on like a pro

Travelling with a carry-on can minimize costs, but packing one can be stressful. Here are some tips to help maximise space and pack as much as possible.

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06 Oct • 2015
Copenhagen, is a safe destination for women solo travellers

Global destinations for women solo travellers

Women should not fear exploring the world, so here are several global destinations that are secure for women solo travellers.

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01 Oct • 2015
Packing for a family

How to make packing for a family trip easy

Packing for the whole family can be stressful and time consuming, but here are some tips to make packing for a family trip easy.

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29 Sept • 2015
Burj Al Arab is a reason why you should head to Dubai for your next holiday

Head to Dubai on your next holiday

Dubai is a metropolis full of culture, history, architecture, cuisine, nightlife and much more. Head to Dubai for your next holiday.

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24 Sept • 2015
Avoid these scams when you are staying at a hotel.

Avoiding scams when staying at a hotel

Staying a hotel is a great way to enjoy a holiday, but be sure to avoid these scams.

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22 Sept • 2015
Children waiting in airport

How to take long flights with kids

Travelling with young children is all fun and games until you board a 10 hour flight. Here are tips for how to take a long flight with kids.

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17 Sept • 2015
The cruise ships are huge and offer plenty of things to do for all members of your family, so here are our tips on how to plan your family cruise.

How to plan a family cruise

Taking a cruise for your next family holiday is a great choice, so here are tips to make planning a family cruise easy.

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15 Sept • 2015
Travelling alone is great, but make sure you take a look at these safety tips for solo travellers.

Safety tips for solo travellers

Travelling alone is a wonderful opportunity. In order to enjoy this experience, it is important to follow these eight safety tips for solo travellers.

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10 Sept • 2015
Travelling while working is not always the easiest thing to do, and is definitely tough on those with a case of wanderlust, which is why we have a list of ten jobs for people who love to travel.

10 jobs for people who love to travel

Working 9-5 is not the most effective way to spend your time if you want to explore the world. Here are ten jobs for people who love to travel.

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08 Sept • 2015
Nothing beats true Italian pizza, so learn how to cook your own at one of these top culinary learning holidays.

Get your chef on with these top culinary learning holidays

Get to know a culture by learning how to cook their food with these top culinary learning holidays.

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03 Sept • 2015
School supplies that could be decorated with Cover-More's tips

Spring semester: how to show off your holiday this term

Head back to school with decorative school supplies that will always remind you of your holiday memories with these easy tips from Cover-More.

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01 Sept • 2015
Several bags from a backpacking trip that are packed.

How to pack for an adventurous backpacking holiday

Packing for a backpacking adventure is not always easy, so Cover-More has a guide to make sure you have everything you need

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27 Aug • 2015
Having a fancy hotel room is only one perk of travelling on style but on budget

How to travel in style but on budget

Travelling can come at a cost, especially if you want to do so in style. But you can still get your elegant holiday while staying on budget.

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25 Aug • 2015
The Las Vegas Strip makes this trip definitely one to remember

Make Las Vegas a trip to remember

A holiday to Sin City can be much more than gambling and drinking, here are some tips to make your Las Vegas trip one to remember.

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20 Aug • 2015
Commuter Rail

Putting the adventure back into your business trip

Work is work, and a business trip is usually just that. Here are our tips for putting the adventure back in your business trip.

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18 Aug • 2015
Bangkok market

Culinary delights in Bangkok

Bangkok is a melting pot, and the food here reflects that diversity. Get a taste for some of the best cuisine in the region with these culinary delights.

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13 Aug • 2015
Fish in the Great Barrier Reef

Into the deep: awesome scuba diving spots for beginners

Scuba diving is a great adventure sport to experience underwater wonders. Visit these awesome scuba diving spots that are ideal for beginners.

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11 Aug • 2015
View from Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

A Kiwi’s guide to holidaying at home

A wonderful holiday does not have to be a journey overseas. Check out this guide for the ultimate holiday at home.

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06 Aug • 2015
Child being difficult about eating her food

Surviving a family holiday with a picky eater

When your children are picky eaters, every meal can be a battle. Here are some tips to survive a family holiday even with a difficult eater.

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04 Aug • 2015
Dog on an airplane

Travel hacks for flying with pets

Can't seem to depart from your pet? Here are some travel hacks for flying with your pets.

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30 Jul • 2015
View of Machu Picchu

Top 5 South American destinations for families

Booking a family holiday? South America has much to offer, and is definitely a destination your kids will enjoy. Here are five great South American locations for your next family trip.

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28 Jul • 2015
Santorini, Greece landscape

Should I take a Greek holiday?: financial crisis edition

Greece is dealing with a financial crisis, but that should not postpone your holiday. If you have been wondering 'should I take a Greek holiday?', read on.

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24 Jul • 2015
Jamaican restaurant

5 best restaurants to eat local cuisine in Jamaica

Jamaican cuisine is known for its rich flavours and distinct spices. Here are five restaurants to get some of the best local food on the island.

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20 Jul • 2015
Detailing items in lost luggage for your baggage report

No one wins from making bogus travel insurance claims

Travellers are increasing the value of or inventing travel insurance claims. Here's why that's a bad idea for everyone.

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17 Jul • 2015
Gondola rides are everyone's idea of how to see Venice by boat

How to see Venice by boat

Once your book your holiday, what are the most important items on your checklist? See our list before leaving on your next trip.

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13 Jul • 2015
Smartphones can make travel easier and global SIM cards can help keep data costs lower when travelling

Next steps to prepare for your trip after you book your holiday

Once your book your holiday, what are the most important items on your checklist? See our list before leaving on your next trip.

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10 Jul • 2015
The view from Queenstown Airport was voted the best in the world by travellers.

A definitive rundown of the best and worst New Zealand airports

According to travellers, New Zealand offers the best and worst of airports. See our list of best airport features for planning your next trip.

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07 Jul • 2015
Notre Dame cathedral

Hidden gems architecture nuts will love

For many of us, travel is an architecture treasure hunt. Here are our top 7 places to visit to see great building design.

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03 Jul • 2015
Gare de Strasbourg—Train station

4 tips for travelling alone in Asia

Whether you spend a few years or only a few weeks, travelling alone in Asia will open your mind and indulge your senses to the experience of a lifetime.

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01 Jul • 2015
A sunset in Havana

Overview of Havana, Cuba

Take a step into Havana, the capital city of Cuba. This seaside gem will transport you back in time.

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25 Jun • 2015
Easter Island Moai

4 remote islands for your next getaway

Looking to find a beach far from everyone? Check out our top remote islands for your next getaway and start planning your next trip.

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23 Jun • 2015
Families enter Legoland for a day of fun

5 great reasons to plan a family holiday in Denmark

Denmark is a great family friendly holiday destination. See our top 5 reasons to start planning your family holiday in Denmark.

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18 Jun • 2015
A solo traveller enjoying a the view on a cruise

How to become a solo traveller

Follow Cover-More's 5 steps to become a confident solo traveller and then plan your solo holiday.

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16 Jun • 2015
A young girl in a germ mask

Will MERS affect my travel plans to South Korea?

What should you do if there's an outbreak of illness at your destination? See our top 5 tips to keep your travels on track.

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12 Jun • 2015
Souvenir seahorse magnets

5 tips for packing souvenirs

Buying souvenirs is great, but bringing them home in once piece is the real achievement. Follow our top tips for packing souvenirs so they last.

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08 Jun • 2015
A lone beach chair and palm trees at Palm Grove's Beach, Vaimaaga, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Everything you wish you knew before arriving in the Cook Islands

Our top tips for travelling to the Cook Islands will save you time and money. Read this before you plan your trip.

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04 Jun • 2015
Las Vegas skyline at night

Where to take a spontaneous holiday

Choosing where to go on a spontaneous holiday can be the hardest part. We've done the hard work and made a list of the top spots to go on your next trip.

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01 Jun • 2015
Victoria Peak Tram in Hong Kong

Must-see sites for your Guangdong business trip

Take time out on your next business trip to Guangdong, China to see a few sites on our must-see list.

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29 May • 2015
Women use their mobile phones

10 travel apps that could save your life

Some apps can make travelling easier; others can literally save your life. See our list of must-have travel apps for both iOS and Android.

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26 May • 2015
Get a report for your travel insurance claim when tracing delayed or lost baggage.

The step-by-step travel insurance claim guide

Follow our step by step guide to ensure your Cover-More travel insurance claims process goes smoothly.

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22 May • 2015
Create a travel binder when planning a trip to Europe

How to create a travel binder for Europe

Use Cover-More's top tips to create a travel binder and streamline the planning and organisation of your next trip to Europe.

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19 May • 2015
Yosemite park ranger leads a hike in the High Sierra

6 wonderful walking tours around the world

Walk your way around the world with these walking tours. We include options from every continent—even Antarctica.

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14 May • 2015
A smiling grandmother

How to choose the right senior travel cover

As much as we deny it, our needs change as we age—that's true even with travel cover. Consider these factors when shopping for senior travel cover.

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11 May • 2015
A Disney cruise ship sets sail

5 best cruise options to consider this winter

Escape the cold on the seven seas (or at least a few of them). See our list of the top five best cruise options to consider this winter.

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07 May • 2015
A credit card

How to know if you are overpaying for travel cover

Different options in travel insurance affect your costs. Learn whether you are overpaying for travel cover and how to pick the options for your trip.

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04 May • 2015
Hawaiian treehouse for rent near Volcano national park

6 tiny houses you can actually stay in

A cozy place to call your own, even temporarily, makes a great holiday. These are our top 6 tiny houses to rent on your next holiday.

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30 Apr • 2015
A man camps in wheelchair at Mt. White in California, USA.

Tips for travelling with a wheelchair

Travel logistics can be overwhelming, especially when you're
on wheels. See our tips for travelling with a wheelchair to
help your trip go smoothly.

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28 Apr • 2015
A quiet moment walking on the beach.

5 best babymoon destinations

Take time away to reconnect before your baby arrives. Check this list of top babymoon destinations before making plans
for your prenatal getaway.

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23 Apr • 2015
Jetsetters Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Top 6 cities for celebrity spotting

Our top cities for celebrity spotting are also great destinations if you're not an aspiring paparazzi photographer.

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20 Apr • 2015
Coastal Ferry in the fiord

6 great reasons to visit Greenland

Greenland offers up to 20 hours of daylight during the summer months. Make the most of your next holiday and book a trip to the land of the midnight sun.

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16 Apr • 2015
Man bungee jumps over water

5 best bungee jump spots around the world

Looking for an adrenaline rush on your next holiday? See our list of the best bungee jump locations in the world.

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14 Apr • 2015
Poppies commemorating Anzac Day

3 best places to commemorate Anzac Day

On the 100th Anniversary of World War I, many are inspired to travel for Anzac Day. See our top destinations for your international Anzac Day travels.

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09 Apr • 2015
A child lays down and watches a video on an iPad

8 top apps for travelling with kids

It’s smooth sailing for your family when you prepare for your trip with these apps. From organization apps to entertainment apps, Cover-More runs down the must-have technology for keeping kids happy.

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07 Apr • 2015
A wonderfully delicious mocha in the warm morning light of Tofino.

Top travel spots for coffee lovers

If you can't start your day without a steaming cup of Joe, you're in luck. Take a look at our guide to the must-see travel destinations for caffeine addicts.

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02 Apr • 2015
Marienplatz, Germany

10 things not to miss in Germany

Put on your walking shoes, you’ll be tacking on the kilometres while enjoying enough food and beer to keep your memories alive for years to come.

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31 Mar • 2015
Villa d'Este, France

3 great day trips from Rome

Rome is a city with fascinating ruins and beautiful architecture. Don't cheat yourself the opportunity to visit equally as beautiful places close to Rome.

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26 Mar • 2015
Check out Broadway Market for a more unique and true London market experience.

See london like a local

Knowing a place is difficult and instead of resorting to generalizations, see London like a local and make London yours.

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23 Mar • 2015
Fish pedicures are just about as bizarre as they sound…are you willing to give it a go?

World’s most bizarre spa treatments

Here, we highlight some of the best, reasonably priced spa treatments that you’ll actually want to try, and the cities that host them will be a perfect backdrop for planning your next holiday.

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20 Mar • 2015
From meditation and eco-friendly retreats there is a 2015 wellness trends for everyone.

2015 wellness travel trends

Explore the most popular wellness travel trends for 2015 and then start imagining your dream wellness retreat.

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17 Mar • 2015
Adler Thermae has a unique way to enjoy thermal springs.

5 awesome wellness resorts

Check out these 5 amazing wellness resorts you can visit to really let go and get focused, calm and centred.

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12 Mar • 2015
A plane taking off from the airport in Berlin, Germany.

7 ways to reduce anxiety about flying

Here are seven ways to help you reduce your anxiety about flying so hopefully you can get to experience what the rest of the world has to offer.

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09 Mar • 2015
A peek at one of the exhibitions at the Churchill War Rooms in London.

10 best small museums in London

From the weird and wacky to the specific and educational, there are close to a hundred small, independently run museums scattered through London and its boroughs.

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06 Mar • 2015
The Beatles are just one group out of hundreds of famous musicians to come out of London.

4 bumpin’ cities for music lovers

If you like to dance, these three cities for music lovers—full of museums, experiences and music halls—you should put on your bucket list.

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03 Mar • 2015
La Maison du Chocolat is a must-visit if you are in Paris.

8 travel destinations for chocolate lovers

From factory tours to taste tests, a chocolaty holiday may please your family. Try these travel destinations for chocolate lovers for a sweet trip.

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26 Feb • 2015
Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World in Orlando, Florida

5 unforgettable family holiday destinations

This is the year to plan the once-in-a-lifetime trip that your kids will be talking about for years with one of these great family holiday destinations.

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23 Feb • 2015
The sun sets over the Istanbul skyline.

Get to know Turkey

Founded in 1923, Turkey may be young, but it boasts much of the world’s oldest history.

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19 Feb • 2015
The markets in Marrakesh are some of the best places to discover new spices and find deals on souvenirs and other trinkets.

5 best places to visit in Marrakesh

If your time in Marrakesh is limited, use our guide to get you to the 5 best spots in the city before you have to leave.

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16 Feb • 2015
Gummy wormsT

America's best candy shops

Spending some time in these American candy shops will be a sweet treat. Check out these sweet tooth wonderlands, for a fun and memorable experience.

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12 Feb • 2015
The Leaning Tower of Pisa dominates the landscape in Pisa, Italy

Tips for your visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Use Cover-More’s guide to learn just a few pro tips for making your visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa memorable and safe.

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10 Feb • 2015
Take an iconic road trip along route 66 in the United States

Road trip tips for Route 66

While those places are great, there is something special about connecting with all of America via a road trip along Route 66, instead of just the U.S.’s super-star cities.

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06 Feb • 2015
Train travel is an important part of European travel culture.

Get to know Eurail passes

Cover-More will walk you through the system so you are familiar with how Eurail passes work before you even touchdown in Europe.

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03 Feb • 2015
The always stunning Victoria Falls is a great spot to visit on your honeymoon.

Best honeymoon destinations 2015

Whether you're planning the wedding of your dreams or a small ceremony, read this list of the best honeymoon destinations 2015.

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30 Jan • 2015
An elephant swims across the river as the sun sets.

How To take a South African safari

If you’ve got adventure on the brain, but don’t want to break the bank, read our ultimate guide to safari-going like a pro.

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26 Jan • 2015
Ice bars tend to serve their colourful drinks in—you guessed it—ice cold shot glasses.

5 amazing ice bars around the world

No matter where you travels take you, there is a chilled-out ice bar adventure waiting for you.

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23 Jan • 2015
Rattle N Hum Draft Bar has over 40 beers on tap in addition to 4 hand-drawn, cask-conditioned beers.

A tour of the NYC craft beer scene

Use our guide to navigate your way through all the pubs and restaurants that are a part of the NYC craft beer scene for some truly incredible drinks.

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19 Jan • 2015
If you’re a fan of mountain biking, head to Europe for some of the best trails out there.

Best mountain biking in Europe

If your mind is stuck on mountain biking for your next holiday, use our guide to find some of the best spots in all of Europe to give it a go.

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14 Jan • 2015
Festivals serve double-duty as you get to travel and celebrate at the same time!

2015 travel resolutions for wanderlusters

Travelling is plenty of fun on its own, but putting these 2015 travel resolutions on your list will add an extra aspect of excitement.

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08 Jan • 2015
Colourful buildings and decorations stand in sharp contrast to the simple robes of those practicing their faith in Vietnam.

Vietnam tips for first time visitors

For a cheap and beautiful summer getaway, consider a last-minute trip to Vietnam. Follow our Vietnam tips for first time visitors for a stress-free holiday.

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05 Jan • 2015
The massive ferris wheel in NYC’s Toys ‘R’ Us gives riders a unique perspective on the immense toy store.

10 toystores even adults will love

Whether you’re a kid, or just a kid at heart, enjoy our list of toy stores to make your inner child squeal.

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30 Dec • 2014
Casual, beachy chic looks are what Los Angeles fashion is all about.

How to blend in while visiting LA

Head to bright and sunny Los Angeles with your casual, glamorous gear in tow and prepare to fall in love with this sprawling seaside city.

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24 Dec • 2014
The Chand Baori in India is an unbelievable place to visit, and to get an amazing leg workout, too.

5 great workouts around the world

Looking to stay fit? Here's a quick round-up of destinations that combine travel, adventure and fitness to create great workouts around the world.

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18 Dec • 2014
Trolltunga is a rock formation that sits a full 600m over the water and offers incredible views.

Top 12 cities to visit in 2015

As 2015 draws nearer though, we’ve managed to comb through the coolest spots in the world, with the best attractions, accommodations, culture and life for your perusing.

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15 Dec • 2014
A Go pro is the perfect gift for any travel addict in your life to help them record, in first person perspective, their adventures.

10 holiday gifts for travel addicts

Grab the travel gifts that will truly make a difference in the travel addict’s life.

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10 Dec • 2014
A stainless steel reusable water bottle is the perfect travel companion for the eco-friendly traveller.

Eco-expert's guide to designing a green holiday

Use Cover-More's guide to keep your footprint small and your frustration levels low as you make your way around the world on your next green holiday.

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05 Dec • 2014
Every which way you look in D.C. there is another iconic landmark that you can visit—for free.

10 free things to do in D.C.

The capital city of the United States is full of free museums, monuments, and attractions for every taste.

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02 Dec • 2014
The Natural History Museum in London is yet another free museum to visit in 2015.

Best free things to try in 2015

With a new year comes new promises to take that trip, to travel and to get moving. Check out these ideas for the best of free adventures in 2015.

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26 Nov • 2014
Check out Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia.

12 underrated travel destinations you must visit

Looking to travel off the beaten path? Try these our list of underrated travel destinations to discover the hidden wonders of our world.

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20 Nov • 2014
Changing of the guard at London’s Buckingham Palace

10 free things to do in London

holiday in London without breaking the bank with our list of must-see free activities in the United Kingdom.

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17 Nov • 2014
In Tokyo, nothing beats a steaming hot bowl of ramen.

Best places for ramen in Tokyo

If you find yourself in Tokyo with a grumbling stomach, use Cover-More’s guide to finding the best places for ramen.

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12 Nov • 2014
Just looking at the airport security screening process can make your stress levels sky-rocket.

5 ways to beat pre-travel stress

These preparations will give you the tools to solve five common stressful travel scenarios during your next holiday.

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07 Nov • 2014
The Stockholm skyline is prettiest by night.

10 things to do in Stockholm

If you are planning your next European getaway, consider buying a ticket to Sweden and hitting these Scandinavian activities.

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05 Nov • 2014
Any time of the year is a great time to see Paris, but Winter will always be less expensive

Ways to save money in Paris

If you plan wisely you can save on lodging, meals, transportation, and entertainment with just a little effort.

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29 Oct • 2014
Dazzling by day or night, Monaco is the place to live it up.

Get to know Monaco

From the yachts in the Monte Carlo harbour, to the endless supply of top-shelf champagne it’s no secret that travellers to Monaco are living an opulent lifestyle.

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24 Oct • 2014
Iceland defies description with the bright colours and stark landscapes

10 amazing experiences in Greenland

No matter which arctic experience you choose, Greenland is sure to be a unique holiday experience. Consider these 10 amazing activities for your Greenland holiday.

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21 Oct • 2014
Take your pick of budget b&b’s while staying in historic Oxford.

10 budget British bed and breakfast spots for your thrifty UK getaway

Nothing is quite as charming as an English B&B. Find the right getaway for the right price with our list of budget British bed and breakfast spots.

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15 Oct • 2014
Madrid’s Retiro Park is one of many free things to explore in the city

5 free things to do in Madrid

Spain may be getting more expensive for tourists, but there are still many free things to do in Madrid. Check out our list of must-try free activities.

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09 Oct • 2014
The Jefferson Memorial in DC is one of the many free attractions the city has to offer.

Top 5 best-value destinations in the USA

There are many local secret spots that will capture your heart and allow for an amazing holiday without the extra costs. Read our list of the best value destinations in the USA.

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06 Oct • 2014
No matter how much or how little you decide to tackle, Patagonia is a must for serious hikers.

The best hiking in Patagonia

Whether hiking is a mere option for a free day or the sole focus of your holiday, the Patagonia region has something to offer.

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01 Oct • 2014
Visiting Castelo De Almourol is a great activity for families

How to see Portugal like a local

Portugal is home to many popular tourist destinations, but it’s the secret spots that only locals know that are the true gems of the country.

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26 Sep • 2014
Reflections of the incredible mountains can be seen in a lake in Zermatt, Switzerland

Best ski towns in the world

There are thousands of places on the planet to ski, but not all ski towns are created equal. This is our list of the must-visit locations.

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22 Sep • 2014
Alaska National Guard Iron Dog snowmobile race, Camp Denali, Alaska

Get to know Alaska

Although it is the largest state in the USA, it is also the most unknown territory. Alaska is full of beautiful and alluring landscapes. Pack your parkas and slip on your snowshoes for this sub-zero adventure.

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17 Sep • 2014
There is endless fun to be had during Oktoberfest in Germany

Oktoberfest: what you need to know

At Oktoberfest there’s a plethora of traditional Bavarian foods to try, many amusement rides to enjoy and special games to try and win a fun prize.

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09 September 2014
The Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan is a remote but beautiful location

10 secret spots travellers don’t know about

There is something special about seeing a breathtaking view or spectacular small town that few other travellers have had the pleasure of seeing themselves. Here are 10 secret spots waiting for your discovery.

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03 Sep • 2014
Free Spirit Spheres in Vancouver, Canada are the perfect retreat for someone looking for quiet and connection with nature.

5 hotels for an architecture nut

Check out the wackiest, most creative, and incredibly unique hotel options and attractions from around the globe. Perfect for architects and more.

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29 Aug • 2014
The colourful buildings and winding coastline are just a few draws of Papnasam Beach in Kerala, India.

Best beaches in India

Whether you’ve already booked your Indian getaway, or are dreaming of something different, gain some inspiration from Cover-More’s guide to the best sun-soaking spots in India

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26 Aug • 2014
See the breathtaking Northern Lights when visiting Iceland

5 reasons to visit Iceland

Whether you are in the final stage of planning an Icelandic getaway or simply dreaming of a change, consider Cover-More’s guide to the greatest activities in Iceland.

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21 Aug • 2014
The Saturday markets in Victoria are great places to meet new people and try new foods in Seychelles

Visiting the Seychelles

Pick an island (or three), pack your suitcase for a trip to paradise and head to the Seychelles for a fairy tale holiday that won’t be easy to forget.

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18 Aug • 2014
There are plenty of scenic vistas on the Offa’s Dyke Path in England.

10 best British hikes for your UK getaway

Trained trekkers and nature novices alike will enjoy our list of the best British hikes, in order of shortest to longest. Get wandering, world explorers.

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14 Aug • 2014
Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe features a wide and nearly-unbroken length of waterfalls for visitors to see.

5 top waterfalls in the world

Here's a list of some of the top waterfalls in the world and why they remain sought-after tourist destinations. Pack your suit and get going.

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11 Aug • 2014
The Mykonos windmills are just one of many picturesque spots on the island

Top 5 Greek islands

The turquoise waters and picturesque beaches are a perpetual draw for tourists looking for rest and relaxation in a picture-perfect paradise.

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08 Aug • 2014
Table Mountain is a perpetual favourite of adventure travellers in South Africa

Top 5 destinations for adventure travellers

Pick and choose your adventures and hit the road knowing you’ve got exciting and exhilarating travel memories just waiting to be made right ahead of you.

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05 Aug • 2014
At the bottom of Lombard Street’s zig-zag pattern with a number of cars navigating the sharp turns.

6 iconic spots in San Francisco

There are many more than 6 iconic spots to visit in San Francisco, California, USA, but to start you off, there are the can’t-miss, must-see spots for any first time visitor.

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01 August• 2014
The London Eye is the perfect to kick off your sightseeing adventures by providing a bird’s eye view on one of the oldest cities in Europe!

What to do with 24 hours in London

Here is a sample itinerary that will give you a good start on seeing the magic and energy that charges through London day in and day out.

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29 Jul • 2014
Packing in advance will get you on your honeymoon and into paradise faster.

7 top tips for honeymoon packing

Use our honeymoon packing tips to take the stress out of the last-minute chores before you jet-set to your honeymoon destination.

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21 Jul • 2014
Voted the “4th Best Island In the World” By National Geographic, the Isle of Skye has quickly become a popular tourist destination in Scotland.

Best Scottish islands worth visiting

Read about a few of the best Scottish Islands that are worth visiting on your next holiday to Scotland.

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16 Jul • 2014
Heceta Head Lighthouse and the nearby Keeper’s Cottage are available to rent by travellers coming through the West Coast of Oregon.

5 lighthouses you can stay in

Love lighthouses? We’ve put together a list of 5 of these coastal guardians that you simply cannot miss during your travels to the United States.

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11 Jul • 2014
Instead of relying on a tablet for entertainment, try bringing a physical book along for the journey.

World's best rafting rivers

Adrenaline junkies and laidback travellers alike can find joy in rafting adventures, and here are some of the more memorable rafting rivers found in the world.

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07 Jul • 2014
If you can see the ancient city of Petra by night—do it!

Top 5 adventures to try at night

We all know there are tons of things to do during the day, but what about adventures that take place only at night? Read on for our list of nocturnal.

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02 Jul • 2014
Bullfighting in Spain has decreased in popularity in recent years but remains an important part of the culture.

Top 6 things to do in Spain

Here is our list of the 6 things you can only do in Spain that will enrich your holiday and allow you to connect with the culture and lifestyle of the Spanish.

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27 Jun • 2014
Gion Matsuri is a festival full of elaborate floats and costumes that represent Japanese provinces and the history of the country.

Top 4 festivals this July

Start your planning now as you read through our top 5 festivals to see July, 2014.

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24 Jun • 2014
The Cathedrale St. Etienne is home to an incredible expanse of detailed stained glass that you have to see to believe.

Top 5 things you can only do in France

Try any of these five things and you’ll leave France with a better understanding of the culture, personality and general beauty of France.

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20 Jun • 2014
Competitors race to the finish line in the final stage of the Tour de France.

Everything you wanted to know about the 2014 Tour de France

If you are tuning in to the Tour de France this year, or if you are travelling to any of the different stages to feel the wind as the cyclists whiz by you, you probably have a few questions.

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16 Jun • 2014
Life opens up when you try new things—see what solo travel can do for you.

6 things you’ll learn travelling alone

Travelling solo can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 6 things you’ll quickly learn about travelling alone.

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11 Jun • 2014
Here’s an example of what an 8-bed dorm room could look like. Number of occupants can range from just one up to 16 people in one room.

Safety tips for staying in a hostel

Use these tips to ensure you, your travelling companions, and your belongings stay out of harm’s way when staying in a hostel.

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06 Jun • 2014
Machu Picchu towers 2,400m above sea level and is often overlooked for the altitude changes tourists can and often do experiencing when visiting the ancient ruins.

How to adjust to altitude changes

If you know you’ll be travelling to a high-altitude location, keep these tips in mind to adjust to the changes quickly and hopefully without symptoms.

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02 Jun • 2014
Packing cubes are a great way to match outfits and keep rolled items in the same shape and place in your luggage.

Tips for wrinkle-free packing

To avoid the hassle of getting an iron ready, finding an ironing board and wasting holiday time with a menial chore, use these tips for wrinkle-free packing.

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28 May • 2014
Hundreds of thousands of non-poisonous golden jellyfish are your swimming companions during a trip to Jellyfish Lake in Palau.

4 best places to see exotic wildlife abroad

Get up close and personal with spine-tingling nature. For an unforgettable holiday, visit any of the best places to see exotic wildlife.

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20 May • 2014
Color, excitement and celebrations collide during the infamous Carnaval in Brazil

Brazil: joie de vivre, rhythm and harmony

Take in the views, relax on tranquil beaches, party to dawn in rowdy cities and centre yourself with their harmonious way of life.

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16 May • 2014
The infamous La Tomatina festival in Spain is a crowded, messy, and fun event that draws thousands annually.

Tips for travelling to large events

Once you decide to travel to a large event, check out these tips for pointers on how to book early, get what you want and enjoy the experience in a stress-free environment.

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13 May • 2014
A young green sea turtle navigates the oceans in Malaysia where organizations hope to help save the species from extinction.

How to help animals while travelling

Looking to focus your travels on a cause? Animal-lovers have a wide range of options to choose from around the world to help animals while travelling.

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06 May • 2014
A public advertisement brings attention to pickpockets in the area and warns tourists and locals alike to stay alert.

How to avoid getting pickpocketed

Here are a few tips to protect yourself and your travel companions against the con artists that roam Europe’s city streets looking for an easy target.

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02 May • 2014
Perhaps the most well-known film festival on the list, the Cannes Film Festival is known for attracting A-list stars.

Top 4 film festivals to attend

If you’re an avid film buff from the directors, producers and actors, then consider visiting any of these film festivals for a unique and amazing experience.

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29 Apr • 2014
Oranges are the ideal snack to munch on while travelling because they are easy to clean up, you don’t need utensils, and they are high in Vitamin C.

How to eat healthy while travelling

To stay on track with your goals and for general nutrition and health, it’s important to take some time before you leave to review tips and tricks to stay healthy while travelling.

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22 Apr • 2014
Brave the elements to see some amazing wildlife like penguins and whale in one of the largest uninhabited areas of the world.

Take off on your next dream holiday

Whatever you dream of, take a look at our destination suggestions for planning your next dream holiday.

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16 Apr • 2014
No one wants to be the one with luggage missing, but with a travel insurance plan you will have a back-up plan.

Make the most of your travel allowance

Use these tips to keep you in the know about your travel insurance coverage and your rights as a policyholder with Cover-More New Zealand.

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10 Apr • 2014
Get out of the office and out of your hometown by taking advantage of last-minute travel deals.

Best tips for last-minute travel

Check out these tips for making your last-minute travel plans and keeping the experience totally stress-free.

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07 Apr • 2014
As the weather gets warmer in Europe, cities like Vienna come alive with colour and life.

3 beautiful European spring escapes

It's time to jump ship and head to Europe for one more week of warmth. Read our guide to the best European spring escapes you must experience this year.

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01 Apr • 2014
Spontaneous travel is exhilarating, but before you run out the door on an adventure, be sure to pack the essentials.

How to take a spontaneous holiday

Take a spontaneous holiday to break your routine, but before you bolt out the door, always get these few essential items to be ready.

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25 Mar • 2014
Your smartphone can be your favourite travel buddy when it helps you plan, organize and record your next holiday.

Top 5 apps for planning and recording your trip

Here is our list of the best travel apps for planning and recording your trip. Travel smarter, not harder.

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20 Mar • 2014
The Louvre’s distinctive glass pyramid marks the entrance to one of the world’s largest museums, located in Paris.

Pick Paris: excitement, adventure and art await

If you have any free time to travel, be sure to add Paris to your travel bucket list—you won’t regret it.

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14 Mar • 2014
Sitting down with pen & paper (or virtual pen & paper) is one of the best ways to think through a trip and plan a proper travel budget.

How to create a realistic travel budget…and follow it

Whether you're a list maker or an on-the-fly kind of person, create a realistic travel budget and you'll save time and money down the road.

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07 Mar • 2014
Get to know Pandas and watch them play, snack and tumble together in central China’s national parks.

5 travel destinations for animal-lovers

Experience animals in a whole new way. Try these destinations for animal-lovers to see creatures of all kinds, from bats in Texas to pandas in China.

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28 Feb • 2014
The Mophie phone case is just one way to have an extra battery for your phone with you at all times.

How to avoid tech meltdowns on the road

Here are a few quick suggestions to help you avoid tech meltdowns while you are travelling that won’t take up a bunch of space in your luggage.

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20 Feb • 2014
Instead of relying on a tablet for entertainment, try bringing a physical book along for the journey.

How to disconnect from technology on holiday

Gets hands-on with your trip. Put down the smartphone, tablet and laptop and totally disconnect from technology on holiday with these tips.

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14 Feb • 2014
When your kids tag along for the journey, be sure to think about what they’ll need to stay entertained on the trip as well!

How to entertain kids while travelling

Planning ahead and being prepared can help turn a potentially torturous travel experience into fun family time.

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11 Feb • 2014
A view of Positano, a stunningly beautiful Italian city that’s carved into the hills of the Amalfi Coast.

3 best road trips in the world

Get behind the wheel and experience the joy of a long-haul caravan with our list of best road trips in the world.

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08 Feb • 2014
Choose solo travel and learn how to avoid the dreaded single supplement before hitting the road.

Tips for avoiding the dreaded single supplement

Choose solo travel and learn how to avoid the dreaded single supplement before hitting the road.

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24 Jan • 2014
A colourful path marker for the Gospel Trail shows the way for the newest trail in the world.

The best places to try something new in 2014

Are you always the first one to try something new? Be the first of your friends to try five of the best 'new' things in the world in 2014.

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20 Jan • 2014
Trying to catch some shut-eye during a stop-over can be difficult. Check your airport amenities as many airports are now offering sleeping lounges to make it easier.

How To make the most of a stopover

Have 24 hours or less in a city? Make the most of your stopover and use those hours to extend your holiday a little further.

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04 Feb • 2014
Ripe grapes hang heavy from their vines at the Viansa Vineyard & Winery in Sonoma County, California.

Visit the best wine regions in the USA

No one has time to tour the entire North American continent, so we've put together a list of the best wine regions in the USA.

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29 Jan • 2014
Choose to take a spontaneous holiday and revel in the feeling of travelling freely and making or breaking plans as you want.

Benefits of taking a spontaneous holiday

Experience the benefits of taking a spontaneous holiday. By taking shorter, spontaneous holidays, you may actually experience less stress.

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14 Jan • 2014
Souvenirs abound at the Khan Al Khalili Bazaar in Cairo

How To pick souvenirs you'll love for years

Instead of opting for the flashy and mass-produced souvenirs, choose to support a local craftsperson instead.

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07 Jan • 2014
What to pack in your travel medical kit

Celebrate Valentine's Day in Terni, Italy

Stroll through this village with your partner, where St. Valentine once lived and loved. Spend Valentine's Day in Terni, Italy for a romantic time.

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30 Dec • 2013
What to pack in your travel medical kit

What to pack in your travel medical kit

Being proactive and packing a small medical kit is a great way to save your holiday from the little missteps that may come.

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12 Dec • 2013
Navigate Venice and its gondolas without a map

Navigate Venice without a map

Let us help you navigate Venice without a map, but don't forget to give your self a little time to get lost in the sights, too.

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10 Oct • 2013

Stay healthy on the road with multi-lingual medical terms

Worried about travelling in a foreign country with allergies? Come prepared with flashcards, and help prevent an interruption in your travels.

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25 Jun • 2013
A man takes a picture of an Indian woman.

Capturing your travel memories

The top 5 tips for capturing better travel photo and video images from the Cover-More Travel Insurance Blog.

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12 May • 2013
Children playing on colourful boats on a Malaysian beach

Facebook photo competition: 2013 Cover-More ‘Essence of Travel’ winners

Our judges have spoken. We're amazed at the quality of the submissions in this year's 'Essence of Travel' photo competition.

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15 Apr • 2013
Thai Bug

The Thai bug connoisseur

Ryan bites off more than he can chew when travelling to Thailand.

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10 Apr • 2013

Anzac Day and centenary tours in Gallipoli

Plan your trip to Gallipoli in Turkey for Anzac Day—make your arrangements now for centenary events.

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