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Key benefits of Cover-More travel insurance

  • Luggage and travel documents

    COVID-19 Cover

    We provide COVID-19 Benefits on our Options Plan (both Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip policies) to help you travel within New Zealand and overseas with greater confidence.

  • Medical Assistance

    Luggage and Travel Documents

    We offer up to $25,000^ cover for luggage and travel documents on our International Options Plan. This provides protection for items such as cameras, laptops, and mobile phones.

  • Emergency Assistance

    Emergency Assistance

    Our policyholders have 24/7 access to our emergency assistance team. They’re here to help ensure you are safe, well, and can keep travelling.

  • Travel Delay/Cancellation

    Travel Delay/Cancellation

    We automatically include coverage for travel delay of over six (6) hours, up to $2,000. For cancellation cover, you can customise your policy by selecting an amount that suits your needs.

  • Access to TravelGP

    Access to Virtual Care

    Our Cover-More customers can access our Virtual Care service for free. If you’re feeling ill and our Emergency Assistance team believes you're eligible for support via a virtual doctor (for example, you don't require a physical exam), we can provide you with access to booking a virtual consult at a time that suits you.

  • Rental Car Insurance Excess

    Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess

    If you’re hiring a vehicle on your holiday – or driving your personal vehicle on a domestic trip – our premium Options Plan can help protect you by providing cover for your excess amount if you’re involved in an accident.

^Item limits apply. For full details of terms and conditions, sub-limits and exclusions that apply, please read the Policy Wording before purchasing this insurance product.

Types of travel insurance cover we offer



A trip of a lifetime overseas can be costly and sometimes scary if you have to visit a foreign hospital. Our 24/7 emergency assistance team is there to help policyholders navigate foreign hospitals, and to organise payment for medical services. A case of gastro in the USA once cost over $100,000.

Existing Medical Conditions

Existing Medical Conditions

Our premium Options Plan and budget-friendly Essentials Plan can provide automatic cover for over 35 conditions, and we’ll consider all other existing medical conditions. To find out if you’re eligible for cover, simply declare all your medical conditions when generating a quote.



Our travel insurance policies automatically include cover for cruise ship related claims. Any injuries or accidents onboard the ship aren’t covered by ACC, and ACC won’t cover the cost of transporting you home. That’s where travel insurance comes in.

Annual Multi Trip Policy

Annual Multi-Trip Policy

Travel frequently? Annual Multi-Trip policies are ideal for travel enthusiasts who expect to take a few trips each year. You can purchase an Annual Multi-Trip policy on either our Options or Essentials Plans, saving you from organising a new policy every time you travel.



Exploring New Zealand? Our Options Plan can help protect your domestic trip from unforeseen incidents if you’re travelling more than 100km from your home or spending at least one night in paid accommodation.

For Seniors

For Seniors

Celebrate the golden years and travel the globe. It’s time to ticket items off that bucket list. Our plans offer existing medical assessments for travellers who require cover for medical conditions.

Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports

Love the outdoors and adventure? Our policies include a number of adventure sports including jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkelling, and more. Adventure sport accidents can be painful. Protect yourself and your finances.



Looking to save on travel insurance so you can spend more on your trip? Make sure you have a look at our Essentials Plan, providing great cover at an affordable price.

Ski & Winter Sports

Ski & Winter Sports

If you’re hitting the slopes on your next trip, consider including our Snow Sports option in your policy. If you’re on-piste snow skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, or cross-country skiing, we can provide emergency medical cover and more. 

Travel insurance: what’s the big deal?

Everyone hopes that their trip goes smoothly, sometimes that isn’t always the case. From skiing accidents in Vancouver to insect bites in Thailand, travel insurance can help protect you from the unexpected. Our 24/7 Medical Assistance team are there to help with emergencies while on your trip, and our Claims team are available to help process your claims. We encourage our customers to read the Policy Document before purchasing a policy to ensure you know what you’ve got cover for. Read more about why you should consider travel insurance.

Cover-More customer reviews

Cover-More travel insurance was reviewed on 23 July 2020 on Feefo and rated 3.9 stars based on 157 reviews.



Senka contracted Dengue fever in Bali, Indonesia, and spent five days in the hospital.

"When I was in hospital I spoke to Cover-More every day, and because I was in Bali on my own that was so reassuring."

Claim cost: $1,637


Diane’s father, John, fractured his hip on holiday in Australia and required surgery.

"Cover-More has been absolutely fantastic, I cannot fault them. They were in touch with me every day and they checked up on us to make sure dad was OK."

Claim cost: $10,933


Tom suffered a stroke on the first day of his holidays on the Cook Islands and had to be repatriated home.

"With all the help and care that I got, I’ve really dodged a bullet, and I couldn’t ask for anything more."

Claim cost: $114,780

Cover-More protects your next trip

Cover-More can protect your next trip with:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Online claims portal
  • Choice of excess levels
  • Options to vary your cover, including cancellation, snow sports, and luggage and personal effects
  • Unlimited+* overseas emergency medical expense cover on our International Options Plan
  • 21-day cooling-off period~

Travel insurance FAQs

  1. What is travel insurance?

    Travel insurance is a specific type of insurance that helps cover a number of costs and disruptions associated with travelling both domestically and overseas. Levels of cover differ per policy, however, travel insurance typically protects against trip cancellation, delays, lost luggage and personal belongings, medical expenses and repatriation, and personal liability.

    Most travel insurance providers offer single or multi-trip policies, which can cover multiple countries within a specific timeframe. The destination, length of trip, specific activity add-ons and pre-existing medical conditions all help determine the cost of a travel insurance policy. Policies can be purchased at the time of booking a trip up until the time a traveller leaves their home.

  2. How much does travel insurance cost?

    Travel insurance varies for individual travellers based on the options selected by them, so prices vary from person-to-person. The cost of a travel insurance policy is determined by:

    • Age of traveller/s: the older the traveller, the higher the policy cost may be.
    • Number of travellers included in the policy: a higher number of travellers creates more variables, therefore increasing risk.
    • Length of trip/s: a single trip policy is generally around half the amount of a multi-trip policy, making the latter more cost-effective for frequent travellers, while shorter trips often pose less risk of medical incidents and travel interruptions, resulting in lower costs.
    • Destination/s: costs vary greatly depending on the countries and regions covered by a policy. For example, regions such as Europe will often be cheaper than trips to the USA because of the high cost of medical treatment in America.
    • Level of coverage: travellers can opt for cheaper travel insurance as well as comprehensive, more expensive plans to cater to their different needs.
    • Existing medical conditions: a customer’s policy will increase if their medical history shows an increased risk of possible medical treatment requirements while travelling.

    While a cheaper policy cost upfront may seem appealing, always read the Policy Wording to ensure your needs are adequately covered should an incident occur.

  3. How does travel insurance work?

    Travel insurance protects you when travelling domestically or internationally by providing coverage against unforeseen circumstances that may negatively impact your travel plans.

    By purchasing travel insurance prior to departure, your policy can help cover the costs of trip cancellations should you no longer be able to travel, as well as the costs of medical treatment, lost passports and personal items while you’re travelling. The customer usually pays for these costs upfront, before being reimbursed by the travel insurer upon claim approval.

    To approve a claim, travel insurers require documentation such as a police report or medical bill to confirm the incident occurred.

    Always read the Policy Wording before purchasing a travel insurance policy to ensure it provides adequate coverage for your circumstances.

  4. What does - and doesn’t - travel insurance cover?

    Unfortunately, travel insurance can’t cover absolutely everything. This highlights the importance for travellers to read the Policy Wording before purchasing to avoid becoming frustrated when claims are unsuccessful. It will contain details on the situations you likely won’t be covered in, including:

    • Cancellation: simply changing your mind prior to your trip may not be sufficient for a successful claim.
    • Pre-existing conditions: if medical conditions aren’t disclosed or covered by the policy at time of purchase, exclusions may apply to coverage related to those conditions. 
    • Theft or loss of belongings while left unattended: travellers must take care of their belongings as they would as home.
    • Incidents occurring as a result of reckless behaviour: claims arising from excessive drinking or taking recreational drugs will likely be rejected.
    • Winter and adventure sports: claims resulting from participation in high-risk sports will be void unless covered by the policy.
    • Terrorism and extreme weather events: travelling to specific regions against the advice of the government or your insurer may result in unsuccessful claims because the events are no longer unforeseeable circumstances.

    For full details of exclusions within a travel insurance plan, consult the Policy Wording.

  5. When is the best time to purchase travel insurance?

    Purchasing a policy soon after a trip is booked has a number of benefits and increases a traveller’s protection.

    When purchased ahead of time, a traveller can cancel their travel insurance policy for a full refund within the cooling-off period. If the policy is purchased before the customer leaves their home to depart for their trip, claims for rearrangements and cancellations caused by unforeseen circumstances can also be made.

    By considering travel insurance as an essential part of booking a holiday - not an afterthought when at the airport - travellers are likely to be covered should an incident arise before take-off.


See all travel insurance FAQs.


*Medical cover will not exceed 12 months from onset. Medical and dental expenses cover is limited to $1,500 for treatment provided in New Zealand. This $1,500 sub-limit does not apply to the Inbound Options Plan.
~Cooling-off period is available if you wish to cancel your policy within 21 calendar days of the date of purchase and you have not made a claim under the policy or departed on your journey.


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