Scott Bidmead

If you want a more rural and tourist free China adventure, than the Tibetan Plateau is the perfect destination.

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If you only have one day spare in the ‘Big Easy,’ then this is your guide to making the most of voodoo in Louisiana’s greatest city.


There are so many tropical islands just a short flight away. Here are our picks of some of the best.

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Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries to visit the Amazon region from – and if you’re after adventure, you can definitely find it here.

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Vietnam is a destination that will have you captivated by the locals as much as you are with the places you visit. Here's where I visited and the people I met along the way. 

Lisa Owen

You might have transited through Singapore many times on your way to Europe or Asia – but have you ever taken the time to explore the city?

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We all know Bali is the ultimate budget holiday destination but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the trendy and luxurious options that it has the offer. 


Working 9-5 is not the most effective way to spend your time if you want to explore the world. Here are ten jobs for people who love to travel.

Lisa Owen

Six months is a long time to travel non-stop – and you learn pretty quick what works and what doesn’t in the backpacking world.


Long-haul flights are never the highlight of a trip but with our tips we hope your flight will be more enjoyable.