The Holi Festival in India is a great way to let loose, especially if you want to have some wild, crazy, colourful fun!

Lisa Owen

Jordan's south holds as many gems as its northern half, blessed with a beautiful desert and the silky smooth Red Sea.

Casey Hawkins

Tokyo Disney isn't a small world after all, with over a hundred rides and stalls to visit throughout the various themed lands.


Escape across the ditch and explore Australia's vast landscapes, tropical beaches and world renowned wineries.

Olivia Mackinnon

Hawaii has always been a mystical, far away place filled with frangipani flowers, hula dancing, and coconut bikinis.


Taking a holiday to a tropical island is an easy vacation to pack for. The warm weather means bulky clothes aren't necessary and you can get away with packing light.

Lisa Owen

Step into an Indiana Jones movie when you visit the ancient city of Petra. With deep canyons, coloured sandstone temples and rock cut tombs, Petra will make you feel like there's secret treasure hidden in the valley.

Nikolina Koevska

The best way to capture your holiday and show it off to the world is a great Instagram post. Byron Bay in Australia has the perfect mix of beach, township, culture and weather to make for some awesome Instagram shots!

Lisa Owen

From hot air ballooning to visiting tombs of long dead kings, the central Egyptian city of Luxor is an exotic blend of adventure and ancient history. Luxor serves as a base to explore many key sites in Egypt.

Kimberlee Oo

You can see a lot in 72 hours in Berlin, Germany, like the Bradenburg Gate, Museum Island, Berliner Dom cathedral and the Reichstag building.