Nikolina Koevska

The best way to capture your holiday and show it off to the world is a great Instagram post. Byron Bay in Australia has the perfect mix of beach, township, culture and weather to make for some awesome Instagram shots!

Lisa Owen

From hot air ballooning to visiting tombs of long dead kings, the central Egyptian city of Luxor is an exotic blend of adventure and ancient history. Luxor serves as a base to explore many key sites in Egypt.

Kimberlee Oo

You can see a lot in 72 hours in Berlin, Germany, like the Bradenburg Gate, Museum Island, Berliner Dom cathedral and the Reichstag building.

Lisa Owen

Hiking is king on Oahu, Hawaii. Climb up to WWII pillboxes, cross bubbling creeks to reach waterfalls and swimming holes.

Lisa Owen

Want to get up close to the Grand Canyon but don't want to deal with hordes of tourists? Simply head to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Dr Jane Read

Getting off a long haul flight feeling nauseated, disorientated and generally just terrible is very common. Be reassured, this is, a normal physiological response to travelling long distances over multiple time zones.

Jess Buchan

The sunny city of Brisbane has everything required for the ultimate in femme travel, from amazing brunch spots to world-class shopping, beautiful hikes and funky nightlife.

Dr Jane Read

While one of the best parts about travelling abroad is undoubtedly trying the local flavours, it is essential to keep your body well fuelled and hydrated so you can get the most out of your trip.

Samuel Turner

A quick stop in La Paz and then it's usually all over for the country of Bolivia on their South American adventure.

Lisa Owen

Simply driving into California's Yosemite National Park will leave you breathless owing to the beautiful landscapes.