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Why buy

Do I need travel insurance?

Why buy travel insurance

Before you take a trip, you might ask yourself whether you need to purchase travel insurance. Of course, in a perfect world, nobody would need travel insurance (or any kind of insurance, for that matter). Your trip would always be smooth and easy from start to finish. In the real world, however, travel is often fraught with unpleasant surprises - from minor inconveniences like lost luggage and missed connections to major crises like medical emergencies or natural disasters. Fortunately, even though some mishaps are unavoidable, you can protect yourself and your investment when you buy travel insurance.

Here are 5 fantastic reasons to buy a policy before you travel:

  1. It protects your travel investment

    If something beyond your control happens and you can’t take your trip, a travel insurance policy like one from Cover-More can offer cover for many of your non-refundable costs. If your trip is interrupted or you suffer an inconvenience like lost luggage or a stolen wallet, travel insurance can also help to cover your losses.

  2. Travel health insurance can cover you for any area, when travelling overseas

    A travel insurance policy, like one you’d get from Cover-More, can provide cover for overseas medical and dental expenses when your New Zealand health insurance might not be able to help you. In addition to providing cover for expenses related to minor accidents and illnesses, travel insurance will provide cover for big-ticket expenses, such as medical evacuations. These type of claims can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars—money that would have to come out of your own pocket if you didn’t have travel health insurance.

  3. You’ll be able to access top-quality care, around the globe

    Quality travel and medical insurance makes financial sense, but it can also literally be life-saving. If you have an accident or fall seriously ill while overseas, your travel insurance provider will be able to help manage your care. If you have an international policy from Cover-More, we will not only help cover your medical expenses, but we will also assist in finding you top-quality medical treatment and case management. We’ll also see that you’re transported home safely.

  4. You’ll enjoy around the clock emergency assistance

    If you purchase a policy from Cover-More Travel Insurance, you’ll have access to our 24-hour emergency assistance service. No matter where or when you need help, you have a direct line to a travel assistance expert who is waiting to help you.

  5. Travel insurance can fit different kinds of budgets

    Understandably, everyone wants to stick to a reasonable travel budget, you can find a policy to fit most modest travel budgets. If you don’t want to buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy, you can find more affordable cover, such as Cover-More’s Essentials plan. Considering the amount of protection you’ll get for just a small outlay, the question you should be asking yourself isn’t “Can I afford travel insurance?” but rather “Can I afford to travel without it?”

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